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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

After three weeks the braided mo-hawk is gone and the mini twists are in!

I did them this past Sunday, they took me FIVE good hours... That's right.. 5 hours of watching season 1 and 2 of Justice League Unlimited.

The process (prep and procedure) was similar to Nyachomba's mini-twist process. 

At the moment I'm simply bunning and tucking the ends in (force of habit). 

I'll stick to my minis for as long as I can. I love that they are SO easy to deal with each morning! And that I can swim, co-wash, deep condition them with ease and at my leisure! 

Styling... hmmmm now that's the tricky bit. The last time I had anything similar to this was when I was a 12 year old  tomboy - but I'm sure we can glam the glitter out of these lil bastards! I'll cruise the web for ideas.

Enjoy your day y'all!

Thanks for stopping by! x
BellaNubian said...

Looking good Mary will have to try these one day soon. Thanks for the post

Sue said...

Looks real neat. Combining them with cornrows or flat twists might open up more styling options. This style is definitely low maintenance, how long do you plan to keep them? And how do you deal with frizz?

thebookwormgiraffe said...

ahhh,mini twists... love them,but doing them and then taking them down...sigh....but it is a good form on protective styling.well done!update us on how its going!

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