Mini Twists and Beyond! UPDATED

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hello there,

One of our favourite youtubers is Naptural85, her channel has a wealth of information and we love her for her simplicity. As we were both looking for simple protective styles that do not rob our hair of strands, we decided to watch the following video.

Naptural85 has changed our lives ya'll. She has changed the way we do our twists and opened up different ways of protective styling for us. We have always relied on braids as protective styles which were robbing our strands!

In the spirit of mini twists, one of us took the challenge of spending a whole day watching movies while doing twists. See below for the results,

I am hoping to keep the twists in for 5 weeks and will be documenting how they hold.

Happy Sunday Folks

Scrolling through the comments, you Kurlies have been asking how I prepped my hair for the mini twists

  • I co- washed my hair and then did a henna gloss ( 7 tablespoons of henna mixed with Suave Lavender conditioner and 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil) I allowed this to sit in my hair for about 4 hours
  • I rinsed the henna off and detangled and divided my hair into 6 sections. I then twisted each section with some castor oil
  • I slept and begun work the next morning on dry hair which was stretched from the twists
  • To twist, I spritzed some water and conditioner mix on each section and used a rat tail comb to part the small sections for twisting. The only product I used to twist was Aloe Vera Gel.
Hope this helps
Alice said...

You have more patience than me! The idea of sitting for a full day twisting my hair makes me antsy. Good luck with the mini twists!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see how they hold up. I have short and fine hair, and I always feel like mini twist look horrible on me. But this post gives me inspiration.

Nyachomba said...

Hahaha! It sounds tedious but I took many breaks and kept myself entertained with movies...Because my hair is so fine, it also doesn't take too long

Nyachomba said...

I have very fine hair as you can see but they did not turn out too badly! Try it and see how it works for you

Real Hustler! said...

A full day? Some patience. It rakes me about 2 hours to do my twists complete with scalpy twist look. I got fine and 'few' hairs. Please post photos through the weeks! Do you wash them? Please let us know

BellaNubian said...

Hi Nyachomba, thanks for the post I love Naptural 85 love the mini twists. They look great,can you please tell me what you products you used and did you blow out your hair before twisting?

BellaNubian said...

Hi Nyachomba thanks for the post..really love Naptural 85 too and your mini twists look great. I also have fine hair so please advice what products did you use and did you blow out your hair first?

Nyachomba said...

Hey BellaNubian! I did a henna gloss the night before, then detangled and put my hair in 6 twists to dry. After that I unravelled each twist, spritzed lightly with a water and conditioner mix and used plain aloe vera gel to twist. You can also blow out your hair on the cool setting if you wish. The reason I did not do that is because after detangling and twisting, my hair was quite stretched.

kinky_lockz said...

Love her! I need yo step my protective style game up. Im a fine sista too on twisiting..wet, damp, dry??

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