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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We promised to share what was in our make up bags and here it is! We enjoy putting make up on, mainly to enhance our natural beauty :-). For me (Nyachomba) I do not like the overly made up look, I use very few products on a daily basis. My staple products are ;

MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW40
Prestige Gentle Finish Mineral Powder Foundation
MAC Eyeshadow - Swiss Chocolate and Soba
MAC Bronzer - Golden
Miss Sporty Mascara - Black
Maybelline Eye Definer Eye Liner - Black
Milani Eyebrow Pencil - Brown
ELF Powder Brush and Blush Brush

My biggest problem is getting my make up right because I wear glasses full time. I make sure to brighten my dark under eye circles with concealer and setting this with some loose powder. As a glasses wearer I have to make sure my eyes pop by using lots of mascara and always using eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger.

What products do you guys use? Share your secrets Kurlies
Bubble said...

Where do you buy ur eyeliner and mascara?

Muthoni Hari said...

Good old petroleum jelly on the lips...mwah!

Barbara Adell said...

wow!! you look lovely, I am not a make up person at all :( Lip gloss is the best I can do

Kurly said...

I normally stock up from the UK, however there are many shops that do various brands. Try Our Price for mascara from Sleek and if you have a bigger budget check out the options at Lipstix, ground floor Sarit

Kurly said...

Each to their own, we love the good ol petroleum jelly :-)

Miss Vee said...

Hi Kurlies,

I use Sleek foundation -though not all the time, I'm lucky I have even skin ,though I use it when I want a dewy flawless complexion. Covergal lip stains or any lipstick (nude to vibrant red) and Gold eyeshadow - I use it to highlight my eyes, brows, as a bronzer and a little at the tip of my nose.Can't really use eye liner/mascara cause I easily get pink eye allergies, lol but I do use dark brown eye pencil to define my brows

Ess! said...

Oh My Gosh - how annoying is it wearing glasses when you've got make up on?? I wear glasses 90% of the time but I'm considering getting contacts cos I hate having to put glasses over my make up! For this reason, I rarely wear make up during the week except for lipstick and filling in my eyebrows.

How often do you go to the UK?

Kurly said...

Hahahahah glasses! boo! I have been thinking of going back to contacts as well :-), then I can bust out the colourful eye shadows :-) I just came back from the UK and the boyfs parents bring me stuff if need be. Loving your blog btw!!

BellaNubian said...

thanks for the post girls..I'm a makeup artist so to me this is my five minute face
Eyebrows-cheapie pencil but sculpt them with Iman clay concealer and dark brown sephora eyeshadow
Concealor- Black Opal toast under eyes and on spots
Powder- MAC mineralise powder in dark
Eyes-Victoria secrets highlighter on brows, Maybelline black eye pencil and Estee Lauder mascara
Bronzer- Victoria secrets
Lipgloss- any I can get my hands on

Real Hustler! said...

I like your nude makeup...... Five minutes makeup, well! I got blemishes and my eyes being the best of me need real art work, give me at least 15 minutes of makeup, and another 5 for hair! Try fashion fair from debenhams ...love it!

Honey said...

I love simple make up too. I used iman cosmetics for my foundation.
Concealer-Iman earth medium
Powder-Iman mineral powder in earth medium
Primer - Mac face prep primer with spf 50 ( I have really oily skin on my face)
Mascara-Maybelline falsies
Eye shadow- I love my bronze shades for everyday, I have quite a few from mac, joefresh(canadian brand), tara ( nigerian brand) my favourite is maybelline's bronze palatte ( really pigmented).
Eye liner- NYC liquid liner ( l love a good wing eye especially when I have a updo)
Blush- Nacara in kilimanjaro ( only wear when am going out or on weekends)
Lip products- On a day to day I love lipgloss ( have too many but my faves are revlon and loreal for their coloured glosses, victoria secret for clear glosses) My fave lipstick are mac's ruby woo, mac's so chaud, wet & wild lipstick , I like matt lipsticks. I also always use lipbalm, my fave is blistex but I am currently using the burtbees which is great as well.

Oh am I used to hate wearing my glasses but I currently love my current frames and they look really nice in pics too. I just make sure I dab some concealer under my eye to brighten it up. I have really big almond shape eyes ( which I hated as a kid but love now) that do not really need make up which is also why I only line my top lid not the bottom.

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