Easy Breezy Five Minute Face

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We promised to share what was in our make up bags and here it is! We enjoy putting make up on, mainly to enhance our natural beauty :-). For me (Nyachomba) I do not like the overly made up look, I use very few products on a daily basis. My staple products are ;

MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NW40
Prestige Gentle Finish Mineral Powder Foundation
MAC Eyeshadow - Swiss Chocolate and Soba
MAC Bronzer - Golden
Miss Sporty Mascara - Black
Maybelline Eye Definer Eye Liner - Black
Milani Eyebrow Pencil - Brown
ELF Powder Brush and Blush Brush

My biggest problem is getting my make up right because I wear glasses full time. I make sure to brighten my dark under eye circles with concealer and setting this with some loose powder. As a glasses wearer I have to make sure my eyes pop by using lots of mascara and always using eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger.

What products do you guys use? Share your secrets Kurlies

Hi, My name is (BLANK) and I'm Addicted to Extensions

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello lovelies,

Long, bodacious, thick and bountiful hair - in most cultures and societies - is something a lot of women crave. Women of all races are able to turn to extensions to achieve the illusion of fuller hair. Thick hair is a sign of health and beauty; and to achieve that outcome, we do what we must.

When it comes to our hair (African/curly hair - either chemically treated or natural) there is not only a strong desire for thick hair, there is also a strong desire for longer hair. Today I want to address that this desire,  and the actions we take, will definitely have an impact on the long term state of our hair.

I am yet to meet a woman in my specific demographic who hasn't had braids put in. Granted there are the rare few, but majority of Kenyan women have had braided hair and/or a weave put in at one point or another. In East Africa, we are fortunate enough to have professional braiders who are able to achieve the most beautiful and unique braided extensions. They are easily found, they are fast and most importantly they are affordable... oh-so affordable! As such, wherever you are in Nairobi, at this moment.. you won't go five steps without seeing a lovely Kenyan woman dawning a head full of braided extensions. When it comes to weaves, the price range is not as defined, but there is a weave for every wallet ;)

Not only are they a relief to have on (for long periods at a time), they create the illusion of thick, sexy, beautiful hair, and - should it be your wish - longer hair! What's not to love about them! Some would go as far as calling them lifesavers... and the best part is, come that day you take them off, you can't help but be proud of the natural growth you have gained. Ah, good old braids and weaves...

But then, come removal day, you notice something... your natural bun/ponytail isn't quite as thick as it used to be... also you could have sworn your forehead used to be at least three fingers width from your hairline, five - maybe six years ago, now its four fingers away! Mild panic begins to ensue... But you brush the thought off and enjoy your hair for whatever amount of breathing time you're used to before having your braids/ weave redone. 

Breathing time sucks... your head looks tiny and out of place. There is no such thing as a cute hairstyle - it takes over half an hour to try and look fairly decent each morning. The weather hates every attempt at looking cute and there is nothing in your wardrobe to compliment that ridiculous shrunken-head feeling you have going on. What's a girl to do! You start to miss your braids/ weave.... You recall the easy life you led not so long ago... you NEED your braids/weave and by golly you're going to get them done. May the good Lord help anyone who tries to get in your way. And So you get them done; and once again, all is right with the world.

Press repeat. This is a process set on permanent loop. 

I know I love my braids.... and... things..

There is a dear price to pay for all this... As time ticks on, your hair WILL thin out. There is no sugar coating it. The thick illusion you so crave will only take away what natural thickness you once had... and JUST like creamy crack, extensions become the only relief you can fall back on. 

I am not here to tell you that extensions are evil and to stop getting them done altogether. I just want to reinforce the sad fact that over dependence on braids and weaves will take their toll on the hair you so long for. This is especially true for us Kenyan naturals. Some of us rely on extensions as "protective styles" (we know we do!)... as earlier mentioned, they are so easy to get done, and the psychological effect is downright   addictive.




Me! Another @bekahtopaz exclusive. Love.

Nyachomba and I have healthy hair (or so we like to think)... over the years we have managed to learn our hair and scalp to a level where we have come to master the delicate braid/ weave balancing act. However, we can't say the same for all of our readers without some hesitation. We have therefore decided to incorporate more 'healthy' protective practices into our regimen; hence the mini-twists and corn rows. We want to show you that, although braids/ weaves are the easier choice, they are certainly not the better choice when it comes to protective styling. I for one believe that braids should be seen as a luxury that you can have done on specific intervals/ periods. Like, December holidays down at the coast, for example!  



- [30-7-12] - Peace! Here’s an outtake from my recent work with the lovely, Majorr, for a multi-talented, NC-based Artist by the name of, Norma Jean Benson. She reached out to me and asked that I shoot part of the look-book for her upcoming online boutique, which will showcase some of her vintage-infused designs (like the blouse pictured here), as well as garments (gems) acquired from thrift shops. The rest of the photos will be published in conjunction to the launching of her site. I urge you to stay tuned, however. This so happens to be one of my favourite photo series! x
Photographed + styled by:  teff, THE don.
Makeup by:  teff, THE don.

(via imgTumble)
how cute is she? source

That said, we want to invite you to join us. Let's form our own little Braids Anonymous help group... I must warn you now, withdrawal will be a b*tch, but we will be here for you, for each other! There is life outside braids/ weaves.



rosa photographed by cavaan

18° 15’ N, 77° 30’ W

We would like to know your thoughts on the matter.. Thoughts, questions and comments are welcome as usual.

Enjoy the long weekend my darlings.


Mary's Mini's

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

After three weeks the braided mo-hawk is gone and the mini twists are in!

I did them this past Sunday, they took me FIVE good hours... That's right.. 5 hours of watching season 1 and 2 of Justice League Unlimited.

The process (prep and procedure) was similar to Nyachomba's mini-twist process. 

At the moment I'm simply bunning and tucking the ends in (force of habit). 

I'll stick to my minis for as long as I can. I love that they are SO easy to deal with each morning! And that I can swim, co-wash, deep condition them with ease and at my leisure! 

Styling... hmmmm now that's the tricky bit. The last time I had anything similar to this was when I was a 12 year old  tomboy - but I'm sure we can glam the glitter out of these lil bastards! I'll cruise the web for ideas.

Enjoy your day y'all!

Thanks for stopping by! x

Life through instagram

Sunday, August 12, 2012

1. Weekly manicure,2. So many Brands in Nairobi ( I do not like KFC food), 3.My brand new Kitenge brogues ( will feature the lady who does them soon), 4.An outfit styled by my boyfriend, 5. Trying to end my weekend with a run 6. Protective styling, 7. Loving my converse, 7. YAY! Finally started my driving lesson
Looking forward to a super week

Protective Stylin' Continues

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hey all,

Its safe to say we have decided to kick up our protective styling a couple of notches. And this time, we are hanging up our braids. 

After my traumatizing blow out, I decided to have some cornrows and twists done! I was inspired by this image of the flawless and lovely Goapele taken by Lenyon Whitaker. 

Herein lie the results:

The twists up top centered and merged with the side cornrows to form a mo-hawk, very much like Ms. Goapele's. 

I like the result and will be sure to switch things up as we continue our protective styling mojo. I'm slowly building momentum to sitting down and doing my mini-twists. That ought to be fun... (gulp!)

Thanks for reading!

Mini Twists and Beyond! UPDATED

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hello there,

One of our favourite youtubers is Naptural85, her channel has a wealth of information and we love her for her simplicity. As we were both looking for simple protective styles that do not rob our hair of strands, we decided to watch the following video.

Naptural85 has changed our lives ya'll. She has changed the way we do our twists and opened up different ways of protective styling for us. We have always relied on braids as protective styles which were robbing our strands!

In the spirit of mini twists, one of us took the challenge of spending a whole day watching movies while doing twists. See below for the results,

I am hoping to keep the twists in for 5 weeks and will be documenting how they hold.

Happy Sunday Folks

Scrolling through the comments, you Kurlies have been asking how I prepped my hair for the mini twists

  • I co- washed my hair and then did a henna gloss ( 7 tablespoons of henna mixed with Suave Lavender conditioner and 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil) I allowed this to sit in my hair for about 4 hours
  • I rinsed the henna off and detangled and divided my hair into 6 sections. I then twisted each section with some castor oil
  • I slept and begun work the next morning on dry hair which was stretched from the twists
  • To twist, I spritzed some water and conditioner mix on each section and used a rat tail comb to part the small sections for twisting. The only product I used to twist was Aloe Vera Gel.
Hope this helps

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