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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Annnddd we have a winner, Carol O! Please send us an email to and we shall get your lipstick to you!

Call it an obsession but we love our lipsticks, check out the stash below ( and that's not all)

Through current phases of clearing out, new lipstick storage was required and an ash tray came to the rescue. Egads no! ( None of us smoke)

We shall be giving away one of the lipsticks in the picture ( a brand spanking new one)

Log in to our Facebook Page or click the link above to enter a chance to win!
Mik said...

Just jumped on the lipstick bandwagon... is the competition open worldwide???


Alice said...

Another lipstick fan! I have to control myself in every department store or drugstore!

alexia said...

Yaaay me

alexia said...

Hey ladies the colours are to die for. Wow thanks for the opportunity.

Nyachomba said...

@Mik Sadly its not open worldwide but hopefully soon we can do that! @Alice...Going to beauty shops is hard!! especially when you are a lip product junkie!!
@Alexia!! Good luck

Miss Vee said...

I am also a lipstick junkie .I can't go a day without a lipstain, lipstick, liptint, gloss (but I'd rather do color over gloss),lip exfoliator (olive oil and sugar scrub at night) etc.

My only problem with lippies is how to make it last longer- Aaargh the thought of eating nyam chom with work mates and your hot lips look a mess afterwards or worse leaving lipstick stains all over glasses at the club, DISTURBING.

Here's what I do:
So this days I am addicted to lipstains from cover girl and mac (the last 8 hours through food)- sadly I can't get them here in Kenya, I can only get them when I travel or someone from outside is visiting. Matte lipsticks are also great but drying so have to exfoliate my lips at night alot. If I must use a normal lipstick and I'll be eating or drinking, I apply on some lip cote. Lip cote prevents lipstick from feathering. Alternatively if I want a more "natural" look I go for a liptint- gives you a tint of a babypink color and the guys begging for kisses. Don't forget to exfoliate too.

I would have entered your draw but got too many of my own, lol

Mik said...

until then... I gave your blog two awards... go check em out


Laura. said...

i follow you on bloglovin,
follow me back? xx

GLAMd0lll said...

You're not the only one who loves lipstick. I love, love, LOVE lipstick!!! Lol

Visit me sometimes :)


Carol Gatura said...

YEY!!! I WON!!! WOOP!!! WOOP!!!!! Thanks Kurlies :)

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