Sunday, July 15, 2012

In the spirit of DIY and lusting for a sheer chiffon maxi skirt, I decided to buy fabric and hastily sew my skirt.

My inspiration came from Geneva of a pair and a spare, check her page out, its amazing. My fabric was from Kisura which is a lovely little shop on Biashara street, run by an old Indian family.

Total Expenditure

Fabric (2ms) - Kshs 950
Elastic (2cm thick) - Kshs 70 per meter
Sewing Thread- Ksh 70
Needles ( pack ) - Kshs 70

For about Kshs 1160, you can have yourself a fab skirt!

  1. Iron the chiffon and pin down one of the long edges where the elastic will go
  2. After pinning, sew down this edge. You can hand sew or use a machine if you have one
  3. Attach a bobby pin to the edge of the elastic and run it into the waistband.
  4. Once all the elastic has been pushed through the waistband, run it round your waist to check it fit and cut it where it does
  5. Sew the elastic together to create the waistband
  6. The skirt should have a long slit down the side which you can sew all the way up or leave a slit on the side
  7. Hem the skirt and make sure to try it on with all the tops you own (okay, maybe thats just me)
Ignore the awkward pose.

This skirt is very sheer, and needs to be worn with a body con skirt or leggings.

Happy Monday Folks
Mbabazi said...

i like...ive been too lazy for diys lately but thanks for the inspiration..

Jo said...

I love it! Happy!...

Jo said...

I love it! Happy

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