Turning up the Heat @Fahrenheit with DJ Cleo

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's good lovelies!

So being the die-hard-party-harder music lovers that we are, we just had to grace our presence at the Fahrenheit gig that went down this past Saturday. In summation the event was TOO GOOD!

The line-up was an awesome mix of local talent such as Just a Band, Camp Mulla, Code Red DJ Stylez and the man of the hour, DJ Cleo - House Wizard from South Africa.

The night began with some good ol' fashion cam whoring...(we love this pic)

A bit of socializing

A whole lot of dancing...

Hair appreciation.

More cam whoring

Fandome appreciation

Meeting up with the peoples



And with that the two kurly haired maidens left the party and headed on home (ballroom slippers intact and all).

Have a rocking day! X
Wanjiru said...

Wow, Looks like it was a lot of fun! And your hair is beautiful. Just want to ask, what gel/butter do you guys use when doing your twists?

Carol Tichie said...

Hey ladies, I love your hair damn!!! Do you know any models with natural hair??

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