Hard Hair Files Part Two

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kurly Kichana prides itself in being more than just another hair blog but rather an educational mouthpiece for any young lasses lost in the hair world! We keep getting emails like the ones below and we have tried to address them, see here.

Email No 1

I love your blog just started reading it. I love kinky hair soo,much but iv been struggling with bad hair all my life. My hair sucks like alot. My hair is really weak it has moments it grows thick then it starts thinning n cutting. I cut out all the chemical from my hair like a year ago but I cant see any positive changes. My hair is embarassing! I have a bad hairline n soft hair. I hid my hair in weaves cause I dnt want people to see it n I hate weaves. I also do braids bt sitting through stylists complaining about my weak hair is just humiliating. I hate going to the salon. My mum has nice hair and doesnt get my struggle. Please advice on how to make my hair stronger and longer (reduce breakage) and ideas of any protective but funky hairstyles i can try..any salons you can recommend. Iv been usings vitals olive products for like 6 months and getin significant growth but the

breakage sets me back. I'm starting to get volume. Please advice


Email No.2

Hi ladies I hope you are well I am in dire need of your help.Where to start..........Well I do have natural hair I had a permanent almost five years ago but it didn't work out and I had to divorce him.So as you can imagine I have been battling very tough after perm hair but the chemical is all out (thankfully). Believe it or not I have been in braids for the past five years plaiting on average once a month. No conditioning, no treatments, nothing just shampooing and conditioning then blow drying( yes am ashamed)I am bored stiff of my hair, I'm bored of braiding I want to have lovely hair like you all. I have gone through your informative blog and as much as it is helpful it is also intimidating for a rookie like myself.

My Question to you is where do I start? Are there any salons or hairdressers you can point me towards to help?

Let me know soon, Thanks for the good work.

We would like to answer this question by saying firstly there is no such thing as KINKY hair. There are so many myths about natural hair with the most prominent being that natural hair is unmanageable and grows out of your scalp like steel wool. No matter what type of natural hair you have, the thing to remember is MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE.With a few simple rules you can come up with a great short regimen to make your hair journey easy peasy

Natural hair is soo time-consuming, we hear you say. Well it is very easy to fit in a simple to-do regimen,

- Deep condition once weekly (30mins)
- Moisturise everyday or every two day and seal with an oil (30mins a week)
- Detangle with a wide toothed comb (20mins a week)

In total you can spend a minimum of 80mins a week out of 10,080mins doing you hair...a fraction of time in the bigger picture.

MsIhatemy hair needs some protein treatments to strengthen her hair and minimise breakage. Avoid braiding too much because this can also make hair weaker and deep condition with mild protein treatments every 2 weeks

MsIdontknowwheretostart, STOP BRAIDING and start a simple regimen

Lovely weekend folks!
Kenyan Enterpreneur said...

Hey, you guys inspired me to start a blog on my hair, just my regimen and pictures of my length check on a monthly basis. http://africanhairandskincare.blogspot.co.uk/

Jc said...

Kinky hair does exist and is actually quite a dominant feature of African hair. It is not a derogatory word, it just refers to the way that hair twists. I have an explanation post on my blog for the scientific definition


I also took microscopic images of kinks in my own hair


It takes me about 1-2 hours to properly detangle my hair because I finger detangle and my hair is semi dry. Combing does not suit my hair because it is very kinky. My hair never really got past neck length but now I choose how long I want it to be (generally sticking to between APL and mid back).

There are many routines that people can choose to use, the right one is the one that leads to the least breakage possible.

Mary said...

Hi JC :D

We understand both sides of the coin when it comes to the term 'Kinky hair' in Kenya. The term is often used harshly as a negative. Many people have dubbed hair that is unmanageable, hard, brittle and unsightly. What we were trying to illustrate, is that NO HAIR necessarily is doomed to have those qualities. Anyone's hair can be healthy and positively "kinky"... try hard as we might, the term will always have a negative feel to it in Kenya, as seen in the numerous emails we receive.

Nice hearing from you, thanks for dropping in!

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