We HEART Blue Lipstick

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I don't know about you guys... But dang, we are kinda feeling this trend.


So... what do you guys think? 

Would ya?
(Source: Tumblr)
SugarPuss said...

lol...looks like they dipped their lips in some blue powdered sugar...i will defo try the green one-chic in turban. You know, it would be so puzzling if you found blue smears on your boyfriend's collar, hmmm, elf maybe?

kinky_lockz said...

i love this look, unfortunately, i haven't mastered the skills to keep lipstick long-lasting and vibrant.

SugarPuss said...

hey @kinky_lockz, the secret to keeping lippy on longer is first using same colour lip liner as the lipstick. Then apply lipstick, dab lightly with tissue, you know the kiss a tissue technique. That first coat sets on ur lips. Then a second coat of lippy to make it pop. Stays on longer that way then all you'll need to do during the day is apply some lipgloss.

keshiME&fashion said...

Definately a challenge..looking forwad to pulling the blue and green lippy!
Sugarpuss thanx for the info..!

BellaNubian said...

Soooo luv this look and as a makeup artist will try this out on myself or a willing client..!!!

Mary said...

SUGARPUSS! Hi lil mama! We've missed you!
Thank you for your helpful tips (good woman you have inspired a post!) On that note we would love an update on how your hair is doing, (pics and all!) Throw in a few pics of those perky lips all done up as well and show em how its done ;)

Enjoy your day x

Mary said...

Thank you for your comments dear hearts! Lip week continues!! New post coming right up :D

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