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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'Allo 'allo!

How are you, sure hope you're swell. You might be wondering what that narcissistic homage up there is all about. Well, I decided to share with yaol my hair cycle from wash to detangling to stretching, shrinking and back to the beginning. It also shows how my hairs' appearance changes with different states/ manipulation.
1. Top left: That's my hair all shrunk up and coated with products. I don't often let it get this way, but a combination of the gym, swimming and laziness sometimes amounts to this... Forgive me.

2. The next image is that of cleansing, based on the state of my hair I would either co-wash or shampoo my hair. Whatever the case, I always do so in twists or plaits (and if I shampoo it, you know I'll have to deep condition my hair without fail).

3. More often than not, you will always catch me in my two-strand twists. It is always a follow up to my cleansing/ cowashing. I can stretch these for about a week until I start looking like a  hobo.

4. Hey that's me in a twist out! We love us some twist outs!! I can stretch a twist out for about 3 days, (the trick is re-twisting slightly smaller twists each night with the tiniest bit of hair butter). Working out wrecks havoc on my twists leaving them shrunken but OK-looking.

5. As my twist out begins to fall apart, I usually bun it for a couple of days or do a puff.

6. That's my hair losing its grip on anything that was once a twist out... it slowly turns into a fro at this point.

7. So what do I do... I pick it with an afro comb and rock a fro! (that's my hair in a picked out fro)

8. I then go back to bunning and/or pinning my hair after its picked out. By this time, my hair is so coated up with products so what do I do? I start the cycle right back again!

I rarely pick out my hair though, sigh.. I love the look, but I don't normally leave my hair out to begin with. Protective styling can be addictive, but I think its well worth it. OH! Right now, I have on the prettiest Senegalese twists EVER! (Twisted braids), I love em. You can bet your sweet curls I'll be showing off these babies... 

Thanks for reading, take care now! x
Erick Wanyo said...

Beautiful hair!!! Salivating all the way.. can't wait for mine to grow past this awkward 6 inches! :-) But as I read in another blog, hair feels awkward at every length..we just have to learn to love our kinks and coils!

harusidesigns said...

So how long is this whole cycle more than a week? because i noticed after you remove the two strand twists and remain with a twist out for 3 days then your hair is either in a bun or free for a couple of days. Does this mean you wash shampoo condition every two weeks? or do you go with how your hair feels?

Mary said...

Hi Erick, I have to agree with you. Hair feels awkward no matter the length! I used to think that as soon as my hair grew just a couple of more inches I would have nipped this natural hair thing in the bud, but that's never happened. So I just stopped stressing and started going with the flow. I am enjoying it though! Hope you are too. :)

Mary said...

Good morning, my hair has no set schedule, I go with how it feels. I co-wash my hair at least once a week, but keep my shampoos to a minimum of once every 2-3 weeks. Other than that I just wing it with protective styles more often than not.

Kenyan Enterpreneur said...

Hey there, how are you able to go for more than 3 days without washing hair in this dusty Nairobi? Dry shampoo? What is your trick? As soon as I Shea butter then my hair is a dust magnet and got to wash/co wash my hair 3 times a week. Share the secret gf!

coline said...

I'm new to Nairobi and was wondering where you purchase you natural hair products? You looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful...gorgeous.

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