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Friday, April 27, 2012

Winter is coming... Kenyan edition at the very least. The weather may be dreary, but you need not let that put a damper on your personal swag! Below are a few helpful tips to keep you looking as radiant as the spring!

Exfoliate: As the temperature drops, your skin will dry out and ultimately result in dry flaky skin. Regular exfoliation will rid you of the excess build up leaving your skin feeling soft and supple.

Moisturize: Invest in a moisture rich moisturizer to prevent over drying! Protip: Always wear sunscreen regardless of the weather, you can lower your SPF but don't leave home without it. The suns rays can easily penetrate cloud cover during the lighter days.

Brighten up!: Add a bold color to your make up regime. The tendency to blend in with the murky grey is a waste in my book. Add a bit of shazzam to your outfit with a statement lip or bright eye.

Adjust your makeup palette: The colours you select for your makeup palette should brighten your face. Leave the darker tones and smokey eyes for sunnier days and instead, opt for the more sweet and angelic look over the smoldering brazen look.

All pics from tumblr

Smile Beautiful: Brighten up everyone's day with the perfect beauty accessory; your gorgeous smile. No one can resist the charm of a beautifully lit up face fashioned by your mischievous smile ;)

Enjoy the weekend lovelies, keep warm and stay safe.


Sunsets, Food and Flowers

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hola Kurlies
We have taken on more demanding positions at new jobs and a brand new start-up, hence the slow pace of posts.

I (Nyachomba) just wanted to share a few pics I have been taking whilst on my travels across Kenya and products that I am loving.

A pretty piece of fabric outside a Catholic Church in Kitui, they use cut up pieces of fabric to make decorations for the church!

Not very sure what type of flower this is, thought it was pretty and it was a welcome distraction after a 9km run on a Sunday morning

Beautiful Sunset on Lake Victoria, It was my first time in phone and camera are full of pictures of the sunset.

If you have not tried Tilapia and Ugali in the Lakeshore market, Make your way to Kisumu

I love this Polka Dot dress that I picked up in Toi for Kshs 200, daily workouts have helped and it finally fits!

Iced Coffee with Cardamom, Pretty Cigar Case (I do not smoke) and my new favourite purses from Maasai Market. Chilled out afternoon at Jahazi in Mombasa's Old town

Sleek Pout Polish, Kshs 595...Perfect Powder Pink

Cannot make it to a Conference in Mombasa and not at least take a picture of the Ocean. Reef Hotel has beautiful views

If you want to eat great Swahili food, try Tarboush in Mombasa...Great cheap food

Oh! and great news, Kurly Kichana has been nominated as one of Kenya's favourite blogs..please vote for us under Best Fashion Blog.

Happy Tuesday :-)

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