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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good day beautiful people.

For a while now I have had a hectic relationship with my eyebrows. It's been emotional, to say the least. When it comes to my eyebrows I've had every shape etched onto my face; from Cruella De Vil slits to chunky manbrows. 

Guess what, I like the manbrows... 

OK so before you go raising your perfectly groomed brows at me, let me explain where I am coming from... and whats more, I shall use pictorial evidence to support my stand point.

Presenting Exhibit 'A': Cruella De Vil-esque Madness.

I hated these. Man, did I hate my eyebrows at this state. Have you ever walked into a beauty parlor and decided on a whim to get your brows done - "Just to get rid of the little strays and clean them up a bit" - you lay back and hum a tune as the beautician does her expert thang. After a few moments you realize she's spending a little too much time on each individual brow and when you question her, she's like, "relax hun, I got this". 

At long last she is done. You rise and she hands you a mirror... YOU ARE SHOCKED at what you see. You try to calm down, relax your face... and then you notice something: your eyebrows won't come down. They remain suspended in a perpetual state of shock.

"Ah......  #*&%."

So much hate. Erugh!

Never again. Never, not ever again.

Presenting Exhibit 'B': Thick, Neat and Groomed Perfection.

Now I do not have naturally thick eyebrows; I'm somewhere smack in the middle of thick and luscious brows and barely there brows. I sure would have loved the thicker variety, but I'll rock what I've got with pride. That said, the magic of makeup and unperturbed determination can have me achieve the effect I so longingly crave... 


So three months after my eyebrows were last sheared off, I have since decided to grow out these bad boys in hopes of one day achieving the perfect thick brow. Here's where I'm at so far (natural, no eyebrow makeup).

I support this.

Not too shabby.

How to Grow Thicker Eyebrows:
This is a gray area; some people claim that applying good ol' castor oil is one way to grow out thicker eyebrows. Others apply hair fertilizer directly to the eyebrow (both applications should be done at night), while pessimists claim that there's not much that can be done.

I didn't do either. I just left them alone, while occasionally tweezing out the Quasimodo strays. I won't do any heavy manipulation until they are six months old, so until then, I'll have to run around in slightly unkempt looking eyebrows for another three months. 

Le sigh.

What I will basically do (in times of dire need) is apply eyebrow makeup. Its is used just like an eyeshadow to darken my not so thick brows. I like powder based eyebrow makeup because they look more natural and less matted as compared to pencils. They come in a variety of shades; I would recommend that one NEVER buy black as a shade: instead buy a dark brown that works with your skin tone and blend it in with a brush. 

What say you?

Enjoy the day. x
Ciiru said...

*In stiches*! I could've wrote this myself! I love my man-brows! Never ever trusting someone one who just wants to shave off 'alittle' at the bottom again...that look u described..i know all to well.
I have tried the castor oil thing..i think it works..my motto is i can never have too thick brows *thinking Martin Scorsese*...well, almost.
I do my own brows (maybe its obvious) and brow make up makes a big difference esp at the tips..



Ythera said...

Naturally mine are thick, so i like em manicured, a case of grass is greener on the other side?! before they really used to get on my nerves until i started using TOOTHPASTE on them. Id wet the brows then smudge some tootpaste, after it dried i wash my face and viola soft and easy to brush eyebrows. of course i still do the same when i want a fresh trim. I think key to growth is time and ignoring them!!! and one morning you will be like OMG, they are thick!!!

Siri Nusu said...

Madame, you crack me up! My makeup game is no where close to up! You taught me about eyebroe makeup. Thankyou ma'am. All knowledge is good knowledge.

sly isige said...

Hey..i dnt like the thin eyebrws either..mine naturally arent so thick bt i keep them as thick as i cn.for growin them or getting them to be full i use vaseline at night,it works really well :) i thnk urs r pretty awesme all thick,suits u.love ur blog :)

Shoni Freeman said...

hello from Raleigh, NC, USA ;)
When I was a teen I had thick brows! Then I jumped on the college girl bandwagon and had my brows waxed... probably one time too many. I tried to grow out my brows using the castor oil method. the results? i didn't notice much of a change. i think my eyebrows are thinning as I get older. I fill in most of the time with black pencil, which I know is a no-no, but i use a brow brush to "lift out" the pencil marks which gives a more natural effect.

Michelle said...

I love the fuller brow on you naturally they are more edgier.

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