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Thursday, February 2, 2012

In line with the hair and fitness challenge, We are also trying to be more polished this could mean more work appropriate clothes ( we suffer with that, looking like hippies at work), polished make up and moving slowly to wearing heels.

With this in mind wanted to share my work appropriate make up look. I put my hair in a bun after taking these pictures.

I used the grey colour ( last in the bottom row) and the two light colours ( second from the right on the top row and last on the left of the bottom row)

Face & Body

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Will definitely be posting more makeup looks and tutorials
Jc said...

I love the look! I was in Nairobi last month and it was a surprise to see so many stilettos! I must be getting old because for me high heels are not what I would choose to commute in.

Not sure if I asked already but what work do you do? I think the way you dress has to be appropriate for your job. When I worked in the lab, you would never catch me in my best clothes, I would have had a fit if I spilled some acid on it. But conferences were definitely a good time to spruce up.

Suzanne said...

I so love the blusher on your cheeks...would never have the guts to wear blush....your skin is so flawless would it be to much to ask for you to post your am and pm face routine? Pwetty please?

Tc said...

Your face looks radiant in the first pic, you have blush on? I also like the stud. Nairobians are really experimenting with fashion which is a good thing. I was also surprised to see so many platform stilletos when I last visited. Heels are great but I think anything above 3 inches is overkill in a work environment. Personally, my max is about 2.5 or less, for me comfort is key. It's also not practical if you commute by public transport, hard to walk in and with prolonged wear can hurt your feet and back. I think you can look good in heels or flat shoes, it all depends on what you wear them with. I also work in a lab, so I rarely dress up. I'm looking forward to seeing the looks you create!

Kurly said...

I know!! So many girls wear 6 inch heels to work and take matatus and walk on the uneven pavements in the CBD! I was thinking more 2 inch heels and pointy smart flats...I work for an NGO so the dress code is not too strict and I am allowed to dress down! I remember at Uni and spending days in the lab with just jeans and a tee...fun times lol.

Kurly said...

Hey Suzanne!! Very many ladies are scared of wearing blusher but I would rather not have foundation and wear blusher!! It just brightens up your face..start with corals and dusky rose coloured blush and just brush a little on your cheek.I promise to post my face routine this weekend with all the products I use :-)

Kurly said...

Hey TC!! Hahaha I always forget that I have a stud! I do have blush on...I love the stuff. In my opinion very many Kenyan girls will not be able to walk by the time they are 40 considering the highest of heels they wear, and they walk everywhere in them...it cant be good for you. For work I mainly wear a max of 2 inches and even then on my way home I have some bata flats :-)Will defo put up more looks for you

Jc said...

lol reminds me that I got some pati pati's from bata not because I needed them but just because they are a classic to me.

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