Nuerki Stretches Her Hair... Without Heat!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

How To
In her own words :-)

-Okay I prefer to do it on wet/damp hair because my hair is just a no no when it is dry. Depending on the size you want them, you part the hair just like you do for doing big twists/braids but the smaller the part the more it stretches for coilier hair.

-Next you apply shea butter to the strands all the way down so that your hair is not crinkly when it dries

-You cut a long piece of hair thread/yarn and fold it in two then tie a knot at the end.Then hold the base of your hair tightly and start wrapping the thread from there down to the ends.(the knot should be at the bottom)

-Move your hands slowly down the strands as your wrap the thread down the hair so that it stays tight and intact
(Your finished product should be quite stiff and as a result it might stick up on your head.But no worries about that)

- As you get to the end of the strand, wrap the thread closer and closer so that it does not easily unravel if by any chance you tug on it.And then cut any remaining thread.

If it sticks up too much on your head, hold a few finished thread strands together on one side and TIE them together again to the back possibly.Take the remaining threaded strands on the other side and tie them together also.In the end tie both sections together.

C'est tout simple! oh and practice makes perfect obviously xD

Gotta love this girl!!
Mbabazi said...

this works like a charm...happy 2012 ladies

Sly said...

Happy 2012 ladies. Loved this article just as I did the one with Nyachomba stretching using twists. Just stretched mine the other other day using twists and I have to say, I love not having to worry about getting my scalp and/or hair burnt during blow-drying sessions in a bid to stretch it. I had, for the past few months, been trying to come up with a way to wear my hair to work without necessarily resorting to blow-dry or braiding. Finally settled on flat twists and after mastering the stretching bit, life is so much easier. How much do you guys sell Shea Butter, ran out of my stock and I think its time for some replacing. Love Your blog.

Anonymous said...

African Threading!! Currently stretching my transitioning hair using this method

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