Mary's New Year Resolution: No.6

Monday, January 16, 2012

I confess that I am one of those sops who loves to write new year resolutions - with out fail - every New Years Eve. With my wine and pen in hand, I scribble away with wild determination and promise that this year will be different on whatever surface that is available to me at that time. This year, it was a tear and makeup stained paper napkin, which I still have mind you.. I love it!

the usual...

Sure, I agree that half of the items on my alcohol inspired, self-improvement binges will never come to fruition, but the way that I see it, that list is engraved in my mind, so throughout the year I will try and more often than not fail (miserably at that) at accomplishing my resolutions. As long as I tried right?

So aside from the usual, Floss My Teeth Every Day, Go Rock Climbing, Find a Religious Denomination, Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya (guys, I so need to do this) Knit a Poncho.... yadda yadda, this year, I have one MAJOR task that I need to cross off my list - this specific Resolution ties up with one of my top must-haves for 2012, the ultimate accessory for anyone really, male or female. It won't be easy but hot damn it will be worth it...

Ladies and gents, I present to you No. 6 on Mary's New Year Resolutions 2012; the one thing that makes anything and everything you wear look good....

6. I WILL get Rock. Hard. Abs.


Now, this is only my humble opinion, but frankly, I don't think there's anything sexier than a girl (or boy for that matter) who has killer, defined abdominal muscles. Ladies, if you ask me, it doesn't matter if you are super slim or petite or mad thick and curvy - everyone looks sexier with a tight and defined tummy.


The thing about abs though, is that you really have to work to get them - I'm sure this is no new revelation - but it's a fact that needs repeating.

Most of us think that the road to a decent six pack is paved with doing 200 crunches everyday; not so. Your abdominals are similar to any other muscle in your body (triceps, quads etc) and you MUSTN'T work them out everyday. All your muscles deserve at least a days rest in between works outs, your abs are no exception.

Another thing I can't stress enough is the need for cardio. A good cardio regimen is actually one of the most important steps to trimming down and building definition around your abdominal region (not to mention the rest of your body). Failure to engage in cardiovascular exercises and over-dependence on crunches and ab exercises might result in you simply gaining muscle under a layer of unwanted fat.

Eat right, eat clean... get lean! Say no to processed foods, avoid sugar - completely - and go easy on the red meat. I'm officially off empty calories... huzzah for me!

Let's face it, everything you wear will look hella mean with the perfect abs to go with it!

Before I go, I have two questions for you:
1. What are your New Year Resolutions (if any!)

2. What are your thoughts on defined/ toned women? Do you personally find that muscles are sexy or unsightly on a woman? Yay or Nay? I'm dying to know!

Peace out. Happy Monday.X

Just Taidi said...

Yay, yay, yay and YAIYAH!!!! I love abz!! Especially on a sista!

I'm joining you on this one. I am the girl with muscle under the fat. Used to hit the gym without good regular cardio and poke my tummy you feel some teddy just before you meet the miss steel. I'm beginning to do my morning walks and some indoors work out....hey, would love some help with this...indoors workout.

Oh and you will love me for what I'm about to tell you!!!! A pal of mine does mountain climbing....excitement mounting yet?.... and so he and I and a couple more friends are climbing Mt. Kenya in July and Kilimanjaro in October. The dates could change but in case you are for realz interested email me:

Oh and this's heaven sent!!!! Youz bez awesome!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Great article ladies. I'm resolved to pursue my passions relentlessly and most definitely work on my abs. Determined to have a flat tummy by my birthday in the beginning of March.

Mary said...

Holy mud pies!!! Miss Kainyu I AM IN! for both climbs! I'm literally spastic over here! That email is coming up along with some info that you might find useful with regard to indoor workouts :) We love those.

Thanks for this, miss thang you have made my day. Let's get our abs ripe and ready!

Mary said...

Hey Anon, more power to you.
Count down to the first week of March, We're rooting for ya! Hmm... I think I'll join you on the first weekend of March for my unveiling. God help me I WILL HAVE ABS! ... hope you don't mind my piggybacking your date!

JandyKanini said...

I have just started workin out and wow! I want to lose the fat first but girl, you've given me sth to obsess don't even understand. I'm real curvy, i can only imagine how i'll look all ab'd! Thanx. How exactly do you plan on gettin th abs? Regimen and all?

Anonymous said...

Yea, I'm interested in the regimen too. I've never wanted abs but I'm starting to see the beauty in them on women.

Just Taidi said...

Holy mud pies is just 'bout right!!! :-). Ok then, you do that and I'll do that. I'm borrowing the birthday idea too though mine is all the way in August, so more time here. You are welcome. You made mine so call it a trade-off, oui? Yeah, let's!!!


Mbabazi said...

i want a toned tunny, actually body pass on the defined abs(six pack though) my plan to achieve this is a mix of ZUMBA and jogging. I do not have the energy to commit to a proper fitness plan like you ladies(i admire that) but ama do my best.
ok here is an idea you ladies should show us before pictures, the work out plan and after pictures as you progress to your abs,...what think you?

Just Taidi said...

Hey! How about a Kurly challenge? For all of us? A sort of get into the new year high energyd (made that one up) challenge. For like 8 weeks? Mez excited and I'm putting it on here. I know I'll need psyching. We could all do this together. Ok....ok...ok...I'm done :-)

Kalumz said...

OMG!!! The abs the abs! big up for the post. Having a toned body for a woman is cherry on the top and my oh my can't wait to get those dumb-bells moving-and the crunches and squats.ouch!

Imani said...

My how i've missed this blog & to come back to a post like this...inspiration. I'm also on a mission(not resolution) to better myself this year. Started with getting more spiritual, drinking lots of water & now i'm back to running(nothing can keep us part for too long). I totally feel you & agree Mary, nothing is sexier on a woman or man than some rock hard abs/definition. I had those two defined watchamacallem lines on my abs from doing nothing but cardio & i can only imagine how much more defined my abs would have been if i actually focused on them every once in a while. So this year its on like rae dawn chong.

Tia said...

This post just made me suck in my stomach, lol

Anonymous said...

You should try swimming. Do some laps and alternate strokes-freestyle, backstroke, breast etc. You can find suggestions for swimming workouts online. It's a great toning exercise for the entire body. I tend to carry most of my weight in my mid-section and when I was swimming alot, I was able to lose it all and get some definition. Swimming is also easier on your joints, one of the few exercises you can do for almost your entire life. Getting in the pool more is one of my new year's resolutions!

I would also like to climb one of the mountains. I'm going with Kilimanjaro, I've read Mt Kenya is really challenging. Knitting also sounds great, it's winter right now and being able to knit my own poncho or scarf would be so cool!

On being more spiritually centred, I think the idea should be to find a place where you feel comfortable and accepted, not so much a denomination. You don't mention whether you belong to any religion at the moment but incase you are Christian, try Nairobi Chapel close to UoN. It's a non-denominational church, used to go there when I was in Uni and enjoyed it. Not sure if there are other non-denominational ones in Nairobi.


Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the ABZ thing! Oi! I want a super-cute tummy and a toned out skin. I have been working out and feeling very good. Patience is something! Still got some shea butter? This sister needs some :)

Anonymous said...

Amen to rock hard abs!I'm soo getting them this year, but then again I might have to sacrifice my butt to get the abs, such is life!Anyway here's some inspiration to anyone who thinks it's out of get to work:)

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Good God! That first girl is sinfully gorgeous. I want to just stand next to her, maybe some of her amazingness will rub off on me, lol.

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