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Thursday, January 26, 2012

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I am a newbee but i researched kidogo through your blog before i BCed so not to worry my questions are not too many. And again i really love the blog; this one time when i was still transitioning, was washing my hair then came detangling time and my hair was so tangled then i remembered your hair 'le puff' photo n i grabbed me a pair o scissors n down went my permed hair....i really FREAKED out right after but a couple of months later I'm just over one and a half inches long and I LOOOVVVEE IT!! Everywhere I go guys are like 'wambo your hair is so nice, your hair is so thick' i smile but inside am like mmmmhhh! :)

So here goes the questions:

1. after co-washing, detangling, three-strand twisting and sealing my hair with shea butter n olive oil, when i wear it out after it is completely dry at the end of the day, the ends don't feel as soft as the root of the hair... how can I fix this? and how can i make sure that after the twists are dry, they are as moisturized and as soft as possible?

Hey, what you are doing wrong here is not using a leave in conditioner and moisturiser. The reason for sealing is to lock in moisture, the moisture you should be locking in is a water based moisturiser such as the one in the picture below.Doing this once or twice a day will keep your hair super soft and banging!

Kshs 495

2. recently watched a video of how to do bantu knots, she has type 4c hair n she did them on blow dried hair n she used curl activator. was wondering if its necessary n how it helps? If yes could you kindly recommend a good curl\activator as well as a leave-in conditioner and moisturizer. n also do you know if the bantu knots look as nice on non-blow dried hair. really trying to avoid heat as much as i can.

The reason she blow dried her hair is to show some length and to make sure she can actually knot the hair, bantu knots look good on mid to long hair. When you have a bit of length to your hair, you can easily knot the hair. A good curl activator is ecostyler gel which we have talked about here, here and here. Suave conditioners are great as cowashing conditioners and leave ins, check them out at major Nakumatt stores.Bantu knot outs look great as long as you make sure they are relatively tight and completely dry before you take them down

3.when washing hair with ACV, do you simply just pour it in and rub the scalp gently ama? and also how do you wash hair with backing soda? and can both methods be substitute to co-washing as often as i like?

Please see the answers to this here and here, we have covered it in the archives which can be found here

All the best with your hair Wambizy, gotta love the name. Keep in touch and let us know how your hairs hanging.

Happy Thursday
wambizy said...

thank you very much...really appreciate it..
lovely weekend :)

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