The Girl With The Red Bicycle

Monday, January 23, 2012

I am getting myself a red bicycle.

redrims:  IUTER fall winter 2011-12 lookbook. Yes, she’s the same girl in the first post of this tumbr.

It will have a basket.

Fancy handles.

An ear piercing bell.

theblackworkshop: Kronan Damcykel

A bit of flare and shazzam!


And after that......

I am going to teach myself how to ride a bicycle. Yeah you read that right, I don't know how to ride a bike. BUT! I most definitely will in no time.

I will fall, tumble... and cry at the sight of my own blood.

But it will be worth it

blindhorse:  26 and I’m still gettin’ skinned knees #Don’tWorryMomI’mFine  (Taken with instagram)

Because soon, I'll be the girl in the pretty sun-dress, red lips, high heels and fresh flowers riding her red bicycle as she pleases.

Enjoy the week lovelies.

PS: Good news, our holiday braids are coming off soon, and you know what that means... The 2012 Hair Challenge begins.
Julie Jules said...

You are not alone! I am a fellow bike non-rider. My very first bike (which I guarded jealously but never learned to ride) was red. In other news, can't wait for the Hair Challenge! This 4 month transistioner needs a break from her beautiful but confused hair.

Rockin Robin said...

Girl, you will absolutely LOVE riding a bike! The one you want sounds lovely. You Can do it! Have fun and enjoy the ride. Blessings!

Shannon said...

:-) Very cute. I knew how to ride a bike. And contrary to popular belief, you DO forget! After 10+ years of never riding, I thought I would hop back on and pick up where I left off. No way, I almost steered myself right off a cliff!

Mary said...

Hey Julie Jules! This actually makes me feel better lol! How old were you when you got it? Congrats on the 4months into your transition. Let us know if there is anything in particular that you would like us to focus on as a transitioner!

Mary said...

Hola! I certainly hope so, my four year old nephew and 7 year old niece constantly make fun of me as they ride right past me (my fault for telling them I don't know how to ride one). It would be nice to finally go for rides with them :) Thanks for the encouragement Rockin Robin

Mary said...

As I stifle my giggles, they are kind ones though! Are you serious? But I can understand why, that whole balance thing makes no sense to me... It's unnatural! Moving about on two thin wheels... But c'mon let's do this thing. Think of the fuel we'll save, the added workout, green footprint and all those other fine benefits!

Just Taidi said...

Awesome!!! I want a bike too, only mine will be a Kawasaki Ninja. But either way, we'll be riding. Oh and cutesy, I like. Get my email?

Ciiru said...

I agree with Shannon...that phrase 'its like riding a never forget how...' isnt quite true. I recently attempted to ride my brothers...disaster...arms flying all over the place, could get my feet on the pedals right, was sent flying through the air...ok, it wasnt as dramatic, but i still cannot believe i have forgotten how to ride a bike. I havent tried to get back on the sadle (another phrase), but i will. Theres a freedom and independence that comes from riding a bicycle that i wish for you when you learn...Good luck!

Vay said...

You must have been the little girl who would 'Kurly kichana' the heck out of her doll's hair while we were falling off our bikes and landing on our tiny(then) bums. :) Which is why you are so knowledgeable on kurly hair matters and we(some,most,Idk) are bicycle fanatics. I steal the neighbor's kid's bike for a short ride after I trick him into going to tell his mom to give him the cookies I sent for him last night(Don't judge. People I live with would never let me buy a bike; I have needs too damn it!) Anyway, you will have tons of fun, scab if you're unlucky, hysterical laughter for 3 consecutive days once you get the hang of balancing and lots of wonderful wind in your kurly hair. :)Good luck.

Also,I think the balancing thing is unnatural.
Excitedly looking forward to the 2012 hair challenge,put that together with the abs challenge and only fabulosity will prevail.

Mary said...

Sup Vay, au contraire mon ami! I was raised on a farm in the middle of nowhere, with a forest to my right and a vast field to my left and not a single breathing soul for miles around. I never had a bike,(hence my inadequacies)we had lots of livestock and wild animals though! You got one thing right, I made my own dolls :P bio degradable ones even.

Haha you must be the coolest adult on your block! I'm sure he loves that you ride his bike and brags to all his mates about it. Get your thrills mama, no judgment here! I can't wait for the joys that will ensue, (hold the scab and scar tissue)!

2012 will be awesome. I declare it so! Fab even :)

Vay said...

Swag! Doll making baby! Very cool.
That kid is a meanie. I asked nicely if I could ride his bike and was shocked when he screamt "NEVER!" I was heartbroken. I asked why not, he said "You'll give my bike a 'ponkcha'." I was wounded. Bike stealing began after a week of planning.

Important request. Please share the braid take down process when you get around to taking down your braids, don't skimp on the details and pics.

Julie Jules said...

Hmmmm....focus on moisture-protein balance, bulding a regimen and styling issues.

Oh yeah, got the bike at 6. Complete with basket and ribbons...

Erika said...

Congrats and good luck! I was a child when I learned to ride a bicycle. I ride everyday. It's good exercise and good for the environment!

Anonymous said...

All these girls look so cute on their bikes! I would love to get one.

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