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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Todays Workout Tip Lower back Stretching 1X 60 Knee Ups 1X 25 Lateral Raise w/ dumbbells 1X 60 Crunches (any crunch of your choice) ALL Workouts posted are for Men and Women.

Our beloved followers have decided to challenge us, we throw it right back to them! This post , has sparked a lot of motivation in the comments!

Mary's New Years resolution involves the attainment of Abs, those famed muscles that require so much work to get. Through this resolution, Kurly Kichana has decided to come up with a Challenge that will involve a lot of working out of both body and hair.

How shall we go about this?

Firstly sit down and write down what you would like to achieve. In this case,
  • Mary would like rock hard abs
  • Nyachomba would be happy with firm, toned thighs!
Secondly, How will you go about this? There are a few options here.

Mary has to up her cardio, eat food that helps attain flat abs, work on getting her body fat percentage low so that her abs have a chance to shine, work her transverse abs and obliques by doing a variety of abdominal exercises

Cardio will become Nyachomba's best friend as well lots of squats and lunges and adding these moves to her workouts

We shall both have to come up with strict schedules of 5-6 workouts a week of no less than 40mins as well as a great eating plan, see this post. We shall also have to choose whether we shall pay dreaded gym memberships or work out in the comfort of our living rooms.

Thirdly, Take before measurements or pictures. Monitoring progress is essential to this challenge. We would like to share our measurements, and wait for it, we would love if you guys can send in pictures/measurements as well. We promise not to misuse your photos, however we could use them to motivate others

Here's the Plan!
  1. Take before measurements/pictures
  2. Come up with a goal; Lose 10lbs before Valentines Day, Fit into that LBD thats been hanging in your wardrobe for 3 years, Do more push ups than your boyfriend can. Goals will keep you motivated and on track to progress.
  3. Create a workout schedule that you know you can stick to and pin it up on your wall and even use this as your desktop background
  4. Monitor your daily food intake by writing it down in a notebook or using this app that we both use MyFitnessPal, remember to use this everyday. Calculate you BMR, basal metabolic rate. This will help you figure out how many calories you need a day, to make sure you are losing weight.

Rules to join the challenge:
  • Send us your measurements on, we shall help you track your progress
  • You can send in weekly updates on the same email, to track progress. We may post these on our tumblr.
We shall do this for the first 6 months of 2012 and then review after this.

Send in any measurements submissions to

Kiragu Gichuri said...

Nice post. Have fun getting those abs.

Mugs Gitau said...

I want those rock hard abs!

Maria said...

Better yet, create a Kurly Kichana group on

So that you don't have to manage stats by email.

I'll be the first to join. (Although I'm already tracking workouts on and food on, I need to consolidate!)

Nyachomba said...

Thanks!! You are heaven sent, been spending all day wondering if I will have to do some coding for a forum LOL. Setting it up now! Will do an update on the post immediately. Many thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

In it to win it dolls! Oi! Got a muscle spasm on my right leg when jogging yesterday but I am not giving up :D Super-stocked and excited! I do not know why! BTW, Nyachomba, in your blogger avi you look like Elle Varner! So pretty! :) GCB :)

Barbara Ciku said...

Hello Ladies, I just discovered your blog today and I am in love!!!! Now I have been on a challenge to reach both your goals, the abs and the thighs. So I have been doing Tae Bo, pilates, squats,abdominal exercises...the whole lot...but my abs are still not popping :-( what is your cardio routine Mary and have you achieved the rock hard abs?

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