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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hi Kurlies...Hope you all had an awesome Christmas Day! We did...we have spent the last two days in a food coma. 

So since this post, I (Nyachomba) have only been trimming my hair and not necessarily cutting it. My hair is super curly and has an s-curl to it...which makes it more prone to single strand knots and lots of interlocking hairs which cause bigger knots that hang on to the ends of my hair. This makes doing my hair rather tedious and unnecessarily painful. I am completely fed up!

I have decided to go for a haircut before the new year, I am looking into the following styles as inspiration!

All pics from tumblr

Do you guys ever get the itch to cut your hair? For those who like wearing your hair short, any tips on maintenance? Happy Thursday Folks

Kurls & Kocktails: The Glitz, the Glam and the Hair!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Kurls and Kocktails event took place this past Saturday and the turn-out was awesome. Kurls were out and everyone took the dress code very seriously...Ladies were glammed up!
Patricia Kihoro our hostess with the mostest was fab so were Wacuka and Tricia. We will let the pictures talk for themselves,

All pictures were taken by Gathoni Kinyanjui and belong to Kurly Kichana, should you wish to use them email

See more pictures on our facebook, if you have pictures of the event..share! share! share! 

Badu: The Beautiful People

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The turn out for the Badu concert was grand. 
We met some beautiful people and here are a couple for your viewing pleasure.

These two lovelies had the cutest cuts.
We ran into the ever fabulous Patricia . We love her and her custom made earrings!
THAT'S her hair y'all... All of it. We accosted her in the ladies and she was a sweetheart about it :)

We were standing next to this darling as Erykah performed. She was working that leather bottom. 
Regal, with a bare back. She was so graceful.
Were you guys at the concert! We would love to see your pictures and hear your thoughts!
You can post them up on the Kurly Kichana Facebook page at your leisure!


Badu Africa 12/12/12

"Well my name is Erykah Badu, also known as Low Down Loretta Brown, Analog Girl in a Digital World, Fat Belly Bella, Medulla Oblongata, Maria Mexico, Annie, She-Ill"
Erykah Badu - Tusker Lite Experience Concert

So the Badu concert was the singular most epic night of our young existences to date. Not only did she KILL it on stage; she got right into our souls and evoked feelings and emotions that we didn't even know we had! She beat-boxed, she danced, she rapped, she harmonized, she swayed her hips to the beat and most importantly she sang her heart out for us. She was brilliant.

Nyachomba touching up before!

Mary's garb of choice... Grunge.

We secured our positions front and centre by the stage! So we got the see the whole thing live and up close; and we didn't budge. 

Our Queen.

We got to make eye-contact with Erykah. I swooned!

Our pictures don't show it, but Ms. Badu has the most bangin' body.

Her band and back up vocalists (including sister Nayrok) performed to perfection.

We screamed and sang along to each track - her lyrics are forever etched into our minds. She reached out to us in the crowd and we got to touch her!!!
Best. Night. EVER.

Kurls & Kocktails: Touching Base

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hey there good lookin'!

Y'all don't even know.... We are SUPER psyched for the upcoming cocktail and natural hair mixer. We already have our list of attendants tipping on the max, but at your request we have extended the deadline. So guys, now is the time to book your spot. In case you haven't the details are below. Cut off date is Thursday the 13th 6.00PM.
Simply send your 1000/- cover charge via MPESA to 0700 821036
As soon as you do, you will receive a confirmation message from us and we will jot down your details and book your spot. 
NB: The 1000/- will cover food, however, drinks will be on a cash bar basis (but reasonably priced). The Venue: Sierra Lounge (2nd Floor Yaya Center), Date: Saturday the 15th, doors open at 7PM. Dress code is tres chic.
Ladies, you were spot on with the venue choice.

For those of you who are new to the concept of meetups, allow me to explain; natural hair meetups are special events where naturals and non-naturals alike meet to interact and talk all things natural hair. Chock full of kinks and curls, we get together to exchange products, tips and tricks and sometimes an invited guest will also speak (watch this space). 

Be prepared for hair care demonstrations and product reviews by the ladies of Kurly Kichana, make up tips and tricks courtesy of The Bella Nubian and Tricia's Naturals, as well as a talk and presentation by the lovely Patricia Kihoro... but wait, there's more!

YOU guys, have some work to do as well. As earlier mentioned, we will be holding a product swap. As naturals, there isn't one of us who hasn't bought that one hair care product that didn't quite gel well (pardon the pun) with our hair. Well you know what they say! One man's meat right - product swaps give you the chance to get rid of that almost perfectly new product and exchange it for one of your liking! 

The Product Swap Rules: 
  1. Each of us has to carry at least one natural hair product! 
  2. The product must be natural hair friendly. Confused? Comment and we will chime in.
  3. The product must be new and/ or semi-brand new.
  4. We will play nice! No grabby hands.
The cocktail will be a great opportunity for all of you to network and make some fabulous new friends! So be sure to carry your business cards if you so please.

Prize Give-aways
We have amazing prize give-aways in store for you guys! You might be the lucky lady who scores a natural hair gift bag full of our favourite products as well as amazing-custom made hair jewels courtesy of Njuhi Chege; the beauty and brains behind ririjewellery. More info on all this will be coming your way.

So! We can't wait to see you there...

Love, as always!

In a Badu State of Mind

So us Kurly Kichana girls are super excited today... 

Tonight is the night we have been waiting for for oh so long: the Erykah Badu concert! This is the single most epic night of nights for us! We hope you will be there - we won't be hard to spot; just look for the two girls weeping frantically (that ugly cry) and singing along to each and every song! I am not one for speculation, but chances are we might (at a moment of pure deranged ecstasy) make a mad dash for Erykah and try to touch her... But that's neither here nor there...

You guuuuuuuys!!! SHE'S HERE!


*Wipes tears of joy*

*Rocks back and forth repeatedly in a corner humming "Didn't cha know"*

*Questions my sexuality*

Will you be there?? COMMENT AND LET US KNOW!

You Know You Wish You had These as a Kid

Monday, December 3, 2012

Have you ever watched any Doll Test videos on YouTube? You really should. Below is one video; "A Girl Like Me" that I have always found intriguing.

Earlier today, I accompanied my colleague to find a doll for her daughter. She had strict instructions from her 7 year old to buy her a new Barbie doll for Christmas; the original blonde blue-eyed Barbie, not the exotic type (you will find this term doesn't bode well with me). This has played on my mind all day, so much so I had to put this post up before I go to bed.

While we were window shopping I thought of three things; 1) Do White people buy Black Dolls? Do Hispanics or Asians buy Black Dolls? 2) How many Black people are actually buying Black Dolls? 3) Would her daughter be pleased if her mother bought her a Black Barbie doll instead?

Would you, as a child, have picked a Black/ Biracial/ Colored doll  over a White doll?




I absolutely LOVE this.
Where were you when I was growing up?

Mattel does sell Black Barbies... They have done so for a while and I would give them a gold star for that. However majority of their Black dolls have long silky wavy hair akin to their white counterparts. Barbie Francie is almost there though, she recently had a make-over and now has a fro look to her. Be that as it may, Black dolls are cheaper than White dolls. This displeases me.

A Girl Like Me - She kinda does look the part.

Dreadlocked Goddess - I'd buy this for myself!

Cornrows... None of my dolls ever had cornrows.

Imagine having grown up with this doll as a young girl
I'm sure all this has crossed your mind before, but if it hasn't, it is something to think about... The formation of self image begins at a very young age and whether we agree or not, something as small and simple as a Doll is teaching little girls how to view themselves.

Over to you guys. Goodnight dear hearts.


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