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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hola! :D

So I just wanted to show you how to do a basic over-night stretch.
Let's get to it then shall we?

- After having co-washed your hair in twisted sections (personal preference) and after detangling the sections (with loads of slippery conditioner); re-twist the tangle-free sections and rinse out the conditioner like so....

Step 2:
- As soon as your hair is well rinsed, you can undo the individual two-strand twists and replace the sections with three-strand twists (matutas). At this point, I would advise that you add a bit of moisture to the entire length of your hair while paying extra attention to the ends. You can use your home-made spritz or any water based moisturizer of your preference.

- As you can see below, the left section has already been converted to a tighter three strand twist.
- Be sure to seal in the moisture with a natural sealant of your choice... I like to use unrefined shea butter.

- I find that I usually end up doing exactly eight twists/ or braids covering my entire head.
- The re-twists need not necessarily be three-strand twists! I like to do three-strand twists because I have really tight coils, (don't let the pictures fool you, left to its own devices, my hair reverts like you wouldn't believe if left open to dry). For those of you with a looser curl pattern, feel free to stick to two strand twists.

Final Step:
- Relax and unwind as your twists dry naturally. My hair usually needs a minimum of 6 hours to dry. Optimum drying time is double that - the bare minimum usually ends up with damp sections in the middle bits that shrink with a vengeance...
- I slept with mine. Total drying time = 9 hours :(
- In the morning, I grabbed some olive oil and used just a little to undo the twists. Unfortunately they had not dried as much as I would have liked but I didn't mind the end result. A stretched out fro (albeit with some shrinkage)

What do you think?

NB: This is the first step to achieving a banging twist out. Detangling and stretching your hair sets the precedence for doing a twist-and-twist-out (with smaller sized two-strand twists).

You can do a dry-twist out with detangled and stretched hair - less drying time, and fluffier results guaranteed!
I will be sure to to some soon. x

Peace out!

Questions and comments are, as always, more than welcome.

AnitaQ4 said...

Bad ass fro! Already! Can't wait till mine gets there!

1BlessedNatural said...

Pretty! I do the same.

Erika said...

Cute! I cannot believe it takes your hair 6 hours to dry. *Sigh* Since moving to Dublin it takes a bit over two days to dry on its own. So I invested in a blow dryer. This is my staple style.

Nova said...

Can i just say your hair is WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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