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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hello good lookin',

Today we would like to introduce you to a lovely young lady who we met by, errr... chance, so to speak. Remember the post we did on basic hair care; on the onset of reading the post, you are met with an image of a gorgeous young woman bearing a strawberry blonde TWA, bold blue eyeshadow a pink pout and fierce self-confidence. When we were drafting the post, we searched the internet high and low for the perfect image that would depict a woman embracing and rocking her TWA... and needless to say, when we stumbled upon this image, we knew that we had found her.

Flash-forward to a few days and comments later, Nyachomba and I were met by a particularly pleasant surprise! The lady in question had put up a comment saying:
TheStarvingArtist said...

Hey that first picture is me!!!! :-)

Imagine that! Her name is Denisio in case you were wondering.

Denisio was kind enough to share a bit about her life as a natural with us. Enjoy the read everyone, and the amazing images that accompany her story.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself!
28 years old, Photographer, Writer, Amateur Chef, and Vintage Reconstructor

2. How long have you been natural?
I cut my hair in January of this year, although I've gone natural off and one since the age of 19. I've had Locs, Afros, TWA's you name it! I am definitely enjoying the freedom of short hair so I think I'll keep it that way for a while.

3. Give us a brief insight into your natural hair journey
I have what I like to refer to as "cycles" with my hair. Every year or other year, I usually cut it all off. This may sound odd but I liken it it to a snake shedding their skin....its an act of me "shedding" whatever baggage or hangups I have with my hair. It serves as a reminder that nothing is permanent, and not to become too obsessed with any one physical aspect of my body. That, and I have hair A.D.D. lol.

4. What impact has your hair had on your career as an aritst; on your relationships, basic interactions and on your personal self-perception?
I actually have more positive reactions to my hair short than I did when it was relaxed and long, regardless of race or gender. Whether in an office environment or a social setting, the conversations I've had about my hair have been on the whole very positive. I've been told a lot that TWA's "suit" me. I tend to agree. I'm not sure what it is about having little to no hair, but I somehow feel more feminine without it. Is that strange? Maybe its just that there's more attention being paid to my face rather than what's on my head.

5. What is your current hair care regimen and what one product do you swear by?
I keep it simple, since that's the whole point of me keeping my hair short, lol. I love Kinky Curly Custard but find it quite sticky so I'll usually dilute it with water and apply to soaking wet hair. Then I let it air dry. I also love Morroccan oil products and pure aloe vera gel.

You can follow her Tweets..

We are totally loving her Maasai accessories :)

Thanks for reading everyone.
Enjoy your day. x
Gabrielle said...

Love love love her! She is so elegant. Very dreamy! :D
If you want to find that Maasai necklace, I know where she got it!!! :D
Thanks for sharing!
Lovvvvvee her look!!! *screaming*

Hair of Heritage said...

Wow, I want to cut my hair all off now... where's my scissors? :)
I can relate to the feeling of shedding skin. I do the same, cut it off all once in a while. Great post! Densisio you look great in whatever hair style, gotta say!

Jc said...

Gorgeous feature, love that she has had long hair, locs and now a TWA. Versatility is the natme of the game :)

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