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Thursday, December 8, 2011

For those of you who may not know this, the Kurly Kichana girls are fitness enthusiasts (and that's an understatement if I ever heard one). We appreciate the reward of an all out cardiovascular workout or a sweaty resistance training session - there is nothing quite like that endorphine kick.

Working out regularly has become a way of life for us now. It's not just about shedding off that stubborn 5Kgs, or trying to fit into a December-at-the-Coast-Bikini; it's a long term commitment based on living healthy and being in the best shape for your body type. I need not outline the long term benefits of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, in any case they are too numerous to mention.

Red Pill, Blue Pill
Let me start by saying that it all begins with a simple decision - think Neo (The Matrix) - you either take the blue pill or the red pill, there is no turning back. Even if you do revert to your former lax lifestyle, you will never be the same knowing what you have given up. This choice will determine the level of sacrifice you are willing to put in to your new lifestyle. Today we want to give you a few tips and pointers on how you can blend in working out into your already busy lifestyle and achieve some of your personal goals.

The Balancing Act
Between blogging, managing our careers, hair consultations, relationships and simply living, we try our best to dedicate a minimum of 1 and a half hours to working out, 5 days a week. Are you a morning person or would you rather sweat it out in the evening after work/ school? Whatever your preference, have your life fit into your new workout regimen - not the other way around!

We often cite excuses that keep us away from the gym or from popping in a workout DVD; stop the excuses and mentally train yourself to work around a set schedule that runs like clockwork. If you know your regular workout hour is 7.30PM on a given Wednesday for instance, and a hot guy asks you out on a date set for that day, tell him to make it 8.30PM, or preferably to take a rain-check. NO COMPROMISES! Take this time as something selfish that you are doing for yourself. Out of the 24hours in a given day, dedicate the required 30min, 1 hour or more to (insert your name here); you are your star player, treat yourself as such.

Have a Buddy
Nyachomba has my back and I have hers. During our sleep overs, we usually work out together; it makes all the difference! We push each other through our grunts, sighs and laughs and in the end we exchange hi-fives and chest bumps like we won a freaking tournament... Sure feels like it! My point is, having someone to keep you in check can and will help you achieve your personal goals. It can take a single phone call to get me out of bed and into my trainers (albeit begrudgingly). Friends don't let friends not work out.

Set Realistic Goals and Reward Yourself Accordingly
Don't set yourself up for failure and disappointment by going hard upon the onset of your commitment to working out. For the low-down on how to avoid the pitfalls and to stay motivated, have a read on this post and get on the right path. Once you get into the swing of things, the fun begins! For some of us, working out comes with a reward system that can keep us fueled and keen to carry on to be harder, faster, better and stronger. Here's the trick though, don't base your milestones on factors such as the amount of weight or inches lost in a given period. Instead set your goals to be in terms of workout achievements such as; the completion of a weeks worth of working out, a month, or after running a marathon - you get the gist right? I love to buy myself new workout gear! I have my eyes set on a new pair of Nike running shoes... watch this space.

Music Makes You Lose Control
It's a fact, music can improve exercise performance by a considerable margin. Create a playlist, load up your Mp3 player and do your thing. Personally, I can't run without my iPod, this is extremely sad, alas tis true. My music of choice for my runs or spin sessions is, and always will be DUBSTEP! Passers by usually turn and stare as I run past them poker-faced, fist pumping to the bass drop and trying to bump my head. It's all very ungraceful but I love it.

justwanttobehealthyandfit:  Fall-inspired chicken salad.

Eat Right
We have a tendency to associate food as the antithesis of health and fitness. I've said it once and I'll say it again. Ya'll need to eat and eat well.

This 21st meant so much to me, because this very day, 365 days ago;I was in a really bad place, emptied from a real bad breakup.But one year on, the pain somehow all made sense.I may have lost a lover, my best friend, But I gained my life back.It’s not so much about the weight loss,It’s the strength that’ve I’ve developed,to be able to create that happiness for myself,without expectations from others,and just being at peace on the inside,day in and day out. That was the best 21st present any girl could have wished for (:

Write it Down and Take Pictures
Keep a virtual or physical journal to track your progress. This is a sure shot way to keep you at it and motivated. Be mindful of your extraneous progress by jotting down the distance you run as well as the duration, try and improve as time goes. It is also extremely integral to track you number of reps and weights used (resistance training) from the onset of your regimen. This is the only way to ensure you are truly working towards a goal. By this you can guess that I prefer to work out with a strict regimen. I am not one for winging it in the gym or at home, but I say, to each his own.

Sample Workout Plan: Nyachomba - No gym membership,mainly use workout videos and home equipment





HIIT 15 + Stretch 10

30 day shred


Fire 30

30 day shred and 20 min Run


Fire 45 EZ

30 day shred


Yoga 45mins

30 day shred and 20 min Run


Fire 55

30 day shred and 20 min Run


Fire 30

30 day shred


30 day shred


Sample Workout Plan: Mary - Gym membership ( alternates between home workouts and the gym)
Home Workout - P90X

Gym Workout - see below

Monday - Full Body Routine (series 1)

Full Body

Exercise Sets Reps

45 Degree Leg Press 3 20

Seated Row 3 20

Chest Dip 2 15-20

Machine Shoulder Press 2 20

Cable Curl 2 20

Tricep Extension 2 20

Hover 3 1 minute

Tuesday - Full Body Routine (series 2)

Full Body

Exercise Sets Reps

Smith Machine Squat 3 20

Seated calf Raise 2 25

Lat Pull Down 3 20

Dumbbell Flys 3 20

Tricep Kickback 2 20

Standing Dumbbell Curl 2 20

Decline Sit Ups 2 MAX

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday - Full Body Routine (series 3)

Full Body

Exercise Sets Reps

Dumbbell Lunge 4 10 each leg

Wide Grip Pull Up 3 MAX

Barbell Bench Press 3 15-20

Standing Barbell Curl 3 15-20

Tricep Bench Dip 3 15

Horizontal Leg Raise 2 MAX

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Rest Days

Workouts to try (links)
Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this i need to get back in shape after 4 years of putting it off and 50 lbs/23k to drop.

Just Taidi said...

Thanx a TONNE!! Had started working out at the school gym but wasn't watching what I ate and we would be right to assume not much happened. At the beginning of this year I weighed 79kgs, now I'm 72kgs and one month vegetarian. I haven't gone back to working out but I'm getting charged to get back to it. Here's what I noticed bout working out; you start feeling sexy and beautiful almost as soon as you start working out. You don't need to hit the target weight or whatever other target to start feeling good. Just knowing that you are doing something about it pumps you up!!! Hey, is one of you a vegetarian? I thought I saw something like that on one of the posts.

On another note. I did my first deep conditioning last week and my head feels AWE-SOME!! Did a co-wash with Suave apple then deep-conditioned with a suave coconut, honey and olive oil mix (smells like heaven, wanted to eat my hair :-)) then moisturized with organics olive oil cream then sealed with coconut oil. Sounds like an everything-in-the-fridge soup, huh? I keep spritzing too. Oh and on Friday even got asked by a cab driver what I was doing with my hair coz it looks so good *blush*. Was so excited I wrote it down for him (still had to pay full fare though bummer!! :-P). Methinks meloves going healthy natural. Oh and you have really helped me figure things out. I truly am grateful.


Anonymous said...

hi...do you know anywhere in town i could get some good fitness dvds?i would like maybe a dance dvd and another that would focus on my abdominals sinc e i want to work out after getting my baby. would running help with firming any flabby bits?

Mwesh said...

Thanks for this Mary. I just did the yoga meltdown. And I have one thing to say about it.
Bashira's my daddy.

Kurly said...

Hola ladies! Thanks for your comments!
@Anon1, all the best with your work out goals 2012 will be a banging year!

@Rachu, waaaay to go with the progress! Keep at it and the positive attitude. About going vegeterian, I personally had my stint once, went full veggie for just over a year but unfortunately based on my workout regimen my protein intake was way under my daily requirement as such I had to revert back to white meat. One can only consume so many legumes and soy... I would suggest you your research on your nutritional requirements and create a diet based on that. Im happy to hear about the popping hair :D that cheapie cabbie got more than he bargained for ;)

@Anon2, if you have a dedicated DVD provider, I would suggest you simply ask them to download for you any specific workout DVD that you require. If not, just download them yourself! I am sure I have seen a couple of workout DVDs in town stalls. About focusing on your abs, the absolute and most effective way to trim up would be to up your cardio (yep! running is a sure shot) as well as incorporating some HIIT workouts. Google or youtube HIIT workouts, they are fast, hard and effective and take no more than 20 min (depending on your variations and intervals). Needless to say, I am pro-resistance training - combining all three guarantees amazing results.

@Mwesh, PREACH! LMAO! Glad you liked it. Keep at it mamasita :D

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