Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The girl in the City Bus, remember her, cute and bubbly. Well she left the comment below on our post on getting fed up with natural hair,

I fear going all afro...the perfect Kenyan-man-look-alike afro because I fear well, looking like a man. I am loving my TWA but I am also finding it hard to make it look unique and less of a trend. I have tried accessorising but I am not liking seeing the same accessories with someone else. Otherwise, I love Team Natural. That is all :)

To answer her, all the ladies in the pictures below have TWAs, what they also have are;
  • Fierce attitudes
  • An Individual sense of style
  • A certain je ne sais quois about life
  • The ability to use makeup at will to define and play up your features
  • Unique accessories that stand them out
One thing that they do not look like is ...Men! They have all maintained their femininity while still rocking a short haircut. Explore, discover and make it your own

The Sartorialist

lecoil:  Nilea, creator of Underground Love Story, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

All pictures from tumblr

Here are some handy links that might help :-),

Hair of Heritage said...

This post makes me want to cut my hair! :)
Also, a good idea for accessories is to make your own if you don't want to have the same ones as someone else. I sometimes look on for ideas. Just a tip ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kurly! Rocking my TWA with some fierce attitude and a bow-tie today:) Thank you for the tips :)

SugarPuss said...

Was that you on Moi avenue with the cute twa in a band, bow tie n washed out Jeans? If it was u did not look like a man at all! Fierce! If it wasn't big up to that random kurlie...I love walking in Nairobi these days so many different curlies! The sun is finally out, so many colourful outfits, girls getting that red Lippy down! Tis finally the season!

Anonymous said...

Apparently it was me! Thank you so much madame SugarPuss. Next time you've gotsa say a huge yello and I'ld finally get someone to share with my Creamy Inn hotdog(The one I was running after :) ) Small world, huh? Love and great energy to you Miss SugarPuss :)

kinky_lockz said...

i love androgyny! v-neck sweaters, blazers, bow ties and brogues...when boy meets girl it can be super chic :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm,i wish i came across ur site b4 i did wat i did a week ago..i cut off my perm n dyed my natural hair red,nt wth henna(color dsnt show n i do love me some color) wth permanent color..inecto to be precise....thng is..i live in an asian country,the weather is CONSTANTLY hot air-condition-literaly-everywea hot...natural hair in nai weather tht i cn handle bt i hav nooo idea wat to do hea!!!!ive braided my hair ths past week(matatus)..m freakin out hea!!!

Kurly said...

Well how about that! Y'all making frineds and stuff, I love it :D

Thanks for the comments ladies! I am with Kinky_lockz, loving androgyny 100%

@Anon, not to fret my dear, congratulations on going natural! Have fun rocking the new colour as well. We did a post on taking care of dyed hair, and miss SugarPuss who is also rocking the dyed look, was kind enough to give us her regimen. About living in a HOT area, I say increase your moiturizing sessions (simple spritzing will help) and remember to seal in the moisure (very lightly, no need for the natural oils to melt down your face). Carry out weekly deep conditioning sessions that infuse MOISTURE, not protein. I am sure you will be just fine.

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