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Monday, November 21, 2011

Good day lovelies,

I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

SO! As a follow up to a post we did on coloring natural hair -> lookie here, the lovely miss SugarPuss had the following to say!

I agree that permanent colour esp bleaching changes the "moisture protein balance" because i dyed my hair bleached blonde recently and i notice that my curl pattern has changed, it's a bit more loose. I love it tho, and am forced to deep condition more often than am used to and moisturise everyday. And most of all i love love love the colour(av always been a colour junkie) in fact am doing an intense red tonight with food colour tho. Being natural to me means being unafraid and colour is how i show it.

Anyhow, so we asked her if she would be so kind as to send us some pictures! We haven't seen her in ages so we were excited at the whole hair color thing... and guess what, she did! (Ain't she awesome)...

Hey girls,

Missed ya!! So there was a family event recently and my sisters and I took pics with my cuz too. Funny I never realised we were all natural until I saw the pics. The first pic is with me (bleached blonde) and my youngest sis, she has a TWA that she likes setting in perm rods. Next is my other sis with dreadlocks and my cuz with braids(she's also natural)...last is just me and my sisters again.

Enjoy your weekends!!

Gorgeous! The whole lot of them!

We would like to give a very special thank you to Miss SugarPuss and her beautiful family for the pictures.

You my dear, are rocking the blonde bombshell look! We love it.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.

SugarPuss said...

We call that first look "bird in nest of curls" :-D Thanks lots!!!

kinky_lockz said...

wAT! the colour looks supafLY... in fact the whole family looks fab and this post totally just made me wish I had sisters too

kinky_lockz said...

if its not too much to ask: Sugarpuss, what products do you use to deep condition and moisturize and your process of dying with food colouring? thanks!

SugarPuss said...

Hey kinky_lockz, aaw thanks! course i don't mind :-D

I find that my hair responds best when it's least manipulated because bleaching makes your hair very very fragile, so am a wash n go kinda gal.
Products i use for deep conditioning; ORS replenishing conditioner or Lory's duo chocolate conditioner(they come in humongous jars) every week. I also oil- rinse with coconut oil every 2 weeks, to prevent knots and tangles coz i dont comb out my hair, i just use my fingers.
Products for moisturizing; Water(best moisturizer i know) or Motions nourish leave in, then i oil with jojoba or olive oil(sometimes i use sunflower oil, u know, Rina sunflower cooking oil:-D its a recession man). Spritz either leave in or water in the morning and oil and am good to go.
I also use Elvive shampoo/conditioner for colour treated hair and Tony Airo's(a local manufacturer) mint conditioner for co-washing.

For colour treatment with food colour, You need powder food colour of ur choice(reds and maroons show best), thick deep conditioner coz light conditioners drip easily down ur face leaving red streaks,and a table spoon of olive oil. Mix it all up and apply to freshly shampooed hair. Put on a plastic cap and turban up with a towel for as long as you want but atleast an hour. Then rinse out with cold water to help the colour set. Food colour washes out so the next time you shampoo or co-wash, you have to colour again. Another method my mum uses to make sure the colour really shows is, she mixes red powder food colour with some moisturiser like shea butter in the palm of her hand and spreads on her hair, but you have to be careful about it streaking down ur face and collar, and you have to rinse it out at night if you dont want coloured beddings.

Hope i helped :-D

kinky_lockz said...

Thanks so much!! I'm 3weeks into finger combing exclusively and loving it...coconut oil is my go to oil also. I like the idea of having the freedom to switch up hair hues as food colouring washes out so I'm definitely going to try this out... I've been itching for a change but last dye job left my hair orange :( not the cute kind lol. Thanks again.

Shiks said...

I think I saw her a couple of weeks ago at Uchumi Agakhan walk and we kept looking at each other's hair,me with my puff with lowlights,her with her blond twa and I finally complimented her at the exit. Hey girl.

SugarPuss said...

Yikes, I know that orange, a friend of mine had that pumpkin orange a few weeks back, we fixed it with chocolate brown food colour, toned it down to a copper brown.

95% mortgages said...

we must be proud of our own hairstyle be free to move and to swag your hair . Thats fashion.!!

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww...y'all look amazing!! I grew up with these girls!!

Quick question though, do I need to bleach my hair first before I can use food colouring on it? I'd like to switch up my colour once in a while but I definitely dont want to bleach or anything.

SugarPuss said...

@shiks...hey ya!!! lol, small world n all...i love to fro-gaze, i didn't realize we both were gazing :-D

@chilli can use food colour without bleaching but it will only shine in the sun/light, like henna. The best colour is maroon red but you can experiment, it washes right off if you dont like it. You are missed!!!

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