Baby Sitting and Beanie Hats

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm the last born of a whole bunch of kids, 6 kids to be exact.

All, save for one, of my elder siblings are either in marital bliss or engaged to be married. As such I have three delightful little munchkins whom I babysit (for free might I add), in my life. At the risk of sounding like a overly proud aunt, they are the best little monsters in the planet! I love them all for they bring nothing but joy and mysterious sticky "presents" to my otherwise self-indulgent life. Special shout out to my eldest sister and her new bundle of joy! (love you lots xoxo)

I gear up in comfortable loose fitting clothes should I be required to climb a tree or squeeze myself into a crack. It happens...

Whenever I go babysit my niece (8) and her brother (5), I have to carry an arson of items that I know I will need for the sit. These items include (but are not limited to);

1. Colorful band-aids.
2. Hard candy - for bribes and oaths of silence.
3. More candy - I make a lot of bribes.
4. Plasticine - I LOVE THIS STUFF.... they don't care too much for it, but I get my giggles.
5. Coloring pencils and/0r crayons, Coloring book - my niece is going to be the next Renoir.
6. Disney Animation DVDs - I can comfortably recite the entire Aladdin script right now, song lyrics included.
7. Panadol Actifast - I did mention they are 8 and 5 years old didn't I.

My hair is a shrunken twist out. I couldn't be bothered to style it, I know I will be pulling twigs and lollipops off it later in the day. I beanie it up in the hope of added protection.

UPDATE: The beanie didn't make it back home with me... Sigh.

My Mary Poppins Bag! It's filled with mystery and wonder :)

Babysitting is always a joy. My nephew is an X-Box 360 junkie, as am I, and my niece has awesome taste in the arts. Playing with them is also an added calorie burn and fun-filled activity! They rule.

I am still deathly afraid of the newest addition to my litter. My nephew turned 1 month old on Tuesday! My newest mission is to learn how to babysit the little guy, I'm a bit awkward and overly paranoid with him. But I'll get the hang of it :)

Thanks for reading champs.

Daisy M said...

I love your bag, and one day when my twa hits puberty am gonna do exactly what you've done;-D

Anonymous said...

I like your scarf. And that's definitely a comfy and chic outfit!

mimi208 said...

Wow, your arms look so fab! Michelle Ovama had got nothing on you :-) and the twist out, great. Dunno how you do it. Have tried Shea butter and castor oil mix after detangling but it's always (all of two times) a huge fail. My hair is just three inches though. Could that be the issue?

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