6 weeks

Friday, November 11, 2011

Its been 6 weeks since we installed our braids...Mary got hers out last weekend, due to all my travelling I have been unable to take mine out le sigh. The time is now, I intend to spend this evening 11/11/11 taking them out. Can't wait..on the 11/11/11, truly a special day to do this

Here are some pics I took yesterday to show how tatty the braids were looking, I should rephrase that...these braids have a lot of character.

P.S : My dress was a steal at Kshs 200..I love it

Amma Mama said...

You and your hair look good. You don't even need to take it.

dlynn133 said...

200 bob?? where?? i think they over-exploit me.. =D

Kurly said...

@AmmaMama...Thanks :-)...I think my edges were suffering hence the need to take down the braids
@dlynn133...On a shopping trip to toi market, we found a guy selling amazing dresses for 200.....we scooped 8 hehehe

Anonymous said...

working out has been fab for you. you look amazing! Keep it up!

Chez said...

so i've had my braids in for longer than 6 weeks... i know, :( it's awful, but work, travel, etc's got in the way - they've got a LOT of character?!
anyway, i am way beyond sick of them and really want my fro back - so been slowly taking out a few of them and retwisting them into other braids to hide the fact that where i originally had 4 braids, i now have one?! (i'm surprised i'm getting away with it too?!)
issue is, as i've had them in so long (just nearly over 2months), and my hair's grown quite a lot, there's a few skinny braids at the front that are almost becoming tiny dreadlocks. :( i've been managing to untwist most of them (with conditioner and some oil) with minimal-ish hair loss, but i've just taken one out and lost nearly half the length i've worked so hard to grow... :(
any tips and words of wisdom that will save my hair....?
thanks a lot (and sorry about the rant?!)

Kurly said...

Chez! Those are dangerous waters that you tread on! Our advice right off the bat is to REMOVE THEM! Not only are you reeking havoc to your poor hairline, you will experience a lot of unnecessary breakage to your hair.

If you MUST stick with the braids for a bit longer, you will have moisturize your hair with the spritz mix that we always mention, daily. BE SURE TO ADD some protein leave in: Infusium 23 will help strengthen your weakened hair. A few squirts will do... GOOD LUCK!

Chez said...

Hey! So I got rid of the braids - got home at around 7pm last Thurs, and by 8pm I had a pair of scissors in hand chopping off the hair extensions. Went to bed at 3am?!
Anyway, managed to do a pretty good job at detangling with mainly conditioner, and didn't lose as much hair as I was expecting. Deep conditioned on Fri morning, washed it out, moisturised, and went on with my day.
I promise I will never keep braids in that long again!
Thanks so much for your advice though, looking forward to more posts!

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