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Monday, October 17, 2011

We recently got the cutest and warmest email ever!!! Give it up to the Girl in the City Bus... She sure is a firecracker :-)
Here is an excerpt from her email.

Hey Ladies,

Yes! I did my BC last week. I wanted to tell you this last week but I had not yet taken shots yet. So, let me do the traditional intro which I better do for the sake of identity. My name is The Girl In The City Bus. I am 18 going on 27 and I love being. It does take a lot to be you know?! So I am in my freshman year of university and I am not hating it. I am LOVING IT!". So I am seeking healthy and safe ways of finding myself and well, the more I do that, the more I enjoy knowing that I am not the bore that I thought I was.

So I did my BC last week after thinking about it for a short time, that the natural look is funky,healthy and beautiful! I woke up that Tuesday at around 0635hrs ate and thought,
"Wacherah, you are freakn' BEAUTIFUL! If you cut your relaxed hair and take care of it and your health...oh yeah! And succeed in your education ... and make good friends, you will still be beautiful!"

So after some weird negative energy from my hairdresser, I watched that hair go. I was happy, free, a little scared and a bag load of confident! Thank you for inspiring me to do my BC. I have taken up a healthy lifestyle since then, embracing them veggies, gulping lots of worra{Water} and taking care of my beautiful hair. I am so happy. Plus one on finding myself right?

Many people have asked why I have done the Big chop and I have carelessly uttered 'change' but really it's super-simple. Natural hair is super-funky. I am rocking my TWA and working towards that BAA in some few beautiful years to come. Can't wait! Thank you Curlies!
You can check out my blog (Still a Newbee) thegirlinthecitybus.blogspot.com and let's share the going-ons of beautiful lives.

Check out her pics below, (Isn't she gorgeous)

Have a brilliant week.
wynny said...

Wacherah...u do look awesome

Please tell me who cut your hair...I have been readn ths blog and I have joined a number of FB pages on Natural hair a nd after the way mu hair is just thinning n cuttn I have had enuff of chemically treated hair

Kurly Kichana ..thanks for the Forum

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