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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beautiful Before....

Dear Kurly Kichana,

I met you last week after I happened to come across your blog randomly and I must sum up your blog in one word: afrospiration.

I am so inspired that I finally revived my blog which I had set up a year ago and done nothing with it. Your posts, pictures and advice is awsome and I am lapping it up-and taking it all in. I have had two B.Cs within two years and fallen of the wagon with texturizer and perm.

I am weaning my hair off the texturizer and taking it back to black (I love Amy Winehouse R.I.P-musically speaking). I love the simple posts you did and I can't help but think just how much I have been missing because of fear. I have this surge of passion for what I am doing with myself everyday and thank you for inspiring me.

I posted some pics of me when I was a weave junkie like a year back and one I took a day ago @ my office building.

Curly love,

Beautiful After.
Afrospiration in living colour

The Kurlies Say:

Hi Jacky!

This email right here, brought the biggest smile to our faces. You my dear are a star!
You look amazing rocking your TWA, loving the hair pretty you got there ;) ... We have all fallen off the band wagon on our natural hair journeys, but in the end all that matters is our happiness and the confidence we exude; and you my dear are working it.

Thanks so much for the kind words. It's divas like you who make it all worth while. Your blog is currently deactivated at the moment, but we would love to have you back on the bloggersphere whenever you are ready. You are a source of inspiration for many ladies out there, and we salute you.

Lots of love and affection from Kurly Kichana,
A Kurls Best Friend

Jacky Kalumu said...

Hey ladies, very excited to being featured here. I a honored. And yes, i am loving the post and feedback. I moved to wordpress @this address purpleafro.wordpress.com. Thank you for inspiring many ladies out there because it's not just about physical beauty but character too. Thumbs up!

Jacky Kalumu said...

Hey Ladies-I am back to blogger with an army of reasons...still reading up and I have been checking out other natural afro-hair blogs and for some reason a majority are not sure or don't have info on hair type 4C...Please do a post on afro hair types, there textures and perhaps some pictures to accompany them. mOB love *:*:*

Kurly said...

Done and done :)

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