Monday, October 10, 2011

Athletic muscles

Pulling your kinks back and going out for a run.

Being step to step on a run with your significant other

Afros on the starting line

Handstand #upperbodystrength

Working out in teeny shorts and sportsbras

Abs worthy of #ESPNbodyissue

Nuff said, Yup that is real

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Anonymous said...

the awkward moment when you open fitspo in front of your mum and she wonders why your looking at naked women hehe

Kurly said...

HAHAHA! Oh Anon, as your comment got us into a fit of giggles! Hahahaha! Posting them up ain't no walk through the park either. Our colleagues probably suspect that we are pretty much gay. We just smile and wave :)

Thanks for that.
Erm... sorry about your mum!

Angie B said...

Good Afternoon (in the states)

Looking at Fitspo, i'm thinking this woman's body looks like my husbands.Good grief! He WAS a soccer fanatic. Anyhoo. I just want to say to Mary & Nyash, you too are awesome. I want to commend you on proving wrong all the haters that judge African hair. I was in West African (Senegal for 2 yrs) and all i saw was weaves and perms fried, dyed and layed to the side. At that time i had locs and everynody thought i was rasta. I have just BC'd for the second time and thank God we now know how to care for our hair. I don't know how it grew so long with "Blue Magic" grease lol. Anyway I wanted to ask you about Henna. I have like Mary's type 4b/c right in the front of my head and 3a/b all around. Its crazy. i think it was from yrs of flat ironing but i don't know if Henna will help or harm me?

Hair of Heritage said...

I love the first pic! Beautiful, beautiful body!

Project44 said...

A celebration of athletic women...makes the little yoga I do look like child's play ;)

Amber said...

That last pic makes me seriously consider pole dancing in addition to my workout routine. I'm more interested in the strength and flexibility it encourages than the sensual/sexual aspect of it. And those girls make some beautiful lines. So I'll be all, "Can we skip the crawling on the floor and being sexy and just get to working the pole?"

Masuka M said...

Kurlies, good luck with the great east run.

@Amber, you should check out A Black Girl's Guide to Weightloss who is into pole dancing for fitness. Read this:

Nyachomba said...

@Masuka...Thanks a bunch...I am about to get a man to install a pole in my room asap le sigh

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