Behind the Scenes: Kurly Kichana Photoshoot

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'ello 'ello,

Hope you are well. Have you ever performed an inception into your computer - you know, find a file within a file within a file only to discover long forgotten pictures and music you thought you had lost forever? Well this weekend we decided to clean up our machines and we found a mother load of pictures that we had taken in the past and discarded in a variety of 'New Folders'.

Some were good, others -errrm - not so much. We will share all :)

Anyway here are a few shots we took for one of our Kurly Kichana photo shoots for the Saturday Magazine a little while back.

Do we really look alike? You won't believe how often we get that o_O


A lil make up

Le Final Touches

More shoes

Blurry God-awful pic that I love for some reason.

The Girls of Kurly Kichana: Standing Pretty

More inception pics to be posted for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy the week people. Kick ass and take names.

Muthoni said...


Wambui Wamutogoria said...

veru purrrty

Mbabazi said...

me loves the pics..

Jc said...

Cute cannot wait for the full set! I don't think you look alike normally but in this set of pics you actually do lol.

Cynthia said...

What did Mary do to her hair? It looks good...

Anonymous said...

Alas!!! Fantastic! And Mary..your hair!! Y'all look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

mary is that a roller set or a braid out?? i am liking it.

Kurly said...

Hello Cythia, Mizz Chilli and Anon! Thanks for the positive feedback!

Mary did a twist and curl using flexi-rods. The trick is all in properly detangling your hair as you co-wash and follow this up immediately with about 8 braids (matutas). Once they dry, undo the twists and split them into two, two-strand twists. Grab a curling rod and gel the tips where you want the curl to appear. Wake up the next day and BAM.. curls curls curls. :D

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