Behind the Scenes: Kurly Kichana Photoshoot

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'ello 'ello,

Hope you are well. Have you ever performed an inception into your computer - you know, find a file within a file within a file only to discover long forgotten pictures and music you thought you had lost forever? Well this weekend we decided to clean up our machines and we found a mother load of pictures that we had taken in the past and discarded in a variety of 'New Folders'.

Some were good, others -errrm - not so much. We will share all :)

Anyway here are a few shots we took for one of our Kurly Kichana photo shoots for the Saturday Magazine a little while back.

Do we really look alike? You won't believe how often we get that o_O


A lil make up

Le Final Touches

More shoes

Blurry God-awful pic that I love for some reason.

The Girls of Kurly Kichana: Standing Pretty

More inception pics to be posted for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy the week people. Kick ass and take names.


Full on Shimmer!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Its the short rainy season here in Nairobi. To add a spring to my step I decided to paint my nails, with a gold base and a shimmery topcoat. These nails are so sparkly and perfect for a night out (ask Mary)

Happy Monday

Kurly Kichana Mail: Girl in the City Bus

Monday, October 17, 2011

We recently got the cutest and warmest email ever!!! Give it up to the Girl in the City Bus... She sure is a firecracker :-)
Here is an excerpt from her email.

Hey Ladies,

Yes! I did my BC last week. I wanted to tell you this last week but I had not yet taken shots yet. So, let me do the traditional intro which I better do for the sake of identity. My name is The Girl In The City Bus. I am 18 going on 27 and I love being. It does take a lot to be you know?! So I am in my freshman year of university and I am not hating it. I am LOVING IT!". So I am seeking healthy and safe ways of finding myself and well, the more I do that, the more I enjoy knowing that I am not the bore that I thought I was.

So I did my BC last week after thinking about it for a short time, that the natural look is funky,healthy and beautiful! I woke up that Tuesday at around 0635hrs ate and thought,
"Wacherah, you are freakn' BEAUTIFUL! If you cut your relaxed hair and take care of it and your health...oh yeah! And succeed in your education ... and make good friends, you will still be beautiful!"

So after some weird negative energy from my hairdresser, I watched that hair go. I was happy, free, a little scared and a bag load of confident! Thank you for inspiring me to do my BC. I have taken up a healthy lifestyle since then, embracing them veggies, gulping lots of worra{Water} and taking care of my beautiful hair. I am so happy. Plus one on finding myself right?

Many people have asked why I have done the Big chop and I have carelessly uttered 'change' but really it's super-simple. Natural hair is super-funky. I am rocking my TWA and working towards that BAA in some few beautiful years to come. Can't wait! Thank you Curlies!
You can check out my blog (Still a Newbee) and let's share the going-ons of beautiful lives.

Check out her pics below, (Isn't she gorgeous)

Have a brilliant week.

Got Ink?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hey, how are you today?

We've been laying low, we know; we're stuck in a realm of insanity where we are trying to prepare for the Nairobi Marathon, beat work deadlines and manage our so called lives.

So now that we are slowly rejoining the land of the living... We have a question for you, more than one actually.

Let me start from the beginning.

More often than not, people who meet us assume that at least one of us has a tattoo. We get that all the time. I don't know why... Whatever the case, let me clear that up for you, neither of us do. We are completely tattoo free. But trust me when I tell you we have thought about it, and more than once, come damn near close to getting inked over the years. However, for some unfathomable reason, we always chicken out.

Let's face it, a tattoo is a HUGE commitment. There are so many factors to consider; I could attempt to list our major concerns... just so you don't dub us as flaky or yellow-bellied... WE AREN'T! We just want to be sure and ready. Anyway here goes;

1. What image(s) should I have forever etched onto my glorious skin? This is by far the hardest question of all.


2. What is the significance of the image? Is there a need for significance? Can't I just get a flame encrusted skull with rose petals just because I can!? What if it's just a temporary fad that I will come to loathe? (Remember the star tattoo craze from a few years back? Yeah I came this close...)


3. Which part of my body shall bear this symbol? Do I want to show it off or keep it discrete? Which parts hurt the most? Which areas will stretch out over time? Will it affect any of my future plans/ prospects?

Tiffany “TIP” Jones

ghostmeat:  dude. fucking fierce!
4. Just how big should it be?

Gorgeous girl with a tattoo

5. Would coloured tattoos blend well on my unique skin tone?

18-15n-77-30w:  Tat

6. Will the tattoo smoothen/ blend over time or will it be the raised kind? (We are fond of the smooth variety)

The Other Kind of Ink

7. What will happen to the tattoo as my body undergoes inevitable changes? Will my skin stretch with the tattoo and magically transform my Koi fish tattoo into a dragon?

8. Where will I get it done in this fine city of ours? How much will this cost? (comments please!)


9. Will the detail eventually turn into a green blob over time? (This is our biggest fear)

hiyellafunk:  Days like today.

Granted, majority of these questions are quite personal. We are dying to hear your opinions. For those of you who have tattoos, what was your experience like? Any regrets? Any praise you would like to put forth?

For those of you who are opposed to getting inked, share your thoughts as well! Be they spiritual, health related or otherwise.... All opinions are welcome.

Over to you my dears.

Enjoy the day.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Athletic muscles

Pulling your kinks back and going out for a run.

Being step to step on a run with your significant other

Afros on the starting line

Handstand #upperbodystrength

Working out in teeny shorts and sportsbras

Abs worthy of #ESPNbodyissue

Nuff said, Yup that is real

Check out our tumblr, where Mary and I are tracking our weightloss journey.

Have you heard?


Friday, October 7, 2011

Gotta love getting emails like these,

"Usually after I unbraid my hair i rush to get it braided again. This time I rocked my natural hair proudly. Check it out"

Love it!

Kurly Kichana Mail: Afrospiration

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beautiful Before....

Dear Kurly Kichana,

I met you last week after I happened to come across your blog randomly and I must sum up your blog in one word: afrospiration.

I am so inspired that I finally revived my blog which I had set up a year ago and done nothing with it. Your posts, pictures and advice is awsome and I am lapping it up-and taking it all in. I have had two B.Cs within two years and fallen of the wagon with texturizer and perm.

I am weaning my hair off the texturizer and taking it back to black (I love Amy Winehouse R.I.P-musically speaking). I love the simple posts you did and I can't help but think just how much I have been missing because of fear. I have this surge of passion for what I am doing with myself everyday and thank you for inspiring me.

I posted some pics of me when I was a weave junkie like a year back and one I took a day ago @ my office building.

Curly love,

Beautiful After.
Afrospiration in living colour

The Kurlies Say:

Hi Jacky!

This email right here, brought the biggest smile to our faces. You my dear are a star!
You look amazing rocking your TWA, loving the hair pretty you got there ;) ... We have all fallen off the band wagon on our natural hair journeys, but in the end all that matters is our happiness and the confidence we exude; and you my dear are working it.

Thanks so much for the kind words. It's divas like you who make it all worth while. Your blog is currently deactivated at the moment, but we would love to have you back on the bloggersphere whenever you are ready. You are a source of inspiration for many ladies out there, and we salute you.

Lots of love and affection from Kurly Kichana,
A Kurls Best Friend

Traction Alopecia a fad?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Traveling from Nairobi to Samburu takes about 5 hours by road, passing through highlands dotted with farms, vast landscapes leading up to Mt Kenya then up to dry savanna with acacia trees dotting the horizon. I was looking forward to seeing Elephants but alas! all I saw was Elephant poo.

As I was there I noticed the Samburu ladies all shaved their hair at the front, almost like they were mimicking traction alopecia. This greatly amused me because,the thought of traction alopecia or receding hairlines makes any woman shudder Among natural hair circles, traction alopecia looks abnormal and we massage a mix of oils on our hairlines to avoid this condition. Yet this women proudly shave off the front of their head and it looks amazing!

Would you dare to shave the front of your hair? Hope the start of the week is treating you well ;- )

All Pictures taken by me..should you wish to use them, email

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