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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good day lovelies,

I've had on these small/medium sized twists for about three days now... I find that I rarely leave my hair out nowadays, the weather is god-awful and my hair shrinks up the second I step outside. Never mind all that, today is a different day! The sun is out (well, sorta), I have my candy pinstriped blazer on and cut off checker pants - Leggo!

I don't usually like small twist outs, but I don't mind the result this time around.

This is a basic twist out; but I gotta say my hair has been super soft and fluffy of late. I always tell Nyachomba that castor oil is my go-to sealant... but oh, mine comrades, nothing, and I mean NOTHING works quite as well for my twist outs as the marvelous mixture of unrefined shea butter, castor oil and coconut oil mix.

I made a batch last week; not much though, just enough to fill a 200ml container. The mix consisted of:
- Three heaped table-spoons of pure unrefined shea butter
- One table spoon full of Castor oil
- and One scoop of extra virgin coconut oil ('scoop' because the weather has my coconut oil solidifying)

The twists ended up being roughly 20 or so, I'm lazy as heck when it comes to twists and I hardly ever do more than 12. As I did the twists, I used my water + gly + olive/o + peppermint/0 spritz to moisturise my clean and detangled hair, and the shea mix to seal each individual moisturised twist, from root to tip.

NB: always do your twists on tangle-free hair/ freshly detangled hair. It makes all the difference.

Fast forward to three days later and voila! Here is my twist out :)

Enjoy the rest of your day good people.
Anonymous said...

This is nice Mary. I have been fully natural for 2 years, but I still haven't embraced my natural hair. I never leave it out cause I don't know how to style it. I'm always in braids/weaves and this has had an effect on my edges. I tried the twist outs though. All I can say, it backfired and was a complete mess (ended up heading straight to the salon to braid) What could I be doing wrong?

I have 4b hair

Kurly said...

Hey Anon, thanks for your comment.
I have 4b hair as well and I find the only way to manipulate our coils is buy stretching the hair... without heat. I plan on cowashing my hair this weekend so I can prepare a step by step account on how I cowash, detangle and stretch my hair in under 48 hour (it's a bit of a stretch, but the longer the wait the better actually!)

Properly detangling coily hair is essential as well if you want your twists to pop.

Your hair must be so lush! 2 years growth is awesome, especially with all the PS that you do. Be mindful of the edges dear, be sure to nurture them back to full body.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

48 hours??? I will look forward to reading that.

Actually its been 3 years- the first year I spent it transitioning out of my last relaxer, then after lots of trims (and tears) my new texture emerged and now I'm 100% natural:) .I could not dare do the BC- respect to my sistas who went that route. lol.

I will not lie ,I have been tempted to get back on the crack but I really like how my hair coils and I notice more growth in my hair now. When I had a perm, its like I had retarded growth - it was always stagnant. Normally at the salon, after my hair is washed , there is a lot of shrinkage. But after its blowdried other ladies always comment "wow i dind't realise your hair is that long" I just laugh it off.(I normally use heat 6-8 times max a year depending on how long I keep the braids, but I hope to learn your ways and move from braids)

I stumbled across your page a month ago and was pleasantly suprised to find Kenyans out there who embrace their natural hair. I will definately be visiting more often. And now I look forward to showing of my natural locs with these techniques.

Anonymous said...

I love the blazer! Hair looks great as well. A tutorial would be nice. Do you have any pointers on keeping twists from unravelling. I'm planning on putting a set in the next couple weeks but mine always seem to unravel in about a week. I usually have to rinse or wash them when I work-out.

@Anonymous, stretching with no heat can take time, for me it's usually 36-48 hrs. I put it in some large/medium sized braids. If you are in a hurry, put it in braids say overnight and blow-dry the next day. Don't apply the heat directly though. Hold the hair taut but gently and with the blowdryer a couple inches away direct the heat up and down the hair shaft. Look up youtube for videos. You can also experiment with twists, braids and cornrows with your own hair. Much gentler on your edges. You can also try different updo styles on loose hair.


Mwesh said...

Mary! It has to be said...that hair gets YUMMIER by the day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello girls, I adore your blog! Keep doing your thing! Now I have natural hair been natural for a year now and cant seem to find Shea butter in Nairobi...where did you get yours? Do you sell? I would appreciate your response!

Thank you.

Kurly said...

Hello Anon,

Thanks for the love :)
Well you can get Sudanese Shea Butter at all Healthy U outlets and Healthy U sub-outlets in Nakumatt. However, we usually get our Shea Butter from West Africa; as soon as our next batch comes in we will definitely give you a shout. Send us an email with your name and contact details!

Anonymous said...

can you recommend a saloon which i get ma hair done as so?am just in love with it.
then al graduate doing it maself

Kurly said...

@Anonneedingasalon!! Sadly the reality of being natural and residing in Kenya is that there are hardly any salons that specialise in natural hair....gotta embrace doing your hair :-)

We will do a step by step tutorial soon. x

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