Sister Dearest, PTII

Monday, September 19, 2011

Good day, all you lovely people... Mary here.

So my sister was back in town this past Summer and of course that meant her getting her hair braided before heading back State-side. I managed to ambush her and arm-wrestle her into letting me take as many photos of her hair as possible (all this, I do for you...), her hair is SO PRETTY! The envy within me is only soothed by fact that I know one day, my modest hair will soon be within her ranks... soon.

So here is her super shrunken hair, she gets it braided in its shrunken state, it is ridiculously soft so her braiding sessions usually go by ouch-free. When stretched it reaches the middle of her back, just below her bra-strap.

Sissy here, has been natural all her life, but only recently learnt how to do it the right way. She chopped it off one day and now it's been a couple of years of healthy hair practices for her. I forget the number, and frankly so does she. But the point of all this is that for the five or so years she's been natural the "right" way, this is the longest her hair has ever been. She's actually one of the reasons why I went "properly" natural :)

She loves henna! It's made her hair a lot thicker and glossier :)

We have very different hair types, I'm sure you can tell her curl pattern is a whole lot looser than mine (my hair is crazy coily).

That's my hand grabbing mercilessly at her hair... She's used to me touching, tugging, pulling and forcefully styling her hair whenever she's in town. It's a little sister thing that I am not quite ready to give up.

Below is a short, very unprofessionally done interview that I conducted with sissy over breakfast and hair tugging:

Me: "Now be honest, how many innocent baby unicorns had to be sacrificed for you to get your hair to grow this long in under a year?"

Sister: Thinks - " Umm... Exactly eight. Next question?"

Me: Laughs - "Why do you refuse to you show the world your pretty face? Are you a government spy?"

Sister: "I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you, and Mama wouldn't like that very much."

Me: "Fair enough. But you look just like me... HA! I win! So what is your hair regimen and what products do you use, unicorn killer?"

(It's true my sister and I look so alike, I once accepted an award in her place and no one could tell a thing! moving on....)

Sister: Giggles - "Ok, I co-wash it every weekend with a variety of conditioners, I hardly keep a record of what I use, unlike you I am not obsessed with my hair- "

Me: Dramatic insulted gasp!

Sister: "I hardly ever shampoo it. I rarely leave it out. To be honest, 80% of the time, my hair is either in a bun or hidden away under a half wig. I am extremely lazy and my busy life is the reason it grew over the past year. I simply moisturize it as often as everyday, henna twice a month, and tuck it away most of the time. I only ever wear it out on special occasions."

Me: "Wise. But boringggg... Ok, what products do you swear by?"

Sister: "I used to use Cantu Shea Butter products, but I gave them up - to you actually - and now I moisturize my hair with my simple water spritz mix and seal it with unrefined shea butter. I love shea butter. I also use it on my skin. Another product I love is henna. Can't get enough of it."

Me: "Right... Any last words?"

Sister: "No, now stop touching my hair."

Thanks for reading!
Sonique said...

Beautiful hair... I must say :)

A Simple Thing said...

She's nearly got me reaching for the henna...her hair is GORGEOUS. Does she gloss or go for the full blown henna thingy?
Plus, I loved the 'unprofessional' interview - it was really cute!

Aseye said...

You guys are amazing! Always looking forward to your blog posts every day! :)

Kurly said...

Afternoon ladies!
@Sonique, yeah her hair is pretty, I'm proud and jealous all at once, such a confusing emotion!

@AST, she does the full blown henna thingy.She's a proper henna junkie now. Aww, thanks for the sweet comment, I love that girl (^_^)

@Aseye, hi there! thanks for reading and for the positive motivation, you awesome person you.

Jc said...

love this interview!

Anonymous said...

wow!!! green eyed monster consumes me - LOVELY hair, when will i get there???

Bee said...

Lovely post. Had my hair braided two weeks ago it was not a fun experience, especially because of the straightening part. I have super coily hair like you so I understand the envy. That gorgeous length and ouchless stretching.

Kurly said...

Thanks Jc! :D
@Anon, we shall get there soon! I think I have to up my protective styling game :p
@Bee, don't worry! The super coil can be tamed! I think we just have to stretch our hair for longer periods of time and detangle delicately and thoroughly. Sorry about the braid pains.. I'll be braiding my hair in a couple of weeks as well. Yikes.

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