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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hi ladies.

I'm so glad I found your website, it's very refreshing and uplifting. And yes, natural gals need to be healthy too. I'm a natural too, have been for about 4 years. I have dreadlocks that I love! It was a life changing move especially being in the states where regular hair care can be expensive and so abrasive!

Anyway, I started my fit and healthy workout regimen this year and I'm loving it. I feel great about myself and I think it shows in my general attitude. I agree with you gals' ideas, I admit I was a little taken over by counting calories (my dietitian house-mate talked me out of it) but I realized that I'm much free-er not counting them. I would end up over/unde
r-eating or eating the wrong things out of fear that I might break my calorie intake goals.

I eat good food, I ask myself what benefit a certain 'morsel' will give my body. I have found that "the rule of thirds" works effectively. I fill my plate 1/3 veggies, another 1/3 protein and the other 1/3 carbs (complex carbs that the body will work hard to break down, things like brown rice, barley, quinoa etc.). Or sometimes I do 2/3 veggies and the other 1/3 protein. Also portion size matters. I eat from smaller plates than before- try it, it works.

Our bodies just need training, getting fit is training your body to be active and to desire 'good things'. It also works the other way around.

I'm happier, healthier, drama free and living life simply.

Yours in naturalness,


The Kurlies Say:

Hi Njeri,

Love and ululations from Kenya! Thank you for the kind words, we really appreciate it.
First of all, rock on with your baaad dreadlock-bearing-and-healthy-living self! Congratulations on your new fabulous you.

We cosign on the "rule of thirds". It is the most effective way anyone can consciously keep themselves on check. We also love your statement that reads, "Our bodies just need training, getting fit is training your body to be active and to desire 'good things'. It also works the other way around." Bump :D

Calorie counting can cause more harm than good if taken to unnecessary heights. Nyachomba follows your approach; she has the self control needed to gauge how much she should eat and in what portions. I suck at it! I love food! So, as a pseudo-calorie counter (Mary: teehee!), I have to be mindful of my caloric intake with regard to how much I work out and how many calories I burn. This goes in line with the 'burn out' theory; eating too little and doing intense/heavy workouts will eventually lead to muscle burn out. The inverse is true; eating too much will prevent me from reaching my specific goals (if weight loss is the assumed goal). This is especially true for individuals whose workout regimes are on the heavier spectrum and need to be mindful of their energy intake. Sigh.

We were wondering if your hair also gotten healthier since you kick-started your healthy lifestyle? I'm sure it has!

Thanks again Njeri for getting in touch with us. All the best with your goals! Kick butt and take names hun.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

For fitness inspiration be sure to follow our fitness tumblr on kurlsontherun.tumblr.com just to keep you super motivated! we love it :)

Kurly Kichana
A Curls Best Friend

Imani said...

Had falled off the workout band wagon-busy schedule last couple of weeks. This just gave me the motivation i needed to get back on so i'm about to check out kurls on the run for more inspo before i hit the trail once this sun goes down. Thanks ladies...

njeri said...

Thanks ladies for posting this! yall are so sweet :)

Yes, my hair is much healthier now. No random breakages. New growth is softer and stronger.

Keep up the good work!

Mary said...

Work it ladies!
Thanks again for the email Njeri! Keep us updated!

That goes to you too Miss Imani!

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