Guy-Dating-Girl-with-Natural-Hair Problems

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hi there,

Ever wondered what it might be like for a man dating and/or living with a natural haired sister; there is a dark side...

Guy-Dating-Girl-with-Natural-Hair Problems

#1. Everything smells like coconut oil.

#2. Keeps using my gym t-shirts to dry her hair.

#3. Getting yelled at for using the olive oil she just bought to prepare us a surprise dinner. My bad I guess.

#4. Night after night, that damn silk bonnet will not come off for anything.

#5. Henna stains.

#6. Doesn't comprehend my physical and mental inability to braid or twist hair.

#7. Countless near death experiences in the shower caused by slipping on conditioner.

#8. Catches me looking (harmlessly, haha) at another sister with straight hair and automatically accuses me of preferring relaxed hair.

#9. That pudding in the fridge is NOT pudding.

#10. The countless hours of Youtube tutorials and actually knowing who Curly Mae is.

#11. Damn near eats me alive for buying her shampoo instead of conditioner.

#12. Bobby pins everywhere... so many bobby pins.

#13. Finding mayonnaise, eggs and avocado in the bathroom doesn't shock me any more.

#14. Ignorantly running my fingers through her hair freshly styled hair... and product primed hair.

#15. Mysterious spray stains on the mirror.

#16. Having to constantly remind myself not to play 'Spot the Weave' in a crowded room.

#17. Other brothers ogling her ;)

This goes out to all our 'significant others' out there. Thanks for sticking with us through all our complexities. xoxo

Reasons why you love us and our hair coming soon...

Anonymous said...

luv this! lol @ #4 - and if u don't use it, the pillow gets messed with all the oils..haha

Imani said...

Lol...what a riot. My favs 3, 4, 9, 12, 13, awww @ 17

Funbi's said...

LOL! Love this sis!! Absolutely love it!
Thanks for sharing!!


MrsWardy88 said...

Okay now I know its just not me that has a partner that has these problems. :)

mon inspirations said...

hahaha..laughed so much:)

Anonymous said...

im really really transitioning so ryt nw its like m researchin on wat to o nt to do .wat products to use etc..the thng is thea sooooooo many products uve recomended!!! scared my hair n scalp wil be overwhelmed by all the chemicals!!!n feel heavy u knw wat i mean..wat are the basic stuff i should start wth

Kurly said...

@Anonymous..We recommend that you learn to listen to your hair and what it needs, we do recommend products but do not recommend using them all at once..hence no overwhelmed you also may have seen we also recommend all natural products, home made which should not react with your scalp....Grab yourself some moisturising shampoo, a bottle of conditioner and an oil either coconut or olive...that should be enough to work with...Thanks for the comment

wambui said...

aloha kurly
i need some shea butter n word is u have some.... is it possible to get some from u, please.

Anonymous said...


Nandi said...

Love this post! Too funny... and so true!

Mary said...

Gotta love our men :)
Thanks for reading my dears! @Amma mama, I second that notion! My word, that man was FOINE! Still is me thinks!

Enjoy the day everyone. xo

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