Domestic Tourism

Thursday, September 29, 2011

For the past two weeks, I have been a domestic tourist (I was working as well) in Kenya and visited, Nanyuki, Isiolo and Samburu....In the time I was there,

I fit in some running and walking

Admired old English Colonial style architecture

Marveled at clear water springs from Mt Kenya

Was puzzled why Dormans coffee houses in Nairobi dont have pretty flower arrangements?

Of course had to have a Skinny Capuccino while exploring Nanyuki

Underwhelmed sitting on the Equator

Overwhelmed by the vastness of Kenya

Met my first Samburu woman

Was jealous of this boys uber long eyelashes

All pictures taken by me, ask if you want to republish or borrow.

Have a grand day

Guy-Dating-Girl-with-Natural-Hair Problems

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hi there,

Ever wondered what it might be like for a man dating and/or living with a natural haired sister; there is a dark side...

Guy-Dating-Girl-with-Natural-Hair Problems

#1. Everything smells like coconut oil.

#2. Keeps using my gym t-shirts to dry her hair.

#3. Getting yelled at for using the olive oil she just bought to prepare us a surprise dinner. My bad I guess.

#4. Night after night, that damn silk bonnet will not come off for anything.

#5. Henna stains.

#6. Doesn't comprehend my physical and mental inability to braid or twist hair.

#7. Countless near death experiences in the shower caused by slipping on conditioner.

#8. Catches me looking (harmlessly, haha) at another sister with straight hair and automatically accuses me of preferring relaxed hair.

#9. That pudding in the fridge is NOT pudding.

#10. The countless hours of Youtube tutorials and actually knowing who Curly Mae is.

#11. Damn near eats me alive for buying her shampoo instead of conditioner.

#12. Bobby pins everywhere... so many bobby pins.

#13. Finding mayonnaise, eggs and avocado in the bathroom doesn't shock me any more.

#14. Ignorantly running my fingers through her hair freshly styled hair... and product primed hair.

#15. Mysterious spray stains on the mirror.

#16. Having to constantly remind myself not to play 'Spot the Weave' in a crowded room.

#17. Other brothers ogling her ;)

This goes out to all our 'significant others' out there. Thanks for sticking with us through all our complexities. xoxo

Reasons why you love us and our hair coming soon...

Frugal Fridays : Curl Enhancers

Friday, September 23, 2011

Another Friday and some more frugal advice for you. Most natural heads try to find ways to enhance their curl patterns, using various gels, holding creams and curl creams. Today we shall compare two different products that can be used to enhance curl pattern.

The Mission : A quest to enhance curls and make them pop like crazy

The Contenders : Ecostyler Gel VS Castor Oil

Kshs 195

What it claims
Eco Style promises a product that won’t flake or tack, and will provide a vibrant sheen. Ideal for updo’s, pin-ups, and twists, this product will provide the maximum hold, without damaging your hair like many other products with alcohol added. Professionals use this alcohol-free product as well. Eco Gel.

Water, PVP/VA Copolymer, Carbomer, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Triethanolamine, Polysorbate 20, Tetrasodium EDTA, Propylene, Glycol (and) DMDM Hydanton (and) Methylparben, Fragrance, Carmel Color, Love and Pride.

Kshs 85

Castor oil is a thick, pale yellow substance derived from the tropical castor bean plant.
It is a natural emollient, thereby hydrating your hair while healing the scalp. The moisture penetrates the roots and the tips, thus dispensing with the need to use a leave-on conditioner after you shampoo your hair. When you buy castor oil, there is no need to worry about split ends or frizzy locks.

Even while castor oil cleanses the scalp, it already provides moisture which makes the hair smooth and silky. Moreover, the moisture stimulates hair growth, which solves the problem of those suffering from hair loss. It not only prevents your hair from falling, it also promotes more hair to grow, giving you a thicker crown. This only shows that castor oil is an effective organic solution for hair loss and other hair problems, without emptying your wallet.

Pure castor oil can serve as an organic hot-oil treatment for the hair. Warm some castor oil then leave it in your hair for 30-45mins under a plastic shower cap.Rinse off for shiny, moisturised hair


To achieve the above, I cowashed my hair with Enliven Coconut and Vanilla conditioner then used Organics Olive Oil moisturiser. I used the castor oil as my twisting product. Slept in the twists then released in the morning. The pictures above are day 2 hair.


Castor oil although being the cheaper option is very moisturising and provides medium hold. The oil leaves your hair looking lush and shiny. One thing I noticed is that if you use a small amount of castor oil, you hair still maintains its bouncyness rather than lying limp.

Ecostyler gel is a strong holding gel and hence if you use too much it can flake and make your hair hard. We find the best way to use it it to layer it over already moisturised hair and use a little.

Thanks for reading and Frugal Fridays continues next week... Have a great weekend X

Kurly Kichana Mail: To the Healthy Natural

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hi ladies.

I'm so glad I found your website, it's very refreshing and uplifting. And yes, natural gals need to be healthy too. I'm a natural too, have been for about 4 years. I have dreadlocks that I love! It was a life changing move especially being in the states where regular hair care can be expensive and so abrasive!

Anyway, I started my fit and healthy workout regimen this year and I'm loving it. I feel great about myself and I think it shows in my general attitude. I agree with you gals' ideas, I admit I was a little taken over by counting calories (my dietitian house-mate talked me out of it) but I realized that I'm much free-er not counting them. I would end up over/unde
r-eating or eating the wrong things out of fear that I might break my calorie intake goals.

I eat good food, I ask myself what benefit a certain 'morsel' will give my body. I have found that "the rule of thirds" works effectively. I fill my plate 1/3 veggies, another 1/3 protein and the other 1/3 carbs (complex carbs that the body will work hard to break down, things like brown rice, barley, quinoa etc.). Or sometimes I do 2/3 veggies and the other 1/3 protein. Also portion size matters. I eat from smaller plates than before- try it, it works.

Our bodies just need training, getting fit is training your body to be active and to desire 'good things'. It also works the other way around.

I'm happier, healthier, drama free and living life simply.

Yours in naturalness,


The Kurlies Say:

Hi Njeri,

Love and ululations from Kenya! Thank you for the kind words, we really appreciate it.
First of all, rock on with your baaad dreadlock-bearing-and-healthy-living self! Congratulations on your new fabulous you.

We cosign on the "rule of thirds". It is the most effective way anyone can consciously keep themselves on check. We also love your statement that reads, "Our bodies just need training, getting fit is training your body to be active and to desire 'good things'. It also works the other way around." Bump :D

Calorie counting can cause more harm than good if taken to unnecessary heights. Nyachomba follows your approach; she has the self control needed to gauge how much she should eat and in what portions. I suck at it! I love food! So, as a pseudo-calorie counter (Mary: teehee!), I have to be mindful of my caloric intake with regard to how much I work out and how many calories I burn. This goes in line with the 'burn out' theory; eating too little and doing intense/heavy workouts will eventually lead to muscle burn out. The inverse is true; eating too much will prevent me from reaching my specific goals (if weight loss is the assumed goal). This is especially true for individuals whose workout regimes are on the heavier spectrum and need to be mindful of their energy intake. Sigh.

We were wondering if your hair also gotten healthier since you kick-started your healthy lifestyle? I'm sure it has!

Thanks again Njeri for getting in touch with us. All the best with your goals! Kick butt and take names hun.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

For fitness inspiration be sure to follow our fitness tumblr on just to keep you super motivated! we love it :)

Kurly Kichana
A Curls Best Friend

Sister Dearest, PTII

Monday, September 19, 2011

Good day, all you lovely people... Mary here.

So my sister was back in town this past Summer and of course that meant her getting her hair braided before heading back State-side. I managed to ambush her and arm-wrestle her into letting me take as many photos of her hair as possible (all this, I do for you...), her hair is SO PRETTY! The envy within me is only soothed by fact that I know one day, my modest hair will soon be within her ranks... soon.

So here is her super shrunken hair, she gets it braided in its shrunken state, it is ridiculously soft so her braiding sessions usually go by ouch-free. When stretched it reaches the middle of her back, just below her bra-strap.

Sissy here, has been natural all her life, but only recently learnt how to do it the right way. She chopped it off one day and now it's been a couple of years of healthy hair practices for her. I forget the number, and frankly so does she. But the point of all this is that for the five or so years she's been natural the "right" way, this is the longest her hair has ever been. She's actually one of the reasons why I went "properly" natural :)

She loves henna! It's made her hair a lot thicker and glossier :)

We have very different hair types, I'm sure you can tell her curl pattern is a whole lot looser than mine (my hair is crazy coily).

That's my hand grabbing mercilessly at her hair... She's used to me touching, tugging, pulling and forcefully styling her hair whenever she's in town. It's a little sister thing that I am not quite ready to give up.

Below is a short, very unprofessionally done interview that I conducted with sissy over breakfast and hair tugging:

Me: "Now be honest, how many innocent baby unicorns had to be sacrificed for you to get your hair to grow this long in under a year?"

Sister: Thinks - " Umm... Exactly eight. Next question?"

Me: Laughs - "Why do you refuse to you show the world your pretty face? Are you a government spy?"

Sister: "I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you, and Mama wouldn't like that very much."

Me: "Fair enough. But you look just like me... HA! I win! So what is your hair regimen and what products do you use, unicorn killer?"

(It's true my sister and I look so alike, I once accepted an award in her place and no one could tell a thing! moving on....)

Sister: Giggles - "Ok, I co-wash it every weekend with a variety of conditioners, I hardly keep a record of what I use, unlike you I am not obsessed with my hair- "

Me: Dramatic insulted gasp!

Sister: "I hardly ever shampoo it. I rarely leave it out. To be honest, 80% of the time, my hair is either in a bun or hidden away under a half wig. I am extremely lazy and my busy life is the reason it grew over the past year. I simply moisturize it as often as everyday, henna twice a month, and tuck it away most of the time. I only ever wear it out on special occasions."

Me: "Wise. But boringggg... Ok, what products do you swear by?"

Sister: "I used to use Cantu Shea Butter products, but I gave them up - to you actually - and now I moisturize my hair with my simple water spritz mix and seal it with unrefined shea butter. I love shea butter. I also use it on my skin. Another product I love is henna. Can't get enough of it."

Me: "Right... Any last words?"

Sister: "No, now stop touching my hair."

Thanks for reading!

Frugal Fridays: You can thank us later

Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing Frugal Fridays!!!

It's Friday the 16th, we are smack in the middle of September... and guess what, we are BROKE y'all! I'm talking Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar, broke. This happens every month; we blow our spending money frivolously on fabulous finds (I regret nothing), wine and dine like money ain't a thing, splurge on pricey beauty products and before you know it, we find ourselves staring bitterly and solemnly into our empty lamb skin pocketbooks.

But you know us, we are two resourceful sisters; and we would love to share our money saving tips and tricks with you! Today is the first of many FRUGAL FRIDAYS to come! There is always hope for the fabulously and frugally inclined. If there is a low cost and effective beauty remedy out there, a clothes store that is running a sale, or a superb meal that is on the cheap and tasty: we shall rant and rave about it this, and every (other) Friday.

Let's get things started shall we?

As staunch believers of the miraculous powers of natures good gifts, we try as much as we can to infuse natural remedies into our hair and skin care regimens. This counterbalances our mutual affiliation with store bought products that promise the very same amazing results. More often than not, the latter remedy is on the higher end of the money spending spectrum. In the end... we find ourselves asking, "was it worth it?"

For our first installment, let's talk skin.

The Mission: An effective cleansing mask for clogged skin that has the added advantage of healing properties.

The Contenders: Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask VS. Homemade Honey + Cinnamon Mask

Kshs 560 for 226.8gms

What it claims

Mint Julep Masque is the original natural home treatment developed by a dermatologist that helps dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores.

Simply apply Mint Julep Masque to your clean face and neck. Within minutes it firms and hardens, drawing out impurities from your pores. After the masque is removed, your skin will feel clean, refreshed and smooth.

Even for individuals who are fortunately free of skin problems, Mint Julep Masque is a refreshing facial treatment that helps relaxed tired muscles and ease tension lines on the face and neck.


Water, Kaolin, Bentonite (CI 77004), Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Propylene Glycol, Sulfur, Chromium Oxide Green (CI#77288), Fragrance (Parfum), Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben

Honey Kshs 115 for 250gms , Cinnamon Kshs 62 for 50gms

Cinnamon's antioxidant properties are responsible for its ability to speed wound healing, and credits it with anti-inflammatory properties as well. Cinnamon is used in treating acne to get rid of bacteria in clogged skin pores which can exacerbate acne by causing inflammation, which in turn causes redness, irritation and swelling. It works by reducing inflammation and killing bacteria causing acne... i.e. it can stop spots on their tracks.


Honey is a humectant and thus it has the ability draw fluid and infection from the open sores and or spots. It does this with its high sugar content combined with its ability to create an air-tight blanket over the wound. Its acidic pH and enzymes containing hydrogen peroxide kill off any bacteria while also accelerating the healing process.

These are big claims from everyday household items!

To make the honey and cinnamon mask, mix 1 teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of cinnamon. The mixture should be thick and not too runny. Apply the mixture on freshly cleansed skin and leave on for 15mins. Cinnamon can slightly irritate skin so expect some tingling..if the tingling turns into burning however, stop what you are doing and rinse your face immediately with cold water.


Upon trying both masks on different weeks. They both do the same thing with the only benefit of the honey and cinnamon being that the honey and cinnamon exfoliates your face as you wash it off and the mask is extremely moisturising compared to the mint julep which can be a bit drying.

Both masks do the same job of shrinking pores and killing bacteria, however, the honey and cinnamon works to exfoliate and moisturise as well. If you cannot afford the Kshs 560 for the mint julep mask raid your kitchen for honey and cinnamon and use that on your face.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to catch up with us next week for another money saving tip.
Enjoy the weekend.


Today's Twist-out

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good day lovelies,

I've had on these small/medium sized twists for about three days now... I find that I rarely leave my hair out nowadays, the weather is god-awful and my hair shrinks up the second I step outside. Never mind all that, today is a different day! The sun is out (well, sorta), I have my candy pinstriped blazer on and cut off checker pants - Leggo!

I don't usually like small twist outs, but I don't mind the result this time around.

This is a basic twist out; but I gotta say my hair has been super soft and fluffy of late. I always tell Nyachomba that castor oil is my go-to sealant... but oh, mine comrades, nothing, and I mean NOTHING works quite as well for my twist outs as the marvelous mixture of unrefined shea butter, castor oil and coconut oil mix.

I made a batch last week; not much though, just enough to fill a 200ml container. The mix consisted of:
- Three heaped table-spoons of pure unrefined shea butter
- One table spoon full of Castor oil
- and One scoop of extra virgin coconut oil ('scoop' because the weather has my coconut oil solidifying)

The twists ended up being roughly 20 or so, I'm lazy as heck when it comes to twists and I hardly ever do more than 12. As I did the twists, I used my water + gly + olive/o + peppermint/0 spritz to moisturise my clean and detangled hair, and the shea mix to seal each individual moisturised twist, from root to tip.

NB: always do your twists on tangle-free hair/ freshly detangled hair. It makes all the difference.

Fast forward to three days later and voila! Here is my twist out :)

Enjoy the rest of your day good people.

Kurly Kichana Mail : Irene and J Ask

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hi Ladies,

I have been following your blog for a couple of months now and the most amazing thing is that you've inspired me to go Natural. I'm now ready to do it, my only worry is I don't want to cut my hair to go Natural. Is it possible to go Natural without cutting my hair? & If so, please advice me how? Thanks :)


hey ladies!!

J here.... my hair is permed and I want to go all napptural!! I've had permed hair since ..... well a long time ago. I really dont know where to start.. I'm braiding it first so that I get enough growth to well... cut off the permed bit. But im scared!! you know.. how will I look with short hair.. how will I keep it looking fabulous. Coz I really think I am my hair *trust me I believe my hair is my crown and glory*. my hair is pretty kinky and all those pictures just show beautiful soft hair... I literally want to be walked through this journey. Seeing that even my significant other cannot stand the idea of me cutting my hair. I really just need to know where to start....
looking forward to hearing from you.

Miss J

The Kurlies say,

Irene: You can definitelygo natural without cutting your hair, this is done via transitioning. You can slowly grow your hair as you still have your relaxed ends. Some ladies have transitioned for upto 2 years. As you grow out your natural hair you will have to deal with two different textures.

As you transition you still have to deep condition and moisturise your hair as often as possible to prevent unnecessary breakage

Note: Maintaining a protein moisture balance is very important when transitioining, to prevent breakage of the relaxed ends it is good to do protein treatments which strengthen the hair. Look for products with egg, wheat and soy protein in them and use them every two weeks. Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise is a very good product for this.

Miss J: Go on Girl for having the courage to even think about chopping off your hair,Its a big decision. Cutting hair is very freeing and you will realise that after all hair does grow back and when its grows back natural its healthier and thicker. Remember all natural hair does not look the same and you should never compare your hair to anyone elses. Embrace your own and remember to moisturise, deep condition and be gentle with your hair. Learn to listen to your hair and handle it as need be. Please have a good read through our archives which has tonnes of info on taking care of natural hair Braids are a great style when you are trying yo grow your hair, make sure to moisturise and keep your scalp clean.

Sparkly Nails

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We have just recently gotten into glitter on nails, if done well glitter nail polish can look less Barbie and more chic. To do these nails, I used 2 coats of pink nail polish and then dabbed the glitter nail polish on, dabbing the glitter on make sure that you get more glitter on the nails. These nails did not start chipping until Day 4 which is great!

Kurly Kichana Mail: From Paris with Love

Thursday, September 8, 2011


My name is Diane, I leave in France and I am writing to express my admiration about your website. It is great to get some information about natural hair care etc... for girls like me who have decided to be fresh and natural forever.

You must hear that a lot but the only think I regret is not to have started earlier. Even if I leave in France, and most of people are white and not comfortable with black girls with own natural hair I decide to be a soldier of black beauty.

Thanks again for making me laugh and trust that man it is possible to feel beautiful with natural hair.


The Kurlies Say:

Bonjour Diane!

Thank you so much for your email! We love hearing from our readers :D
We agree with you completely when you say that 'you wish you would have started sooner.' We imagine how big our afros would have been if we had started earlier, but its never too late :-)

Its so refreshing to hear that you have taken on the task of soldiering on for natural black women in France! Thats great, should you need any help from Africa... please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thanks for reading our blog and showing us some love .


Kurly Kichana.

Skin Woes

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So the skin gods have been unkind! They have walloped me with small very painful spots mainly on my forehead and the side of my face. At the beginning I thought it was due to not washing my make up brushes (hangs head in shame). I swiftly cleaned my brushes with anti bacterial soap and said a little prayer hoping that the spots would disappear. Ha!! This pecky buggers were not having it. Evidence below,

Since then I have decided to not wear makeup apart from concealer and mascara, and use only 3 products on my face. My regimen for the next month will be

Wash face with Pears Soap for 10 secs, with gentle circular movements
Let face airdry
Apply sunscreen and moisturiser
Apply under eye concealer, mascara, Done!

Wash face with Pears Soap
Let face airdry
Apply Panoxyl cream on areas with spots, avoiding eye and mouth area ( I have learnt this the hard way, I did not avoid the mouth area earlier and had tonnes of peeling there)
Let the cream dry then apply moisturiser

Galaxy Nails: Take #1

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hey! How are you all doing?

You should know right off the bat I am fighting the good fight each day to make sure I am not labelled a hipster. However, factors beyond my control keep gravitating me towards that subgroup. No it's not my nerdy glasses I actually need those to see; and it's definitely not my political or social views (for hipsters have none). Nay, mine comrades. I am not a hipster (OK, maybe a closet hipster, egad) but, man I'm cutting it real close with some of the choices and inspirations that strike me.

Take my affinity for the stars the galaxy and all that other worldly elements for instance. Hipsters love that stuff; it's all a part of their never ending quest to be misunderstood. I LOVE STARS! The galaxy nail fad is huge right now, I hopped right on that band wagon. They are not perfect, but I sure as hell love them! I can't wait for take #2.

Have a look-see :)

The inspiration

Lovely, right?

Bam! The end result!

I think for my next trial, I won't be as linear. I will also be a bit more abstract me thinks...

Not too shabby for my first trial, if I do say so myself. If you would like a step by step tutorial for the next try let me know.

Enjoy your Monday good people.
You too Hipsters :)

Essential Oils for the Scalp

Friday, September 2, 2011

Our lifestyles have a direct impact on the condition of our skin, our nails and of course our hair. Illness, stress levels, the environment and what we consume are reflected directly via our exterior condition. While some forces are beyond our control, there are some steps we can take to guarantee we look and feel our best. For that, we need to take care of ourselves inside and out.

Today, we let's focus on our scalp and the steps we can take to a happy, healthy, itch free scalp. Oh, and just so you know, the road to beautiful healthy hair begins with caring for your scalp. Take notes.

A healthy diet is paramount. Consume foods rich in essential acids, proteins, zinc, iron, carotenes, and vitamins B, C and most importantly vitamin E. Vitamin E is amazing for healthy hair and skin - this is through both ingestion and direct application.

So by now you have heard the Kurly Kichana girls rave and rant about our unified hate for shampoos that contain Sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES). We still do,and we are still at it. However, we also champion the call for a clean and healthy scalp. This obviously calls for regular cleaning and nourishment, let's do a run down on how one can achieve this.

Natural oils and your Scalp
Shampoos come with a guarantee to cleanse your hair of all the nasty "oils" and build up gathered over a period of time. Their floral scents stimulate your senses and the happy advertisements whisper a promise pure unadulterated joy. They fail to mention that shampoos were not actually formulated with natural African hair in mind (with reference to a of majority internationally attainable brands). Caucasian hair/ Asian hair is less coily and is predominantly straighter in comparison to our natural hair structure. As such their naturally produced oils (sebum) manages to coat the entire hair shaft (from root to tip) and provide the hair with the basic nourishment it requires. This can sometime result in greasy, grimy and dirty looking hair over a short period of time. Shampoo therefore intends to rid hair of the excess oils and grime.

African hair is curly. Far more curlier than Caucasian hair. Due to its nature, sebum does not build up as much as it would for other hair varieties and thus our hair is mostly drier by comparison. As such we need to INFUSE as much moisture and nourishment as possible to supplement our naturally produced oils. Regular shampoos literally strip our hair of what little nourishment our scalp produces; it also manages to change our natural pH levels, leaving our hair dry and brittle and vulnerable to chronic breakage.

If you can get your hands on a suphate free shampoo or carry out an ACV rinse or a Bicarbonate of Soda rinse as you have heard us mention time and time again. Nyachomba will demonstrate this for us on the next post :)
There you have it - your scalp needs its natural oils. However, as we may not be able to produce enough of these oils, be comforted to know that there are various natural remedies that you can employ to boost your scalps needs. These remedies have the power to boost hair growth, aid afflictions such as flaking and itching, sooth allergies, dandruff and stimulate your sebaceous glands. Miracle workers really!

Essential Oils
Essential oils
are the magical elixirs that we swear by with regards to scalp treatment and conditioning. They are very potent and must be used with caution. We emphasize on the use of a carrier oil such as extra virgin olive oil or jojoba oil (on its own, jojoba is an excellent scalp moisturizer and can help re-balance sebum). If applied to the skin undiluted, essential oils can cause severe irritation or reactions in some individuals. Carrier oils are used to dilute essential and other oils prior to application. They carry the essential oil onto the skin.

Below is a list of some of our favorite essential oils and their uses:
Tea Tree: Treatment for dry scalp, dandruff, and underactive sebaceous glands, enlivens the scalp.
Basil: Promotes hair growth
Clary sage: Dandruff, itchy scalp treatment
Lavender: Dandruf, itchy scalp treatment, as well as scalp treatments
Peppermint: Great for dry hair, promotes hair growth, stimulates hair growth
Myrrh: Treatment for dry hair, dandruff, and underactive sebaceous glands
Rosemary: Treatment for a flaky and itchy scalp
Ylang Ylang: Great for dandruff treatment
Lemon: Treatment for dry scalp, dandruff, and underactive sebaceous glands, enlivens the scalp.

Note: You can get most of these oils at Healthy U store ranging from Kshs 500 - Kshs 1600

There are loads of other essential oils to choose from. Let us know which ones you subscribe to and your experience with them.
GARDEN REMEDY: Go to your garden and get 3 sprigs of Rosemary, and chop up and add to 3 tea bags of Chamomile tea. Boil gently, let cool, strain and rinse your hair with this liquid for a calming antiflammatory effects. :)

Anti - bacterial hair growth serum
3 drops Tea tree oil
3 drops Peppermint oil
3 drops Rosemary oil
Olive oil
Aloe Vera Gel

Mix all the above in a 50ml bottle and shake before using. Aloe Vera is great for the scalp and encourages hair growth and kills bacteria

Add 2-3 drops of tea tree and peppermint essential oils per dollop of shampoo or conditioner - Shampoo hair with shampoo + essential oil, or add a few drops to your conditioner for an added treat. This helps flaky and itchy scalps. The tingling feeling induced by peppermint oil is an added plus

Nourishing scalp and hair growth mix

Add 3 drops each of the following essential oils to 1/4 cup of Olive Oil: Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender. Mix well then add 3 drops of Vitamin E oil. Add to a dark coloured bottle, and store in a cool location. This is a great hair growth and scalp nourishing mix, plus the smell of Lavender is calming. Giving your scalp a massage with this oil before bed will ensure a great nights sleep :-)

Do not use Rosemary oil if you are pregnant or suffer from high blood pressure

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