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Friday, August 26, 2011


I came across your blog and am thinking about going natural but I do not know which products to start with. I live in Minneapolis, I recently cut my hair and want to grow it back so am not ready to do the big chop. The part that frustrates me is when I unbraid my hair and it’s too hard to comb, that’s when I head straight to the salon to relax it! So what products would you recommend?

The Kurlies say,

Hello there Rahal. You are very lucky to be Stateside because you have a wider range of products aimed at curly hair...just having this huge arsenal should encourage you to put down the box of relaxer! (Dreams of having Shea moisture in Kenya, Le sigh)

There are lots of products we have heard that yield miracles in natural hair. Below is a list of products from various pharmacies and beauty supply stores that you should look into.

  • The SheaMoisture range we hear is EPIC.Easy to use and great for moisture and detangling
  • The Jane Carter Solution is also great for natural hair
  • Qhemet is a great line that uses organic natural products. It makes a great line of hair butters that curlies everywhere are in awe of.
  • Beemine products
  • Kinky Curly Hair products are reknowned for their curl enhancing abilities
  • Cantu Shea butter is a great line and very affordable
  • Organic root stimulator
When buying products for natural hair, remember to seek those that add a lot of moisture to hair.

Kurly Kichana
A kurls best friend

Maria said...

Call me cynical but this part of the question "The part that frustrates me is when I unbraid my hair and it’s too hard to comb" makes me think the asker simply looked at the title of your blog and has not really read your posts at all. It's not about products, it's about understanding how to take care of your african hair eg NOT combing your hair dry after taking out braids (yikes)

Anonymous said...

@Maria, I agree that "it's about understanding how to take care of your african hair..." but please understand that she is at the beginning of her natural journey and may not be as knowledgeable and confident about it as those of us who have been wearing our natural hair for a while..This stage may be confusing and frustrating for some....great tips Kurly Kichana (totally digging this new name)


Anonymous said...

tell her to check out target they carry most if not all the recommended products, and Walgreen's to they carry shea moisture for only 9:99. Giovanni is also a good line and can be found at target and you can buy big 32 oz bottles at t.j maxx or marshals for like 12 buck which is a steal. she can also order online at vitacost.com they seal giovanni product a little cheaper, the direct leave-in is also great. also check out youtube stars like kimmaytube, bargainprincess and fusionofcultures <-- she transitioned for 2 years and just recently bc-ed. good luck!

Anonymous said...

@Maria, I agree with you. Products have to go hand in hand with technique!
I hope she does go through some of the posts on taking down braids on this site. Another great site to check out would be The Natural Haven, good info and separates the myths from the facts.

On products, she should also check out cheaper lines like Suave naturals for conditioners and shampoos. I've also heard good things about V05 conditioners for cowashing, also cheap.

If she decides to check out some oils and butters--might be a necessity with winter coming in the next couple months--hit up the grocery store. Some of the lighter oils are coconut and grapeseed oil. Jojoba is also great. Some heavier butters like shea, cocoa butter also work well for sealing. Look out for them in products you buy and the higher up they are in the ingredients list, the better!

Bottom line, be patient, do lotsa research, initially you may have to experiment alot. It takes time to learn how your hair behaves.


KenYork, Xposed! said...

Shea Moisture is truly Epic and I swear by Oyin Handmade-Natural Products...my personal favs are Juices & Berries, hair dew lotion and honey hemp conditioner> prices range from 8-15 bucks. They smell divine and leave your hair super soft and full of moisture. This with natural hair is you have to figure out what works for your hair and exercise patience!http://oyinhandmade.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=14

ShirleyJ said...

I agree with the person who suggested YouTube, this is my second time going natural the first time around I had no clue what to do but now I am staying natural with the help of Youtube and natural hair bloggers; I am saving lots of money and learning a lot about my hair.

Kurly said...

@Sue and Maria we can all agree that going natural is not an easy process and most women let alone Kenyan women have a huge problem, never having natural hair and wanting to go natural but not knowing how to go about it. Thanks sue for pointing out that it involves a lot of research and experimenting. Good on you Rahal for this bold step and welcome to one of the coolest clubs about :-)... @KenYork, we would probably give out a piece each of our kidneys to get some Oyin in Kenya, that stuff has great reviews :-)

SugarPuss said...

Heeeyyyy!!!! read your article on Drum this months issue, was so proud:-D so here's what happened, i was getting braided at the salon then i turn a page and i see your pretty faces and a whole page interview, i was beaming molar to molar, even telling my hairdresser(earlier i had told her my hair is going to grow a foot long, she scoffed and said natural hair don't grow) so i showed her ur photo and went 'HA!'....then i read the next page, i sank so low, about this chic giving hair advice to the natural haired chic who's having a hard time maintaining her "kinky and hard" hair, she told her to relax (hissssss, spit, hiss, hiss)....man, i was so deflated, it's like two steps forward, two steps back.

All the same lets keep fighting the good fight, Congratulations on your article.

adl said...

hey girl,always happy to read your posts. i personally love natural products, my hair luv them, products like vo5 or dr miracle are too harsh for my yhair, so im always happy to find hair products with natural ingredients. i was wondering where i can get that kinky curly products, i have heard a lot of good thing about it. also i would like to know where kenyork buys her products???

KenYork, Xposed! said...

Hi Adl, I order the Oyin goodies online from at: http://oyinhandmade.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=14

Anonymous said...

Can we please get the Drum article here for those who can't access the magazine

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Just looking for availability of natural hair products in Kenya is exhausting #frustratednaturalista

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