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Monday, August 15, 2011

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Hi Ladies,

I have been following your blog for a couple of months now and the most amazing thing is that you've inspired me to go Natural. I'm now ready to do it, my only worry is I don't want to cut my hair to go Natural. Is it possible to go Natural without cutting my hair? & If so, please advice me how? Thanks :)


hey ladies!!

J here.... my hair is permed and I want to go all napptural!! I've had permed hair since ..... well a long time ago. I really dont know where to start.. I'm braiding it first so that I get enough growth to well... cut off the permed bit. But im scared!! you know.. how will I look with short hair.. how will I keep it looking fabulous. Coz I really think I am my hair *trust me I believe my hair is my crown and glory*. my hair is pretty kinky and all those pictures just show beautiful soft hair... I literally want to be walked through this journey. Seeing that even my significant other cannot stand the idea of me cutting my hair. I really just need to know where to start....
looking forward to hearing from you.

Miss J

The Kurlies say,

Irene: You can definitelygo natural without cutting your hair, this is done via transitioning. You can slowly grow your hair as you still have your relaxed ends. Some ladies have transitioned for upto 2 years. As you grow out your natural hair you will have to deal with two different textures.

As you transition you still have to deep condition and moisturise your hair as often as possible to prevent unnecessary breakage

Note: Maintaining a protein moisture balance is very important when transitioining, to prevent breakage of the relaxed ends it is good to do protein treatments which strengthen the hair. Look for products with egg, wheat and soy protein in them and use them every two weeks. Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise is a very good product for this.

Miss J: Go on Girl for having the courage to even think about chopping off your hair,Its a big decision. Cutting hair is very freeing and you will realise that after all hair does grow back and when its grows back natural its healthier and thicker. Remember all natural hair does not look the same and you should never compare your hair to anyone elses. Embrace your own and remember to moisturise, deep condition and be gentle with your hair. Learn to listen to your hair and handle it as need be. Please have a good read through our archives which has tonnes of info on taking care of natural hair http://thenaturalgirlsguidetobeauty.blogspot.com/p/hair-care-guide.html. Braids are a great style when you are trying yo grow your hair, make sure to moisturise and keep your scalp clean.

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