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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hi Kurly Kichana,

I need your help. I don't have natural hair but I would like your advise on what to do to my temple hair. It is really weak whilst the rest of my hair is strong. Things went south when I braided my hair. Is there a sure fire way of growing it back.

Thanks a milli.

The Kurlies Say:

Dear Daisy!

Hi hun! The hair around our edges is extremely very weak and susceptible to traction alopecia and thus we should be very careful. Too much braiding can result in very weak, thinned out edges.

We suggest you make sure there is no stress on your edges. Do this for as long as (3-6 months, or longer depending on the damage) you can so that your hair can grow back over time. Avoid tight ponytails, micro-braids, tight weaves and other stressful hairstyles. One remedy we would recommend is a simple mix of peppermint oil mixed with castor oil. This will be good treat for your edges and will aid regrowth.

Another product we would recommend is the ORS Temple Balm. It contains a fertilizing serum that stimulates hair growth. You can find it at Super Cosmetics and Beauty Options for about KES 600/- (last we checked). Works wonders it does...

Kind Regards from Kurly Kichana,
A Kurls Best Friend

Sonique said...

Shea Butter anytime...it has a way of making my hair soft to the touch and prevents knots and breakage!!

Anonymous said...

Yaaay for posting my letter lovelies. I'm definitely going to go acquire ORS.

Alice said...

Hi Daisy! I've been using castor oil to grow my edges back after I burnt part of them off with bleach (...opps...). I try to massage my edges every night but that doesn't usually happen (again..opps) and I've still had great results

Alice in Nappyland

Jc said...

She also said she is not natural - not applying relaxer to that area will help.

Anonymous said...

i have followed your blog for close to a month now.....i've been rocking natural hair for a while but i had no idea what to do with it. a little birdie told me to check out your blog and i haven't looked back since. am sure all beginners suffer the " product junkie" syndrome but im confident that with time i'll get the hang of it.....i have serious problems with my hair line but the regimes i have followed ,plus and bucket full of FAITH seem to be working miracles. i've never been so proud to be natural.
thanks girls

Kurly said...

Hi Anon! Glad to have you on board! Thank you for the lovely feedback hun. Yeah product junkiism is normal for all newly naturals, and experienced naturals alike! Shout out to the awesome "little birdie", keep rocking your natural tresses girl :)

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