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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello gorgeous.

On this edition of Kurls on the Run, we would like to cover the all important topic of diet and nutrition. Many fitness nuts will tell you that the path the a healthy body and lifestyle focuses on 80% of what you consume and 20% on how much physical activity you put in. I don't know how true the numbers are but I certainly do appreciate the logic.

I believe it's all about balance and moderation. That said, I have a confession to make; I am a pseudo-obsessive calorie counter. There I said it.... My soul is cleansed! Now before you go on and dub me one of those women who eat nothing but carrot sticks and sniff other people's chocolate fudge cake... No no, don't even. I love food, I have a wonderful love affair with food. But I am most certainly careful about what I am eating, how much of it I consume and what benefit (if any) it has on my body.

veganbreakfast: Salad with apple for breakfast by roshelen on Flickr.

I work out. A lot. Twice a day everyday, save for Sunday. P90X estimates a calorie burn of 600 calories on average where as Turbo Fire burns up an average of 500 calories. Combined, I can burn up to 1100 calories on a given day. I haven't even mentioned my infrequent gym workouts. Needless to say I would easily crash if I didn't eat the food I need to regenerate my body and to give me the energy I need to simply wake up in the morning. As such, I consume a minimum of 2000 calories. Ideally, I should consume 2500 - 2800 calories everyday.

littlewaternymph: I think breakfast tomorrow will be wholegrain bread, avocado, tomato and cream cheese. Mmmm. Yum.

Failure to do so will lead to my body falling into starvation mode. Our bodies need sustenance to be able to function like the amazing machines that they are. When it comes to weight loss, we tend to focus more on losing inches and weight and punish our bodies by not eating enough and not eating correctly. If you manage to survive this insanity, you will most definitely lose the weight, no doubt about that, but there's more to the bargain. Poor calorie intake can lead to loss of muscle tissue, hair loss, a weakened immune system, stress and overall looking and feeling pretty jacked up. Oh, and what's more, the weight is more likely to pile on back should you stop eating like a humming bird and revert to your old ways... which, and you can bet your skinny jeans on this, you will.

Consume the right amount of calories depending on your lifestyle. If you want to lose weight, you may have to reduce the amounts of calories you take in or up your work out regimen. To find out just how much, consult a nutritionist... or if you are as cheap as I am, consult your general practitioner on your next medical check up or eye exam. You could also read up on it on the internet or purchase a book. I always like a good book. Great websites with information and personalized nutrition and fitness plans are Livestrong.com and myfitnesspal.com.

ffoodd: Rainbow of fruits and vegetables at the Farmer’s Market at Union Square (by ceciliasun)

Consuming the RIGHT calories is where my pseudo obsession comes in. Sure you can take in your daily required calories by eating burgers and fries; they have plenty of calories don't they! Problem solved! HALT! No ma'am you may not! If you are serious about your fitness and general health, those foods should be vile substances, cursed by the ghost of Christmas or something. Junk food and fast food give your body nothing but empty calories. No substance in them; just yucky processed gunk and trans fats and other badies.

Give your body the FUEL it needs to work at optimum efficiency. Eat perfectly balanced meals fortified with the goodness and nutrients that you need for your health requirements. Every so often new weight loss fads and diets come up that guarantee instant weight loss or the miraculous 'secret' to good health.Poppycock! The perfect diet does indeed exist; we learnt all about it in primary school and Sesame Street taught us songs about it... ladies and gentlemen, the perfect diet is the balanced diet.

A perfect diet consists of carbohydrates, fats (yes WE NEED fats), protein, minerals and vitamins. See, just like we learnt when we were kids. Should you require more information on these food groups and their benefits to the body, let me know. I'm no expert, but I'd love to talk about them with your input. Also the internet is there for you. It wants nothing but the best for you... so go on... read up. You know, we are blessed to live in a country where it is far cheaper and easier to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables moreover expensive fast foods and take out. We have amazing organic vegetables and fruit which, in the long run, are far cheaper than buying a bucket of chicken from *insert new fast food restaurant here*. So, what is stopping us?

By the by, you can simply lose weight by changing your diet. Leave out the empty calories and go for wholesome nutritious food. Put in as little as 30 minutes of cardio every day, be it scrubbing the floor, walking to work or a bit of gardening, and (you can quote me on this) YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT, albeit over a longer period of time.

As always thanks for reading. For more fitness inspiration check out our humble tumlr fitspo on kurlsontherun.tumblr.com

Over to you!

Disclaimer: We are not professional dietitians or nutritionists. This is post is based solely on our layman perspective.
Anonymous said...

You girls are serious about fitness! I think I am getting there. when I used to play with my son everyday after he came home from school and the little boy has so much energy I couldn't keep up. I started being more active by walking every morning before work and doing things like taking the stairs to my 6th floor office.
As i got fitter i started paying attention to what I was eating. And that is when I started seeing serious changes. I came down from a size 14 and I am now slightly bigger than a 12 (12.5). I don't diet I just eat well. I am not sure i want to begin counting calories, that is too much of a bother for me. But I will concentrate on my activities and my eating.

Thanks Great post.
Janet M.

Anonymous said...

you guys are AMAZING!!!!!!!! How do you manage to work out and maintain your hair? Any tips for a fellow work out junkie and swimmer?

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