Braid Takedown

Monday, August 15, 2011

We recently took down our braids and wanted to share with you how we both removed the braids and detangled.

I (Nyachomba) took about a week to take them all down, I wore headscarves for most of the week. After taking them down, my hair was in knots close to the scalp, I assume due to buildup. I then mixed shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil and sunflower oil into a bowl and heated it in the microwave for a little bit till it was warm. I applied this all over my hair especially the knots. Left it on for 45mins then added some conditioner to loosen the knots further. This worked well because the comb slid down the hair easily...detangling was a breeze. I did loose a little ball hair which is expected from keeping braids in for 6 weeks. Have a looksie at the pic.

Mary undid her braids using conditioner alone. As she undid each braid, she took a pea-sized amount of conditioner and ran it through the newly unbraided lock. Using her fingers, she gently removed the build up and shed hair all the while layering the unbraided section in conditioner. As the locks got bigger she would clump them together and carry on like so.

Her method calls for patience and a gentle hand. But the benefits include minimum hair breakage and the added advantage of a deep conditioning session. She used about a quarter amount of Enliven conditioner.

Enjoy the day :)

Mbabazi said...

took my braids out last weekend too. your hair looks so goof

Imani said...

WOW...ill always say this, you ladies make me want to go cut off my locs.

Nyachomba said... long did you have them for...loved some of the looks you had with them on :-)...Thank you
@Imani..Enjoy the locs mami...they are beautiful

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