The Stylish Vs. The Fashionable

Thursday, July 14, 2011

This will be a gloves off, grimy and dirty fight. Everything goes and all's fair. Look away if you are the squeamish sort - we make no apologies :)

On The Red Corner We Have: Le Fashionable.

Our first contender, The Fashionables, are known for their acute sense of 'What's HOT', 'Whats IN', and 'What's TRENDY'. Don't even try to school a Fashionable on something you may have glanced through casually on the net, or worse yet, don't ever correct them or attempt to offer your 'ignorant' opinion - they will stab you repeatedly on the neck with their Christian Louboutin heels all the while admonishing you for your futile attempt at being fashionable. And that's if you are lucky.

A real, red-blooded Fashionable lives and breaths for the runway. I must emphasize on 'real' here. There's a whole army of Fashionable fakers out there. You know them.... the ones that spell Chanel as Channel... I won't even waste my time with the fakers, let's talk about the real deal. True blue Fashionables can instantly spot a Lanvin cocktail dress, a classic Balmain gown, or a modern and edgy Rick Owens marvel. They worship the genius Marc Jacobs and kiss their Alexander Mcqueen shrines every night with a glistening eye. This is not to say they don't pay attention to the up and comings! Au contraire, a Fashionable has a keen eye for new designers who are sure to be the next big thing.

Opulent Fashionables spend easily and without second thought to ensure that they are, at all times, adorned in only the latest and the freshest. Financially challenged Fashionables (who deserve equal admiration), will hunt down cheap knock-offs and achieve the very same look as though it were the real damn thing. This lifestyle demands passion, determination and ambition. I take my hat off to you feisty fashionistas.

On The Blue Corner We Have: Le Stylish.

This champion fighter has been both revered and scorned since the Romans (don't quote me) modeled the latest togas. The Stylish know how to WORK it. 'It' in this case could be anything; from their mothers polyester wrap dress from the late 80's to a stumbled upon Vivienne Westwood blouse. They do not consciously follow trends, but keep an eye out for what's new.

A 'Real' Stylish (hold on, I'll explain the real in a sec), knows how to bend and break conventional fashion rules. They can successfully pull off unique and startling combinations that flatter their bodies and their most importantly, their personalities. A fake Stylish is a painful thing to look at. In their notable efforts to look sui generis, they end up pulling off this 'Dirty-Clown-Meets-Hobo-Meth-Addict-esque look. My heart bleeds for them. Fakers tend to go OVERKILL all the time! They pile on accessories, layers and trends in to one outfit. They care little for flow, body movement or sensuality because they are so wrapped up in looking 'different'. A real Stylish is conscious of every element that they are wearing and are mindful of the harmony that is created. From the head to toe, they will balance out the seemingly odd couples of fashion and make them look simply stunning as one.

The Stylish make everything look timeless and effortless. They know exactly how to work the modern with the classic and how to blend the outrageous with the minimal. They never follow a trend simply because everyone else is; they dictate trends and set the pace for the rest to follow. For this lot, fashion is a plaything to enjoy, pull apart and set back together. They are a rare and precious breed.

If you have read all this up to this point, you will by now know that we have a clear bias for Le Stylish. Not that we have anything against Le Fashionables, we just know where we are placing our bets in this fight.


As always, these are the simple musings of two opinionated Kenyan women. Rest easy, we now present to you the opportunity to have your say.

Thanks for reading! x

Imani said...

Def side with the stylish, trends come & go & its too much work keeping up. Fun sometimes but not all the time. IDK why but i read this & a visual of Amy Winehouse popped in my head-"Dirty-Clown-Meets-Hobo-Meth-Addict-esque look" Lovely read.

Mbabazi said...

you write about the real fashionable people like you are one. so accurate those details. Anyway i am most probably more stylish than fashionable if any so ive got to say we ,stylish peple win this one

Curly-Natural-Me said...

I love the tone of this post! I, of course go for the stylish ANY DAY! My heart bleeds for the fake stylish too! Lol! I unfortunately have such a friend, she'll bend over backwards to copy MY style and at times i almost cry when i see her walk in with MY latest look! I dare say MINE coz it a combo of clothing & accesories that r not currently 'in' that i assembled for ME. Argggh! Disclaimer: I must say that i at times throw in some items from the latest trends if i like them, but never more than 2 at a time!

Kurly said...

Lol! thanks for your thoughts ladies... We try to be objective. There's no love lost for the Fashionables out there, let them do their thing, but we definitely consider ourselves to be Stylishly inclined!
@CNM! You need to holler at your girl and tell her to stop stealing your swag! Lol! That made me laugh out loud :D

Wanjeri said...

I agree one handared paracent! Le Stylish are simply fab and are usually the inspiration for those who make clothes that Le Fashionable wear!

SugarPuss said...

"Style is independent of fashion. Those who have style can indeed accept or ignore fashion. For them fashion is not something to be followed, it is rather something to be set, to select from or totally reject. Style is spontaneous, inborn. it is the gloriously deliberate, unpremeditated but divine gift of the few." - Vogue, 1 September 1976

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