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Monday, July 4, 2011





Here are some picture highlights from the Fashion and Beauty Expo at Westgate this past weekend, it was a lovely afternoon.
Shones said...

I just want you to know ALL of these pics are fabulous to me. Love love love the three fros. Gorgeous!

Mbabazi said...

fab indeed, some seriously stylish people there..nice. wish i could have been at this

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos ladies, mind if i ask where ya'll got braided & how much you were charged?

Nyachomba said...

@Shones and Mbabazi..Thank you so much..we love showing you guys the going ons in Nairobi...Those three fros are fierce if only they were not wigs le sigh!
@MissAnon...We got the braids done in Kenyatta Market stall no. 396, she charged us Kshs 900.

Nki said...

The pictures are lovely! And you all look so stylish...Is there a way to get the contacts of some of the vendors?

Kurly said...

We are doing a posts on the two major vendors put up on the post...Please let us know if there are some in particular you want on kurlykichana@gmail.com

SugarPuss said...

drool mode :-) everyone and everything looks great, i want everything...can't wait for the vendor posts

Anonymous said...

My bro is going to Kenya next month, I wanna go but I don't have the money at this time. I'm so jealous tho..lol

Laquita said...

Beautiful Pics!!!!

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