The Braided Up-do

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hiya! How are you today, aces I hope.

Now ya'll know how much we love the whole braided up-do look. However we found that if you attempt to simply tie up one massive high pony, it would reek havoc on your poor, sensitive front hair line. Considering we both have 4-6 packets of braids on our heads, we have to be very gentle with the braids to prevent breakage and unnecessary manipulation. So we came up with a great idea to do this, follow below;

- Take out a few braids at the front then leave them hanging down your face
- Grab a hairband (metal binder free if you can) and tie a firm but not too tight high pony-tail with the remaining braids. Tie it as high as you want the up-do to be.

- Take another hairband and loosely hold the front braids over the new ponytail. This is the trick to taking care of your sensitive edges!

- Use a third hairband or bobby pins to tie the ponytail into a bun (wrap the ponytail around itself and form a bun).

- Grab some lip gloss and hit the town knowing that your up-do will be kind to your edges and hair.

Enjoy the day party people.

Shones said...

That is so pretty! Just seeing this makes me almost want to get braids... almost :) I've never had them before, but this is super cute.

Tonia said...

So chic!!!

Veronique E. said...

Lovely! and that's the "trick" I was exactly looking for my braids. :) thank yaaaaa.

Kurly said...

@Shones, aww thanks. I can't believe you've never had braids before! But your hair is GORGEOUS you have no need to hide it away for a couple of weeks.
@Tonia and Veronique E. thanks! We've tried to be kind to our edges. Any braid tricks you have hidden in your sleeves?! Share!

SugarPuss said...

Genius!! now i can't wait for my next braiding

Mbabazi said...

linked you ladies in a post

Kurly said...

We got you SugarPuss.x!
Aww thanks for the love Mbabazi, you are looking fierce in you up-do! :D

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