Baby, Its cold outside

Monday, July 11, 2011


Its July in Nairobi and we all know that means colder than normal conditions! Cold air can make your hair and skin very dry, so here are a few tips to get your hair set for the cold weather;
  • Moisturise your hair more often, the cold can get your strands very dry. To combat the dryness, try and moisturise more often. You can use a commercial moisturiser like Organic Root Stimulator Olive oil lotion should you not want to spritz your hair with cold water and conditioner mix
  • Deep condition your hair regularly, this will impart moisture to your tresses and keep your hair moisturised for longer
  • Try Hot oil treatments, you can do this by putting some olive oil in a bowl, throw that into the microwave till warm, apply it section by section into hair and leave on for about 30mins, This will leave your hair feeling so soft and detangling will be a breeze.
  • Protective styles are your friend in the colder months, try rocking twist which can be turned into updos, braiding and cornrowing is also recommended
Product Recommendations for colder months
Shea butter - as a sealant
ORS Olive oil moisturising lotion - heavyon moisture for twists and wash n gos
Lustrasilk Cholesterol deep conditioning treatment - thick enough to strengthen hair strands

Happy Mondays
Anonymous said...

I was perplexed when I saw this. I lived in Washington DC and its 96 degrees fahrenheit (36 degrees celcius) today! I forgot you are in Nairobi!

This is the hottest time of the year here in DC :-)


Kurly said... in the southern hemisphere we are having a cold spell..not necessarily as cold as DC can get but cold in our standards :-)...We have had a sunny afternoon though so its not too bad..Enjoy the summer Shannon

Mbabazi said...

you ladies should come to Kla where its Hot. Nice tips here . I awarded you on my blog, visit by to get the details

Anonymous said...

where do you get unrefined shea butter in nairobi?

Kurly said...

Hey Mbabazi checked it out and Thanks!! humbled...please send us some sunshine..its FREEZING can get the unrefined shea butter at Healthy U

Anonymous said...

Thanks.okay! where is Healthy U?

Kurly said... can find it in Yaya, Junction and Sarit Centre...or any health shop

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