Epic "Green" Smoothie Fail

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hey hey hey everyone!

It's FRIDAY... sweet merciful heavens.

I hope you're good and that life's going easy on you.

This morning, in one of my less than stellar moments, I mixed up a disaster of a five minute smoothie after my morning P90X work out.

After I was done working out, I realized I only had about a half hour to hit the shower, pack my lunch and get ready for work... In a moment of inspiration (read as brazen stupidity) I figured I had what it took to make a magical, ultimate, green smoothie in under 5minutes. Despite my knowing I hadn't gone grocery shopping in ages and as such the only 'green' thing I had in my pantry was half a head of suspicious cabbage, a papaya, an over-ripe mango, and for that extra shazaam, some raw ginger and a whole mess of tomatoes; I was determined.

I stared at the clock - T-27 min - and at my sad assortment of ingredients... Challenge accepted. I went at it.

And now, behold my monstrous creation....

If you think it looked bad, you should have tasted it.

The worst part is there was so much of it! I downed my first glass and grudgingly put the remainder in my juice bottle. Waste not want not right.

It's my assumption the shocking puke-orange colour is because of the papaya and the mango. Scouts honor; there was more cabbage in there than anything! I even used only half of the mango - on account of it being overripe - and one full baby papaya, the little ones. Honest.... :(

Oh, and those tiny little red bits that you see, that's the shredded whole tomato I added. This stuff was RANK to say the least.

By the by, I do my work outs at 4.30AM and 9.00PM (weekdays). In the colder months I ALWAYS make sure I'm nice and warm as I exercise. This prevents my muscles from cramping up because of the cold. I also like working up a good sweat; sweat is FAT crying.

I have no culinary skills whatsoever. Nil. Zip. Nada... Nyachomba is the super star when it comes to making miraculous flavorful dishes out of basically anything. After I told her about the smoothie I made, she laughed at me and went on to give me a lecture about what I should have done to make it tastier (yeah whatever). She's going to do a couple of posts for you (and me) on how to make awesome tasting green smoothies real soon... :)

In my defense: IT WAS HEALTHY GADDAMIT! *You know I can't go down without a fight!*

Feel free to share your own unique and super quick green smoothie recipes! Preferably those that use locally available products, but any will do. Enjoy the weekend people.

Much love.x

Exotic: There's that word again... (Updated: Nyachomba)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

frickinridiculous: rekaj: Carmen Solomons shot by David Sessions Wow.

Why, hello there.

So Nyash and I need your help/wisdom with an little matter that has us at each other's throats (well alright, not really, but definitely loud and bratty). It's about a pesky little word that kept us arguing all night with failure to come up with any form of a consensus. I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning...

A couple of nights ago, we were out having dinner with a few friends from out of town. It was lovely, the food was good and the conversation was pleasant, well pleasant enough up until one of our said friends decided he would pay us a 'compliment' by calling us exotic.

I have no idea that rubbed me the wrong way. When I asked for further clarification, he said that we were different; with regards to general appearance (what the??) and demeanor. All this was said with a smile and received with a raised eyebrow and quizzical expression.

Correct me if I'm wrong but when I think of the word exotic, I immediately think of rare reptilian animals or breath-taking landscapes as seen on desktop wallpapers. I know he meant this as a compliment, but I still...

As far as I'm concerned, there isn't anything exotic about another human being... Cultures are exotic but not physical traits. We have been seeing the same thing for thousands of years via the world wide web and good old television. Animals are exotic, plants are exotic; humans are just people. Granted our attributes vary regionally and from continent to continent, but individually, we are all unique, and thus we are all the same. I hope I'm not losing you.

The Online Oxford dictionary defines exotic as:
originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country:exotic birdsthey loved to visit exotic places

attractive or striking because colorful or out of the ordinary: an exotic outfit (as nounthe exotic) there was a touch of the exotic in her appearance

So pretty much anything that's foreign or appears to be foreign can be termed as exotic. With regards to race and population dominance, I would agree to some degree. Imagine me and my afro-bearing black self walking the streets of North Korea (a country with the lowest black population count according to good old Google), I am pretty sure I'd receive a few odd looks and a couple of ooohs and aaahs (I hope). In any case, I would definitely be an unusual sight.

If you support the notion that unique physical traits dictate exoticism, I implore you to shine some light on the point for my consideration. I don't quite understand it. My problem with this vein of thought, as far as my cynical mind is involved, is that this word carries some sort of classification thought process (racial, aesthetic, or what have you). It dictates definitions of beauty and/or normalcy.... I have a serious issue with this.

No two people are the same (save for identical twins, something that is unique to the individuals in any case). So why call out certain individuals for being different? What is different? Africans with green eyes? Albinism? Freckles? Red hair? ... What's more, if you are NOT considered exotic by your peers, would you accept the term 'ordinary'? Like hell I would!

Is exoticism synonymous with beauty? What is the correlation? The images in the post are the result of my Googling the word 'exotic models' on the search engine. I'll leave that to your judgment.

What are your thoughts? As always we invite any and all opinions... Heck, correct my ignorance if that be the case! I welcome it!


This post has incited a lot of opinions, some we agree with and some we dont. BTW I have missed you guys (Nyachomba) but I am back! I consider myself to be very expressive about my own opinions and love how you guys have come out to defend your own thoughts

Mary has had to explain herself in the comments but I think we still have a lot of social conditioning to get rid of. I believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, we have done a few posts highlighting how we think that Africa is so blessed because of all the different colours we possess in the continent and how each and everyone is considered beautiful

However, I feel some comments went on to insinuate that biracial people are exotic to the continent or maybe in particular to Kenya. This saddens me greatly because again social conditioning has made Kenyans make biracial people feel like they should be on a pedestal and they are more beautiful because of their skin colour and curly hair. Yes they are beautiful but so I'm I with my dark skin and kinky curly hair, so are you with the ebony skin and so are you with the caramel complexion. I may go to Korea and be as exotic as strawberries growing in Turkana, does that make me more beautiful than them, I doubt it. They may grab at my hair considering they may have never seen an African with kinky hair...but that does not make me more beautiful than them

Please note that we are not attacking anyone, merely stating that everyone is beautiful! Exotic is only used to describe a state that is far from the norm to a particular area or place.

Enjoy the day. X

Natural Hair Problems: LOL!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Allow me share with you, dear reader, the activity that occupied a large portion of my lethargic Friday afternoon...


Natural Hair Problems: We got 99 problems but new growth ain't one. Hit me!

I second, co-sign, fist bump and concur with damn near everything posted on this blog... My fellow naturals, for your viewing pleasure, a teaser of what you should expect to find on said blog. Ahem...

submitted by keji

It's kinda like that post we did way back on stuff that drives us crazy! These ladies are talking my language! I love it! Best part, you can submit your own unique natural hair problems and add on to the rants :)

Enjoy the weekend my dears!

The Braided Up-do

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hiya! How are you today, aces I hope.

Now ya'll know how much we love the whole braided up-do look. However we found that if you attempt to simply tie up one massive high pony, it would reek havoc on your poor, sensitive front hair line. Considering we both have 4-6 packets of braids on our heads, we have to be very gentle with the braids to prevent breakage and unnecessary manipulation. So we came up with a great idea to do this, follow below;

- Take out a few braids at the front then leave them hanging down your face
- Grab a hairband (metal binder free if you can) and tie a firm but not too tight high pony-tail with the remaining braids. Tie it as high as you want the up-do to be.

- Take another hairband and loosely hold the front braids over the new ponytail. This is the trick to taking care of your sensitive edges!

- Use a third hairband or bobby pins to tie the ponytail into a bun (wrap the ponytail around itself and form a bun).

- Grab some lip gloss and hit the town knowing that your up-do will be kind to your edges and hair.

Enjoy the day party people.


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You’re afraid to stick out your chin and say, “Okay, life’s a fact, people do fall in love, people do belong to each other, because that’s the only chance anybody’s got for real happiness.”

Monday, July 18, 2011

We are still in braids, 5 weeks and counting! The braids seem to only get better with age. Our regimen has been simple, co washing and deep conditioning every week and spritzing every other day with our homemade spritz mixes. We wanted to share some of the mixes we use in our hair, see below

Ickiness fighting moisturising spritz

What you need

Spritz Bottle
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Any moisturisig conditioner such as Suave Tropical Coconut

Use 3-4 drops each of the essential oil in water, add in 2 dollops of conditioner, add half a teaspoon of glycerin and shake gently. Use the spritz mix to refresh your braids and scalp every other day

Scalp Cleansing Spritz

What you need
Spritz Bottle
Apple Cider Vinegar
Any moisturisig conditioner such as Suave Tropical Coconut

Mix the water, 2 dollops of conditioner and 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, as well as half a teaspoon of glycerin into the bottle, Shake well and use when your scalp feels itchy and is flaky.

Source : Google images

A product that we have been using to soothe scalps and seal in moisture into braids is Organic Root Stimulator Nature's shine, which is a heavenly smelling oil spritz. This oil is very light and will leave your braids and scalsmelling glorious and the best thing about it, is that it leaves no buildup and can be used every other day.

This is what ORS have to say about the product

  • Adds shine and penetrates through hair follicle
  • Unique blend of oils: Coconut, Soybean and Kukui
  • Contains essential oils such as Spearmint, Bergamot and Lemon
  • Contains no water so hair will not dry out or break
  • Doesn't coat the hair it penetrates to moisturize and soften

Coconut oil is known to penetrate through follicle to add moisture and shine. No competition from other braid sheen sprays. Organic Root Stimulator Nature's Shine Spray contains a rich blend of natural and essential oils that give your braids, locks, twists and fro's a light healthy shine. Adds a brilliant shine without build-up. Excellent for braids. Infused with healing herbs. The coconut oil in Nature's Shine causes the product to solidify when exposed to temperatures below 64 degrees F.

Source : Tumblr
Happy Monday!

Kurls on the Run: Motivation

Saturday, July 16, 2011

THIS WON’T BE EASY… But it will be worth it

So it’s day one of your first work out. You made the decision to get onto the healthy bandwagon. You have the tools you need, even a brand new pair of sneakers. You step onto the treadmill/ put on your home work out DVD… you go ALL OUT BABY! The work out is done, and you feel like a MILLION DOLLARS! Nothing can touch you… YOU ARE GOD!

Fast-forward to three weeks later.

You wake up guilt ridden knowing you haven’t worked out in three days. You are tired. You are frustrated and you don’t even know why you bother working out anyway. You hit the snooze button and fall asleep thinking about that sugary bun you plan on having for breakfast later. Your sneakers gather dust under your bed and miss the attention you once gave them. You are sad.

Ladies and gentlemen, this tale is not new to any of us. We have all been there. Have you ever asked yourself why/how you got to that place of discontent? Allow me to give you my little slice of logic on this conundrum. Ahem…

The first week of a work out regiment is what I like to call the Golden Age. Expectations are high, motivation is at 110% and your energy levels are (mentally) soaring. You are dedicated to the cause and you are willing to make the sacrifices to achieve your goal. Unfortunately, this is the period of mind-numbing delusions. Most of us start off with the hardest and most difficult exercises/ routines we can find. “The harder the workout the faster the effects, right?”. You find yourself constantly staring at your reflection on the mirror and start envisioning the new you that you expect to appear instantaneously.

The second week is known as the Silver Age. If you managed to survive your first week of lunacy, this second week will be your make it or break it period. At this time, you find it harder to get into your workout gear, there are so many other more pleasant things you figure you could be doing with your precious time… but you grudgingly get your butt up and into your training arena. Everything hurts. You barely make it through the entire workout. Towards the end of the week, you find yourself stopping halfway or not starting it at all. Your reflection shows no development or advancement. You curse out aloud.

The third and most critical period is what I call the Bronze Age. At this point, you try to convince yourself that the two insane weeks that you put into your workout deserve a reward, and what better reward is there than sleep! You are sick of the dull ache in your muscles and even angry at yourself for starting this stupid quest… Procrastination is a devilish imp that whispers in your ear; you succumb to it with a guilt ridden heart, but you succumb nonetheless. Deep down, you know that your exercise days are long gone.

This Cycle is repeated throughout the year with each new burst of inspiration to get fit. It happens to a lot of us and is the main reason we can never reach our goals. So why does this happen? And how do we fight it?

Well first and foremost, I found that the only way to avoid this sick carousel is to simply, be realistic … and to get rid of that f*%$ing weighing machine. Start off by taking a fitness test; this can be done professionally or at home. A detailed assessment of your fitness level will aid you in picking the right gym routine or home work out DVD that will work for you. For instance, don’t take on P90X or the Insanity workout if you have never trained consistently. Don’t join a professional spin class if you’ve never even tried it before. In as much as hard work guarantees results, it is important to build you way up to it.

Secondly, get rid of that gaddamn weighing machine and measuring tape! You only need them for your initial check up and for your next scheduled weigh in; possibly one month or two months depending on what program you are following. These satanic devices will only serve to demoralize and dismay your efforts.

So how do you set goals if you are not measuring your progress you ask… ALLOW ME TO ANSWER THAT!!! Know right now that this process will be more mental than physical. Change your definition of a goal! When I say ‘goal’ don't think of a measurement or weight… Instead, think of a challenge. Give yourself realistic physical challenges and most importantly monitor your progress. At all times, keep your mind engaged and focused on overcoming the next level of difficulty (be it a day, week or month away). I find that if I start a work out knowing that it will get harder along the way, I am motivated to keep at it until I am strong enough to take on the impending challenge.

Let’s say you wake up and decide to go for a 30 min walk one day, you should be aware that the same time next week, you’ll be aiming for a 45 minute walk. If you walk for 5km one day, work your way up to 10km and so on and so forth. You are working knowing that each day you are building up to a specific mark that you have given yourself. This is how I tackle my runs; at present, I can comfortably handle a 10km run in 60minutes (that’s awful by my standards). By the end of the month I want to finish my 10km in less than 50 minutes. But it will take much more than a hope and a prayer… :(

The same principle applies for any and all work outs. If you are doing a home work out DVD, start slow and monitor your progress; make sure you don’t find yourself gasping for air, if you do; you are probably overdoing it or possibly using a DVD that wasn’t meant for you. Work out progressively until you find that you are able to finish an ENTIRE workout comfortably and with ease. Getting to this point will take time and consistency. Once you find yourself getting bored (and what a wonderful day that will be) start looking for the next level up… (for example work from P90 and graduate to P90X).

If you work out at a gym, pacing yourself is that much more important. Remember ladies, use light weights and work to increase your repetitions. Resistance training combined with cardio training is quite possibly the best thing you could ever do for your body. Resistance training burns calories faster and is more targeted than cardio training. It also offers the best method of monitoring strength development. Always work out with a written program, be fully aware of your repetitions, jot them down on a journal and work steadily to out-do yourself.

Find a work out that you LOVE. Try them all out! I know I have. Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, P90X, HIIT, running, walking, dancing, kick boxing… there’s loads to choose from! Mix them up and get into a routine that works for you and your lifestyle. If you don’t find a work out that you love, tough. Man up, Just Do It and stop your bitching.

In short; work to achieve a goal that is dictated by your fitness regimen. Do not use the weight or inches lost as your source motivation. Instead, challenge yourself; keep your mind activated and conscious during each and every work out. Know that with each bead of sweat and each burst of energy, you are getting stronger and fitter. I promise you, at the end of your first cycle (2-3 months), you will SEE and most importantly FEEL the difference.

Damn Straight!

NB: I implore you to consult with your physician before embarking on any fitness program. And remember, we are not experts in this field; all we aim to do is relay our experience and offer you our support and encouragement.

The Stylish Vs. The Fashionable

Thursday, July 14, 2011

This will be a gloves off, grimy and dirty fight. Everything goes and all's fair. Look away if you are the squeamish sort - we make no apologies :)

On The Red Corner We Have: Le Fashionable.

Our first contender, The Fashionables, are known for their acute sense of 'What's HOT', 'Whats IN', and 'What's TRENDY'. Don't even try to school a Fashionable on something you may have glanced through casually on the net, or worse yet, don't ever correct them or attempt to offer your 'ignorant' opinion - they will stab you repeatedly on the neck with their Christian Louboutin heels all the while admonishing you for your futile attempt at being fashionable. And that's if you are lucky.

A real, red-blooded Fashionable lives and breaths for the runway. I must emphasize on 'real' here. There's a whole army of Fashionable fakers out there. You know them.... the ones that spell Chanel as Channel... I won't even waste my time with the fakers, let's talk about the real deal. True blue Fashionables can instantly spot a Lanvin cocktail dress, a classic Balmain gown, or a modern and edgy Rick Owens marvel. They worship the genius Marc Jacobs and kiss their Alexander Mcqueen shrines every night with a glistening eye. This is not to say they don't pay attention to the up and comings! Au contraire, a Fashionable has a keen eye for new designers who are sure to be the next big thing.

Opulent Fashionables spend easily and without second thought to ensure that they are, at all times, adorned in only the latest and the freshest. Financially challenged Fashionables (who deserve equal admiration), will hunt down cheap knock-offs and achieve the very same look as though it were the real damn thing. This lifestyle demands passion, determination and ambition. I take my hat off to you feisty fashionistas.

On The Blue Corner We Have: Le Stylish.

This champion fighter has been both revered and scorned since the Romans (don't quote me) modeled the latest togas. The Stylish know how to WORK it. 'It' in this case could be anything; from their mothers polyester wrap dress from the late 80's to a stumbled upon Vivienne Westwood blouse. They do not consciously follow trends, but keep an eye out for what's new.

A 'Real' Stylish (hold on, I'll explain the real in a sec), knows how to bend and break conventional fashion rules. They can successfully pull off unique and startling combinations that flatter their bodies and their most importantly, their personalities. A fake Stylish is a painful thing to look at. In their notable efforts to look sui generis, they end up pulling off this 'Dirty-Clown-Meets-Hobo-Meth-Addict-esque look. My heart bleeds for them. Fakers tend to go OVERKILL all the time! They pile on accessories, layers and trends in to one outfit. They care little for flow, body movement or sensuality because they are so wrapped up in looking 'different'. A real Stylish is conscious of every element that they are wearing and are mindful of the harmony that is created. From the head to toe, they will balance out the seemingly odd couples of fashion and make them look simply stunning as one.

The Stylish make everything look timeless and effortless. They know exactly how to work the modern with the classic and how to blend the outrageous with the minimal. They never follow a trend simply because everyone else is; they dictate trends and set the pace for the rest to follow. For this lot, fashion is a plaything to enjoy, pull apart and set back together. They are a rare and precious breed.

If you have read all this up to this point, you will by now know that we have a clear bias for Le Stylish. Not that we have anything against Le Fashionables, we just know where we are placing our bets in this fight.


As always, these are the simple musings of two opinionated Kenyan women. Rest easy, we now present to you the opportunity to have your say.

Thanks for reading! x

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hey guys I exercise everyday and sweat like a crazy person to the point my hair looks like I'm from a pool. I feel icky about sweat so i remove it by letting my hair run under the water everyday. I only co wash twice a week. Please give me a regimen for naturals who exercise

This is a question we got from one of our readers. To answer for naturals who exercise a lot
  • If your hair is long try and put your hair in a loose bun at the top of your head and wear a sweatband.
  • If you are rocking a twist/braid out again put your hair in a loose bun at the top of your head and wear a sweatband,if you feel you sweat too much rinse your hair with plain water after your workout, use some holding cream or shea butter retwist/braid your hair then release in the morning
  • Another alternative is to use dry shampoo, ORS have a dry shampoo for about Kshs 400 which you can use on your scalp. This could be an option and I think it can be used every other day
  • Should you wish to cleanse your scalp after your workout, try mixing water, conditioner and 4-6 drops of teatree oil in a spray bottle and spraying your scalp. The tea tree has lots of antibacterial properties which will attack any that are found on your scalp after sweating
  • You can twist your hair as a protective style for a week, then just rinse your hair as soon as you are out of the gym. You can then dry the twists and seal the moisture in with a butter or oil
Please check out our fitness tumblr blog kurlsontherun.tumblr.com

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The lovely Annette from Unsung dots tagged us as one of her favourite blogs and to return the favour we just have to answer the following questions, so here we go;

Favourite colour: Grey, if thats a colour... we love grey
Favourite song:
thats like asking us to pick one out of a thousand. We might get nosebleeds trying to figure that out
or an aneurysm
Favourite dessert: Profiteroles! No arguing that
When you are upset, you: Work out or hit the pavement!! gotta love those little endorphins
Your favourite pet: Dogs, including Bender, Ryka, Charli, Lola, Miss DeeDee, Pippin... and special shout out to my baby Casper (R.I.P)
Black or white: Brown!!
Biggest Fear: Zombies, actually the inevitable zombie apocalypse...
Best feature: OUR HAIR! Whaaaaa.....t
Everyday attitude: Forget bitches, make currency!
What is perfection: loving and embracing your "flaws", real self assurance
Guilty pleasure: spending hours on TUMBLR...try it nickholmes.tumblr.com

Baby, Its cold outside

Monday, July 11, 2011


Its July in Nairobi and we all know that means colder than normal conditions! Cold air can make your hair and skin very dry, so here are a few tips to get your hair set for the cold weather;
  • Moisturise your hair more often, the cold can get your strands very dry. To combat the dryness, try and moisturise more often. You can use a commercial moisturiser like Organic Root Stimulator Olive oil lotion should you not want to spritz your hair with cold water and conditioner mix
  • Deep condition your hair regularly, this will impart moisture to your tresses and keep your hair moisturised for longer
  • Try Hot oil treatments, you can do this by putting some olive oil in a bowl, throw that into the microwave till warm, apply it section by section into hair and leave on for about 30mins, This will leave your hair feeling so soft and detangling will be a breeze.
  • Protective styles are your friend in the colder months, try rocking twist which can be turned into updos, braiding and cornrowing is also recommended
Product Recommendations for colder months
Shea butter - as a sealant
ORS Olive oil moisturising lotion - heavyon moisture for twists and wash n gos
Lustrasilk Cholesterol deep conditioning treatment - thick enough to strengthen hair strands

Happy Mondays

On Dreadlocks, Ancestors and Kenya's New Chief Justice

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A couple of days ago, Kenya's newly appointed Chief Justice, Dr. Willy Mutunga declared that from now on, lawyers are allowed to appear in court wearing ear studs and dreadlocks. This announcement was met with varied responses from the Kenyan public.

Dr Willy Mutunga

If you live in Kenya, by now, you would have surely heard about the chaos that surrounded the nomination of our new Chief Justice. For those of you who aren't in the loop here's what you need to know; Dr Willy Mutunga wears a stud on his ear. His stud carries symbolic and religious connotations, he explained himself (not that he had to) by stating the following;

“I have two ancestors. A man and a woman. They both had earrings; and in 2003 as I prayed to them they instructed me to wear one so that they can protect me.”

This did not bode well with the conservatives within our society; and mind you, they just happen to form the majority, so you can only imagine the uproar that ensued. Long story short, his impressive qualifications and expertise earned him the title of Kenya's news Chief Justice. Here here.

For decades now, the Kenyan law profession has been know for its strict dress code. Lawyers are discouraged from wearing brightly colored clothes, flamboyant jewelery, or loud attire. Power suits and "tame" hair are the order of the day. Self-expression is unheard of in this and many other similar professions. This of course is understandable; there is a certain need for (and I use this word carelessly) "seriousness" in this line of work.

Chief Justice Mutunga rocked the boat with his recent declaration. Studs and dreadlocks are permissible? Surely this must mean the end is nigh!!? Women and children first!! SAVE YOURSELVES! No really, this is a HUGE deal for us. We continued to follow the European standard of culture post independence. As such, natural hair (dreadlocks, afros etc) has always been frowned upon especially in the workplace. Corporate organizations, institutions and many professions have encouraged men and women to be smart and presentable... Smartness in this case often means power suits, smart heels and hair tied back into a ponytail - preferably relaxed or straightened. Chief Justice Mutunga's new regulations are pretty much pissing (pardon my language) on that train of thought... Could this launch the era of acceptance for natural hair in Kenya? The thought excites us.

Jomo Kenyatta and a Mau Mau rebel leader. The Mau Mau insurgents were believed to have the first recorded Rasta locs, around 1953. They hid in the mountains of Kenya and grew their hair out. “Dreaded locks” is what their hair was referred to by the news.

The Chief Justice didn't stop there... he also added that judges will no longer wear "colonial wigs and robes". He welcomes suggestions from the Kenyan public to come up with a simple robe that can be worn over a suit. Something that we can call our own.

The quality of a man (or woman) is not on what he/she presents on the outside, it is what inside that counts. Can you deliver? Do you have what it takes? Do you posses qualities that make you the perfect person for the job?

Don't judge me by the height of my fro or the sway of my locs. Know that I am more capable than ten of you will ever be. How do you like that?

But that's just us... Have your say in the comments, we would love to hear them.

In Need of New Tunes...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hey guys, so we were sorting our our music last night and realized that we've been listening to the same old mixes for the longest time now, (and you know we listen to the same music)...

So we were hoping you guys could come to our rescue and give us some suggestions of albums or singles that you think we definitely need in our collection. Keep in mind we are completely open minded when it comes to the arts so feel free to suggest whatever you like (add the genre if you don't mind, just to prepare us).

Thanks y'all!

Oh, right... leave your suggestions on the comment section below.

FAB at a Glance

Monday, July 4, 2011





Here are some picture highlights from the Fashion and Beauty Expo at Westgate this past weekend, it was a lovely afternoon.

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