Weapon of Choice: Tangles Beware

Friday, June 3, 2011

Good morning lovelies.

I think its important that we go through what combs and brushes every naturalista needs in her arsenal. We are at war, the war against tangles and fairy knots is and will forever be upon us. Stay vigilant my dears.

Remember... Only detangle/comb your reverted hair when it is wet and heavily saturated with conditioner.

SO! How about we start with the tools that we most definitely DON'T need. As naturals, we can say bye bye to these nasty little critters...

Styling Combs. Pure evil.

Styling combs, rat tail combs ANY and ALL combs with thin densely populated bristles ... you do not need these unless you have super straightened hair. I think my fro just reverted in fear by just looking at these.

On to what we DO need for our luscious curly locs....

Detangling Comb.

A Detangling comb is used on conditioner/water saturated hair to remove any knots, tangles and shed hair. Always comb from tip to root, gently and in sections.

Rake Comb.

A Rake comb can also be used to detangle hair. Any wide toothed comb is a must have.

Mebco Sower Comb.

A Mebco Tortoise Sower comb is another great alternative that also works well with detangling longer thicker curls.

Denman Brush.

A Denman Brush is used to define your curls and to smoothen out any kinks or locks that might have been missed during your initial detangling session with a wide tooth comb. Be sure to be gentle and again detangle in sections (on conditioner saturated hair). You can choose from the D4 (more densely populated, best for finer looser hair) or the D31 (less bristles, best for thicker hair).

Afro Pick.

These bad boys are great for fluffing out your Fro. They are awesome to use after a blow-out or at the base of a twist out to give your hair more volume.
Boar Bristle Brush.

You can use this brush to smoothen out the edges of your bun/puff and achieve a sleek glossy look (if used with a bit of gel). Do not use this on your unraveled hair.

Section Clips.

Section clips can be used to ease the detangling process. Use the clips to section your hair so that you can work with hassle free from section to section. Always look for the smooth (teeth-free) clips to avoid grabbing and tearing of hair.

NB: Keep all your hair tools clean! You can do this by washing them and brushing any shed hair off with some warm water and shampoo. Let them soak in a basin of warm soapy water for about an hour and proceed to rake off any trapped shed hair. You can do this once a week depending on your routine and product usage.

Happy detangling people!

Imani said...

Wow..had no idea there were that many diff types of combs,you just schooled me.


Tia said...

I do need my styling combs, lol. Creating mini twists and tiny cornrows are impossible with my wide tooth combs

Shones said...

What's the best way to wash a Denman brush?

Mercy said...

I have just completed stalking your entire blog and I would just like to say that I love it and please continue the good work. Also, I love the friendship between you guys it reminds me of me and my best friend. Also, I couldn't help but notice that we have so many similarities..natural hair of course, also saw that you did IB in highschool which I just finished in late May, your affinity for blogging and your love for Jesse Williams and Idris Elba. I feel like I already know you guys and I would love to meet you guys someday when I make a visit to Kenya...possibly in the BREW restaurant since I fell in love with it through your commentary.

jaffa said...

Thanks for the awesome hair tool lowdown. I've always wondered what brush would be good for my wooly hair. I'm going to look out for the Denman brush like asap. I think the comb suggestions look good too.

BTW I found you via A Cup of Chai's blog about non-US natural hair sites. I'll have to mention you to all the women in my family who've gone au naturale hair-wise; there are a lot of us.

Mbabazi said...

you ladies just schooled me too.thanks

Shiks said...

Any ideas where to get a denman in Nairobi? I have searched high and low still nothing.

Nyachomba said...

@Afrobelle..Thanks...Mary has definitely schooled us all
@Tia thats so true..you can use the ones with a pick at the end...to make the parts
@Shones..I use running water to get out the hair thats stuck between the bristles then use an old toothbrush to clean the brush. Worked for me so far
@Mercy awww...thats lovely..we do seem to have so much in common...which is great. you should definitely visit Kenya!!glad you enjoyed our posts and adventures
@Jaffa thank you so much..blushing! Chai's blog is great and glad you also like ours
@Mbabazi..as your hair grows you will realise all these combs come in very handy
@Shiks I have only found one at Adams Arcade there is a beauty shop there that sells them..comes at a price though

Shiks said...

I found one at Acacia for 10k,so if it is less than that,I may be could be convinced.

Shiks said...

I will go check it out.It is a capital expense,so I don't mind paying something reasonable. So Nyash,how much?

Anonymous said...

Ksh 10,000 for a denman brush? holy cow!!!!!
I need to start a beauty shop, forget being an MP, hair care is where the money is at !

Mary said...

Hola ladies! thanks for the comments. Nyash and I found fake denmans at a beauty store at Adams Arcade. We'll get you the name. At the time they were about KES 700. Not too bad! They work as well as the real thing.

Anonymous said...

Great post ladies! I've been schooled for real....didn't know denmans are that pricey,wow!! On a totally different note, you guys are on BGLH,just saw the post this morning!!


Mary said...

@Anne, denmans are no joke! but they do wonders on defining curls and twist-outs... Yeah I saw the post! Nyachomba called me up during the weekend! We were super excited :)

EK13 said...

I wish I knew this almost 6 years ago.....!

I ended up cutting my hair coz it broke so bad when I was detangling it with the first set of combs. Cut my hair bald as a result and threw the dreaded things away.

Fast forward to the present.....I am now rocking smashing dreads and loving them.

Moral of the story.....when one door closes...aahhh you know how it goes.

Loving your blog by the way.

Mary said...

EK13, that right there is the truth! Congratulations on your lovely healthy locs my dear. We would love to have them featured on the blog if you like!

Thanks for the love!

EK13 said...

Hmmmm.....I would love to be featured. Why not?

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