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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So I (Nyachomba) have just gotten off the phone with Muli Musyoka. He got my phone number from my cousin and after seeing the storm that was brewing on Twitter decided to ring me and settle things. I must admit, I was armed to the teeth with information ready to make sure that I could defend all of you kurlies whilst still calling him out.

Chatting to him was eye opening and below is what he had to say for himself,
  • He does advocate for relaxed hair but also advocates for natural hair. Whilst working with ladies with relaxed hair, he encourages women to use chemicals correctly.
  • He is in the production stage of getting out a product line for natural hair upon realising that at the moment in Kenya 3 out of 10 women are natural
  • He aims to make sure that women are comfortable with their hair whether it is relaxed or natural and are able to go about with their activities e.g. swimming, gyming without fuss
  • He recently did a piece on Citizen Tv about natural hair ( we are hoping to get clips or a transcript) and encouraged women to get on the natural hair wagon!
He says he is a trichologist and works mainly on hair loss issues. We believe that he should explain his statements. We are hoping to get an interview with him in the next few weeks.

NO! we have not been paid or arm wrestled or had guns pointed to our heads to say this, neither did he want to sue us. This is more like clearheadness and a need to be objective.

He tweets @MuliMusyoka

Imani said...

Yeah still not sold. Same way he publicly came out to tell women there's no cure for the dreaded 'African hair'except to perm it,is the same way he should publicly come out & enlighten women on the natural options they have...& if he doesn't know of any a public apology for his ignorant remarks will suffice.

S[he] says... said...

Er...before I have had my go at the trichologist?! Not fair *disappointed*

Anonymous said...

That definitely clears things up abit. However, I'm still wondering why he made the comments attributed to him in the previous post? Is he backtracking because of the backlash? Or was there some misunderstanding perhaps? It would be great to get a clip or transcript of both interviews (Nation and Citizen).


Maria said...

We trust you Nyachomba and I'm pretty sure you did not accept "kitu kidogo" :) but something ain't right here. Did he or did he not say things like the following:
“now I don’t understand why anyone would choose to leave your hair that way? (he laughs) there’s so many new technologies to ’soften’ African hair. I hope you know that African natural hair is kinky and next to impossible to maintain!”

Those two statements, paraphrased as they may be, do NOT jive with the above points you got from the phone chat. Either he did a complete 180 or the original poster on the KK page was lying/crazy.

Which is it?

Anonymous said...

Something really isn't adding up. Those two statements are two very different opinions. If he was for both types of hair he wouldn't say African kinky hair is nearly impossible to maintain but would said relaxing is just one of the options out there..

kinky_lockz said...

i will wait and see.. i have been insulted and complimented in the same breath so i cannot easily trust someone who is trying to make a business out of the natural hair "trend". usually what someone says initially is how they truly think :(

Nyachomba said...

@ Imani..Thanks for the comment, I agree that he should take back his comments and be sure about his advice of telling african women that their only option is to relax their hair.

@S(he) says heheheheehe..you can still have your go babe :-)

@Sue..we are working to get the clip and transcript to clarify things because either way we need to get down to the matter

@Maria...I completely understand your point and would also like to find out what were his exact sentiments because if they were anything like GET A RELAXER OR A PERM BECAUSE THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION FOR YOU, then you know its going down. We are also working on getting the transcript from the show he did with Citizen on Natural hair
@Anonymous and kinky_lockz....Its true that someone cannot turn from Saul to Paul in the matter of hours but we shall investigate further and find out...insulted and complimented at the same time..hehehe...oh well!!

Anonymous said...

he's still an ignorant fool in my book! Only backtracked after the backlash....am with Imani on this one. He should backtrack his comments through the same medium he used to insult naturals...and about the "Natural" line from Haco, why did he not mention this to Carol instead of misleading her with his "expertize"? Why would you insult the same people for whom you claim to be developing a product for?!!!*smdh* Haco Industries can keep their ish!
PS: Nyash, Mary, I know you guys could not have been compromised but please don't let him off so easy.

Anne (still seething)
Anne (still

Mary said...

Easy there ladies... put the pitch forks DOWN! I see you back there. Don't think for a moment that the matter is done and settled. We are planning an interview with him and he is willing to go under the spotlight. He can defend himself and his stand point then. We have nothing to gain save for the truth.

We try to be as objective as possible, it was only fair that we post BOTH comments from both parties. The rest is totally up for you to decide.

Warriors! Send in as many questions as you would like, we will make sure you are all heard. This will be marked as a great moment in the Kenya natural hair revolution. So have your say...

Imani said...

Lmao @ Mary...Easy there ladies... put the pitch forks DOWN! I see you back there...Girl how did you know bcse i was ready to go. I'll think up some q's.Nice work ladies...


SugarPuss said...

I step away for a few days and missed all the excitos:)
Am pretty sure the natural line of products he's talking about is "Miadi" by HACO...they repackaged and relaunched it in April to fit African hair. They had all types of girls do a catwalk show and one of them was a natural with a BAA to boot.
The "new" Miadi is infused with olive oil they sang, coconut oil and all kinds of natural ingredients, which according to them is sufficient for the kurly market. And during the launch they kept interchanging the words "natural african hair" with "relaxed hair" it was confusing and i was convinced they did NOT know what they were talking about. Ignorance is rampant in the Kenyan hair industry when it comes to kurls/kinky hair.
About Muli, i believe his heart is in the right place, hair is his thing, he is very passionate about hair but also ignorant(so is 97% of all hair experts in Kenya) about natural hair and when you read his hair column in the standard he comes off as a corporate sellout, always endorsing HACO-Miadi in all his articles but hey, that's his job.
So in as much as it was unintentional, he needs to understand he has a responsibility as a Hair expert-Trichologist-Haco rep-African man to offer educated advice rather than hateration. Coz it's guys like him that Corporate Kenya looks at and goes,"Even big hair companies think natural afros are kinky and unprofessional so straighten/soften/grow out you hair you village girl"
For shame!

Sick, sick, sick and tired of this ignorance!!!

@Mary and Nyash, go on, ask him how he would care for your hair and see if he won't suggest you shampoo and condition with Miadi/Motions. Am serious, just ask, I did.

Curly-Natural-Me said...

#Pusillanimous# Has anybody ever swallowed their words faster than he did? NKT!!!He must have choked on them!!

Nyachomba said...

@Sugarpuss...Where have you been???? I thank you for your comment because I know you have worked with him and with Miadi!! I believe that despite his trichological certificates etc..I think he does not understand natural hair...not hating but knowing that very few if any of the hairdressers in Kenya can actualy handle African hair at its raw form...and I so believe this "So in as much as it was unintentional, he needs to understand he has a responsibility as a Hair expert-Trichologist-Haco rep-African man to offer educated advice rather than hateration. Coz it's guys like him that Corporate Kenya looks at and goes,"Even big hair companies think natural afros are kinky and unprofessional so straighten/soften/grow out you hair you village girl"
For shame!"

Thanks :-)

Jc said...

Let me get onto twitter and talk to this fellow!

Val said...

I also think he was backtracking after seeing the response of the naturalistas (and their supporters) on twitter and on this site. So I will wait and read the interview before I make my mind up about him. What he needs to clarify is why he seems to think there is something "wrong" with natural African hair, so much that it needs "taming" and "softening".

I also can't wait to see the natural hair care line he was singing about. I'm particularly interested in the ingredients.If it is the Miadi as Sugarpuss says..then this phone call was nothing more than an attempt to mitigate his response to Carol on the show.

Nyachomba and Mary..keep up the good work!!

@missmacharia said...

I totally agree with @Nyachomba and @Sugarpuss. I watched the NTV interview and he seemed to know a lot about why people are using their hairline, micro weaving etc but what he told the call-in displayed a lot of ignorance on how to care for our natural kinks and curls...
I've experienced the same thing even with my old 'celeb' hairdressers who after the big chop were all trying to convince me to 'soften' it with a little texturizer etc and all they need is a lil' education

So go ahead KK educate a brotha!!!

Anonymous said...

It's called damage control..Like Tracy MOrgan..
I would not spend a shilling on his 'product line'. He's doing it for his own monetary gain, not because he sees the beauty of natural hair. He will NOT make a shilling off me.

Wairimu Rashid said...

Having just discovered this blog a week ago (and loving it) this is the first article I feel that I SHOULD comment on...like anonymous said above, damage control is paramount in this situation. As natural sistahs we shouldn't be blinded by this of all things, he was out of line and should apologise. Kurly Kichana writers should expect nothing less than an apology on behalf of all natural women across the globe.

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