Twistout perfection

Monday, June 20, 2011

The joy of twistouts is their shrinkage busting abilities...this styling method can be used to embrace or banish shrinkage.

We got a post on fb about twistouts ; hey i need a step by step on doing the twist out..i have natural hair but it just!

Below are a few tips to perfect a twistout
  • Before you start on the twists that will eventually lead to a twistout, make sure your hair is clean and deep conditioned. Start on properly detangled clean and wet hair
  • Use a leave in conditioner before you start twisting, this will ensure you have a moisturised twist out after your hair dries.
  • To bust shrinkage you can use some type of holding cream such as Ecostyler gel (non flaky) that will keep your hair elongated
  • Seal in moisture in your twists with an oil or butter
  • Take your twists out sure to use some oil as you take them down.
  • To preserve your twistout..make sure you sleep with a satin scarf

What tips do you have for great twistouts? Happy Monday!
Anonymous said...

i love shrinkage! that is what my hair has failed to achieve. sigh... it stands on end!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. As usual, you make my journey easier by the amount of info you make available. Any advise on heat protecting products and price range?

Sly says said...

Hi guys. As usual, you make my journey easier by the amount of info you make available. Any advise on heat protecting products and price range?

Nyachomba said...

@Kipepperpepper...Hahah shrinkage is amazing..gotta love it :-)
@Sly/Anonymous...hehehe...Thanks, glad you value our advice...The products I have seen in the market are between Kshs 800- Kshs 1000 which would be for a bottle that will last you close to a year..if you use heat sparingly. VO5 from Nakumatt has a heat protectant spray in a blue bottle...The ORS and Fantasia Lines have silicon based protectants which you can get from Super Cosmetics

Shiro said...


Edna Ojowi said...

Hi which Ecostyler gel is non flack.I recently did a BC tried the pink gel it was to heavy my hair became white.Probably I should use it moderately for curl definition. Do you have other suggestions of gels that can be used. Also what do you think of not rinsing out your deep conditioner completely.

Joy Ikenye said...

Hey :) When I do my twistoutss.....I donno know....They're always not that defined,in other words frizzy :/
I use natural shea butter and a bit of leave- in but I'm never satisfied with the results.But :) I love me some bantu knots.Even if they dont hold you can work with it.
Anyway my question is what products would recommend to get a fab twistout? HELP :)

Nyachomba said...

Hey, try using a gel such as Ecostyler gel or ORS Lock and twist gel...this will ensure that your twistouts are nice and defined!

Anonymous said...

Hey which ecostyler gel would you recommend?

Anonymous said...

Hey girls, I'd definitely recommend the green olive oil Ecostyler gel.It worked for my twistout.. that's a link to a review I did on the product and it's results.details on where in Nairobi I got it from are on tbe post too.Enjoy :)

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