Trichologist? Oh No He Didn't!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ignorance is an evil thing, when it affects people who influence others, its worse than satan's best friend! This afternoon we have received the following post on the Kurly Kichana facebook page from a concerned Kurlie!! Bigup to her!

So they had this hairdressing consultant guy on the Nation Television Kenya Morning Talk show talking about extensions and healthy hair in general. Then this poor girl named Carol, maskini (poor dear), calls in saying her has been natural for a year and a half now and because she doesn’t know what else to do with it, she’s been braiding, weaving and blow drying nonstop and was honestly just wondering what else she can do. I was like finally, an educated, well-spoken professional is gonna help her see the light. But alas, how terribly wrong I was! The guy had the nerve to start off by saying:

now I don’t understand why anyone would choose to leave your hair that way? (he laughs) there’s so many new technologies to ’soften’ African hair. I hope you know that African natural hair is kinky and next to impossible to maintain!

excuse me if it’s not a word for word quote but the jist is there. Btw, that’s not all! So what advice does he give this frustrated lady?


What the f%*k????!!! I am so pissed that this is what Kenyan women know or worst still think this is the only option! Then as a side bar, he says that he hopes that one day he’ll be able to convince the ladies he sees walking around with an afro to ‘tame’ their hair with some type of chemical?!!! I AM PISSED! I would definitely be rocking a fro today if it weren’t for these kinky twists in the hope that I would run into Muli Musyoka, praised techtologist, if that is even a ligit profession because my spell check is going nuts, just so I can give him a piece of my mind!!! I am pissed! We need a revolution. Did I mention how pissed I am?!

Upon seeing this Mary and I, were in SPARTA mode...ready to fight, swords out and all. This is the kind of thinking we are trying to banish. I mean this man is supposed to be quite learned and apparently a trichologist why then would he go ahead encouraging women to relax their hair......Hmm maybe because he endorses Haco Industries products with a Kshs 200 million budget...more marketing for relaxers, better sales for HACO and a hefty pay check for Mr Trichologist. Its such thinking that encourages self hate amongst black women, even worse african girls. As a true expert he should be objective and look at both sides of the coin..and encourage ladies to wear their hair how they want it..coz at the end of the day its a choice what to do with your hair!

Man, where do I begin. (we had to do this post together, it's that serious yo)

First of all let me thank the natural Super Star for putting this out there. You. Are. Awesome.
Now let me give you the 'ugly' truth according to Mary... This man had the audacity to call out natural hair as some sort of slight. *Help me baby Jesus*. Mr. Trichologist and other like-minded individuals are the cause of women failing to appreciate themselves and their beauty. For all his years of education and as a self proclaimed expert on black hair care he dare speak with such folly. I say to him, "SHAME ON YOU". As a black man, who is interested in African beauty, one who has access to various media and reaches out to millions of women, how dare he speak with such authority and finality.

Just think of the other 'Carols' who saw this man stand up and disrespect African hair in such an abrasive and dismissive manner. The lies they were fed will impact them and their decisions. I am proper livid. As we've mentioned repeatedly, natural hair in Kenya still doesn't bode well with the majority of the population. If you have nothing nice to say, I implore you... PLEASE DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.

What do you guys think about this? Nyash and I are drafting a letter... too much? We think not.
Thoughts, advise, opinions are all welcome.

Anonymous said...

am so worked up right now!! the poor fool be trippin'!!!Ladies, as you draft that letter( I fully support the idea), please refer them to this blog so they get to see the rest of our comments.. and here i was thinking a trichologist's a hair EXPERT!
Am just sad for the poor lady, and possibly many others, who got the ignorant advice!! Will the ignorance ever end?


Curly-Natural-Me said...

Whrrrrr? How dare he?!! Now I'm pissed and I'm done being civil with ignorant morons! You would think him being a professional and all that he'd at least take interest in learning about what grows from his own scalp! Anyone thinking of criticizing my hair/ natural hair around me better be ready for what is coming their way. Gloves off!!

Anonymous said...

Gloves off indeed..Im a newbie natural and have never felt so free when it comes to hair care.
That 'he' who said that is definately an it because ive got nothing but mad praises from all the 'hes' ive met asking me why i never went natural earlier.
The most kenyan slang I can come up for that 'it' is UUUUPPUUUSS!!!

Val said...

Oh hell to the NO!!! I read this post and got even more worked up. What the hell? *Tame the hair?* *There is no other option for you?* and he dares to call himself a hair consultant?

I even had to take off my bracelet so I can type properly..uwi! Carol was obviously calling with a real problem, something that affects many African girls who don't know what to do with their hair..and instead of helping, he made her feel like there was something wrong with her...

That is her hair...that's how it grows..learn to embrace all forms of African hair whether kinky or curly without judging people for the choices they make. This is what really gets me; people who judge someone else's hair choices..arrgghh if she wanted to perm let it be her decision..not because she somehow feels there is something wrong with her hair. Shame on you Mr. Consultant.

@KurlyKichana thanks for this post. I do hope you write that letter and send it, post it up here and tweet the link (just so I can re-blog and re-post)..


Imani said...

I'm so worked up right now....think I need to chill out for like 5 mins before I try & respond to this fuckery-excuse my French.

acolyte said...

It's good to hear that more Kenyan chics are moving towards natural hair but with that being said the dude on the radio is an hindiot.

There are loads of things women can do with their hair if they choose to go natural other than braiding ie sisterlocs, kinky twists, bantu knots so forth and so on.

This can only be known when you are coming from a natural haircare point of view.

But sadly in Kenya the commercial companies hold more sway due to the media that still foists the Western model of beauty on Kenyan women.That and the fact that anyone on radio can call themselves an expert.

Nice post, Ill catch up with the rest of your blog....

Jc said...

I will be willing to sign your letter.

Maria said...

AAARRRGHHH!!! So annoying! But not surprising. I'm all in favor of finding out his email and spamming him or Nation. This fool needs an education. Thank goodness we have *real* scientists like Ruby of Natural Haven to put the truth out there. Why can't they have real experts like her who've studied actual hair rather than studying Haco chemicals?

Tatu said...


Anonymous said...

@Tatu, thank you for the link. There are some good tips on the motions blog. But that also means he is affiliated with some corporate that may be all about pushing their products. There are lots of well-informed stylists but often times, you hear stuff like "Go natural and use Conditioner X, made exclusively for natural hair". I believe there should always be an *objective* voice of reason. I say go ahead and draft the letter. There's still alot of ignorance out there.

Anonymous said...

agggh! @ Tatu, that is the guy!!! im the unfortunate proud afrcan queen who happened to be watching that crp and all i could think to do is pass my frustration to you fierce naturalista! now, if i can just find out where he "works" so i can do some picketting!

proud of my kink,
Lynda Nyangweso <3

Anonymous said...

What an arrogant windbag, in the words of Evelyn from Basketball Wives he is a "non mutha**king factor". Ladies do not be discouraged, ignore the fool and keep fighting the valiant fight !

Nyachomba said...

@Everyone..I completely understand how angry we are!! I mean firstly a man who does not understand what African women have gone through with their hair. The man does work for Haco Industries and I can imagine his JD includes pushing for relaxers on ladies heads yeah? I so agree with Val right now that what he should have said is that she should work with her hair at any state..and that besides slapping relaxer on her head she could cornrow, do twist outs, braids the options are endless...relaxers especially for Carol who had shed them 1 and a half years ago should never have been an option. It just goes to show how shallow people are when it comes to Natural hair..are we surprised..ever ever seen a advertisment on TV focused on natural hair...NEVER!! Even for little girls all they advertise is relaxing their little heads..I also firmly believe that the Natural Hair movement in Kenya is so imminent THE REVOLUTION SHALL BE TELEVISED! You guys are such a source of inspiration and power and I think its time we start getting the natural hair movement out there and phase out people thinking that relaxers are the way forward...As for Mr Trichologist be sure he will have hard questions to answer..should you wish to ask any..please comment and we shall forward them to him!!

Curly-Natural-Me said...

I'm loving the energy here! I believe its time for Natural Hair beauties to stand up and be counted!

I've checked out the link by @Tatu- Is that a toupee on his head? *sic* #Imjustwondering#

Athena said...

Hey... from a Napptural living in Europe. I´m happy I didn´t hear the crap coming out of his mouth! I´m pretty passionate about napptural/natural hair and always receive compliments when I wear ( I like to say, "release") the big fro out! You know about

Anonymous said...

Self-acceptance is very important as you state in this post. But the biggest transition is MENTAL. I found this post on, the title: "Stages of My mental transition, a natural evolution". She captures what goes through many women's minds concerning their hair when they contemplate going natural.With negative voices like some of the comments above, it's no wonder some cave in and reach for a relaxer.


NubianEmpress said...

Wow! Encouraging women to "Tame" their hair is as good as telling us to bleach our skin...self hate in all its glory...this man is so sad, in fact he is very selfish, encouraging women to buy into products that only feed his own pockets! Sad sad sad!! I have nothing against choosing to use a relaxer, but I don't know how choosing to slap a bunch of chemicals that have the capability to burn and cause permanent hair loss ever been a positive thing? In the efforts to look less "african/black/wild"? Oh gosh I could go on and on and ooooon...I really want to get into it with this Hair "Specialist". How do you specialize in "Black hair" by exterminating its very essence?(The Kinks and curls)


Global SweetHeart said...

OMG! This is so sad. N you wonder why racism still thrives, if we all don't value ourselves, who else will. I hope the lady didn't heed his advice and rocked her natural just the way it is, I get so embarrassed by what comes out of some Africans' mouths, just hoping all other races don't think we're all self loathing and treat us just the same...saw him, feel like leaving a bunch of curse words on the comments lol

Anonymous said...

Talk about being nyuma kaa boot ya gari!! I'm so surprised that in 2011 a stylist can be that misguided.

tola said...

I'm late to this post...its amazing how so many people are ignorant of hair care for africans, I am no longer impressed by so called hair specialists. the forums and blogs have done so much to educate women about black hair care, two years ago I didn't know I could manage my hair without relaxers.

Anonymous said...

OK first of all I was *this close* to seeking a consultation from that particular 'expert' coz I'm at the point that poor Carol is at, my hair has attained a length that I am finding hard to manage and I've been wondering what next (Except perm) so I was so ready to consult a 'hair expert', but thank God, this post saved me!! If that's his opinion, yet he is a consultant on African natural hair, isn't that a bit of a paradox because he seems to encourage the exact opposite? I cannot believe that he said all those things on national television...I have officially lost respect for so-called hair experts...I'll go it alone, thank you very much!
Write the letter, write the letter! I will gladly sign my name at the bottom!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he said that on live TV!!! I am at the place Carol was at when she called for advice and I can't believe I was *this close* to consulting that same guy coz I wanted to know what next with my hair (except perm!! *shivers*). Now I thank God I didn't coz I would have paid a lot of money for that kind of 'advice'.
I am appalled by his attitude, especially since he claims to be an expert on natural hair. I am shocked that he would hate on African hair and give a concerned woman such poor advice, if you can call it that.
I support the letter writing, I will even sign my name if need be!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Siboniso Ndlovu said...

Sorry I am late on this conversation as having liberated my hair from Indian weaves on 1st January 2014 that I lived in for years and found being prayed over to strange gods in temples when I visited Nepal in 2013. Thank God I was natural underneath all along! I read what this so-called "tricologist" said just yesterday in the February 2014 Msafiri Magazine. I hope I spelled "tricologist" correctly and the emphasis on not writing a capital T is deliberate. All I can say is surely such ignorance can only come from a guy who in himself is insecure and probably thinks business will go down for himself when the sistas go natural. His ignorance also shows his warped socialization into the norm on the so-called standard of beauty being a head of hair like Barbie. Surely if he did not earn his qualification through purchase and bribe he would have studied the effects of his recommendations on the natural curl and even skin when applying these caustic solutions he is recommending. Anyway all I can say to all natural haters c'est la vie,such is life because I am totally loving natural me!

Dorcas Soita said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad i ran into this post because i was about to look for the guy's contacts. I have been natural for one and a half years now but recently started experiencing excessive shedding and breakage. Since he is the only trichologist in the country, i thought his insight would be helpful. It seems we Kenyan naturals only have each other for support because the so-called experts are all haters. Mr. Musyoki, get a real education on African hair before you brand yourself an expert.

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